Biography: DUNNE, Livvy

Livvy Dunne Biography

If we talk about the brightest stars of gymnastics in the USA, then Olivia Page Dunne is firmly among the most attractive athletes. Early career Olivia was born in 2002, in the state of New Jersey, in the city of Westwood, but her life path began in Hillsdale. Her acquaintance with gymnastics began at the … Read more

Biography: PATTERSON, Carly

c patterson

PATTERSON, Carly Individual Induction: 2009 Induction: 2008 as a Member of the Gold Medal World Championships Team (2003) As with so many in this sport Carly had to deal with injuries that would have deterred many. Among a plethora of injuries and even after suffering a broken elbow she came back to win the All … Read more

Biography: Wilson, Blaine Carew

b wilson3

WILSON, Blaine Carew Inducted: 2014 Born: Columbus Ohio An unprecedented five-time All-Around National Champion, Wilson was a part of the U.S. Gymnastics Team from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA. to 2005.  Blaine was a member of the 2004 Olympic Silver Medal Men’s Gymnastics Team in Athens, Greece. During his career, Blaine won over 100 … Read more

Biography: UNSER, Bernard (1900-1983)

b unser

UNSER, Bernard (1900-1983) Inducted: 1977 Bernard Unser graduated from the Normal College, A.G.U. in 1928. He immediately began a long and successful coaching career with the Turner organization and the city of New York. Coach Unser began his coaching career as the German-born Coach of the famed Bronx branch of the American Turners. His first … Read more

Biography: Shurlock, Art

a shurlock

SHURLOCK, Art Inducted: 1985 Born: September 8, 1937, Chicago, Illinois Art was an outstanding competitor and super coach of superstars. He coached Olympians, All Americans, and NCAA Champions as Head Gymnastic Coach at UCLA. Olympic Games 10th-PH, Tokyo, Japan, (1964). World Championships; Moscow, U.S.S.R., (1958). NCAA Championships: Gold-PH, (1959); Silver-AA, (1960 & 1961). National AAU … Read more

Biography: SCHWEYER, Audrey

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SCHWEYER, Audrey Inducted: 2000 Born: Allentown, Pennsylvania Audrey Schweyer became interested in the world of gymnastics via providing dance instruction at a local gymnastic club. In 1968 she began judging at local, high school, AAU, collegiate, and USGF competitions. Through hard work and study, Audrey became a distinguished judge and contributed greatly to the development … Read more

Biography: SCHMID-SHAPIRO, Andrea

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SCHMID-SHAPIRO, Andrea Inducted: 2001 Born: Budapest, Hungary   Andrea Schmid-Shapiro was among the first of approximately 200,000 Hungarians to defect in light of Russian aggression in their beloved land. Many Hungarian athletes took the opportunity to leave after the Melbourne Olympics for numerous free lands including the U.S., Canada, France, and England. She chose the … Read more

Biography: ROSSI, Anthony  “Tony”

a rossi

ROSSI, Anthony  “Tony” 1917 -2011 Inducted: 1974   Tony Rossi was inducted into the U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame due to his superb coaching of the gymnastic team at Colorado State College now the University of Northern Colorado. Not only was he a faculty member teaching classes, but he also served as the team’s trainer. … Read more

Biography: Kristin Allen & Michael Rodrigues

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ALLEN, Kristin / RODRIGUES, Michael Inducted: 2015 Inducted as a team Acrobatic Gymnastics: Mixed Pair Allen and Rodrigues trained together at West Coast Training Center under head coach Marie Annonson. They won the USA’s first World Games gold medal in acrobatic gymnastics as a mixed pair in 2009. In 2010, they again proved to be … Read more

Biography: POSTELL, Ashley

a postell

POSTELL, Ashley Inducted: 2008 Member-Gold Medal World Championships Team (2003)     Ashley Postell is another in a short list of athletes to overcome injury, recover, and come back stronger and better than ever. In a world that seems to produce generation after generation of outstanding gymnasts, she garnered a unique place in the history … Read more