Types of Gymnastics competitions at the Olympic Games in 2024

In the summer of 2024, the next Olympic Games will be held with a new format of Gymnastics competitions. This long-awaited event for all sports fans will take place in Paris. We offer you an overview of how events are planned and how performances are planned. As you know, the schedule of the Olympic Games has already been presented on July 25, 2022.

What types of gymnastics will be held at the 2024 Olympics?

Among the announced program for competitions at the 2024 Olympics there will be three types of gymnastics:

artistic gymnastics;
rhytmic gymnastics;

Let’s now consider in what order the events will take place. Artistics Gymnastics will be held from July 27 to August 5 at the Bercy Arena. The first two days are set aside for qualification. On August 2, trampoline competitions will be held in the same place, in the Bercy Arena. Rhythmic gymnastics will take place from 5 to 8 August at the Porte de La Chapelle Arena.

Gymnastics at the 2024 Summer Olympics. Overview

I will note the fact that only women take part in rhythmic gymnastics. Group classes, as usual, start a day later.

A total of 318 athletes will take part in the 2024 Olympics. Each country has a limit of 5 men and 5 women, up to 10 people in total.

As in the 1984 Games in Los Angeles and Atlanta 1996, in Paris, gymnastics fans will be able to see individual and group all-around.

Gymnastics qualification at the 2024 Olympic Games

At the 2024 Olympics, the rules for the selection of participants have been changed. For example, only 5 participants will be able to take part in the team competition.

At the moment, nine women’s teams have secured places for the 2024 Olympic Games. Participants are determined after qualifying for Artistic Gymnastics in Antwerp.

The United States and Great Britain have already received a ticket to the Olympics. Participants such as China, Brazil and Italy have now been identified. In addition, the Netherlands, France and Japan are next. Among the brightest athletes we can mention Simone Bikes, Chinese Jones, Jessica Gadirova and Qui Qiyuan.

Among the men’s Artistic Gymnastics teams, teams from Japan, China and the UK have already received places. At the competition in Antwerp, the team from Canada received the fourth place. Next in the table is Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

The teams of Spain, Turkey, Netherlands and Ukraine will not get to the Olympics.
He will get to the floor exercise Carlos Ayala, who took third place, but was defeated in the automatic all-around qualification.

Other interesting facts:

  • Trampoline Gymnastics. 32 athletes will take part in this type of competition on August 2 at Bercy Arena.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: 24 gymnasts and 14 groups will perform from August 8-10, 2024.
  • Artistic Gymnastics: 192 athletes will take part from July 27 to August 5.
  • Traditionally, these Olympic Games have the designation XXXIII.

Bets on gymnastics at the 2024 Olympics

Of particular interest to gymnastics fans who want to bet on sports. teams and athletes from England, Japan and China make up the teams. Each of the countries is traditionally strong and is not going to concede. No one knows who will win and what place he will take on the podium. That is why many bettors are waiting for the coefficients for the upcoming gymnastics events at the 2024 Olympics. You can find out the full list of bookmakers in our review.

The full composition of gymnasts and teams will be determined soon when the continental competitions are over. I am following the results of these important events with great pleasure. Soon we will find out the full list of countries and gymnasts.

After that, bookmakers will be able to make an accurate plan of expectations and odds, so that any user can make their bet.