Biography: PATTERSON, Carly


Individual Induction: 2009 Induction: 2008 as a Member of the Gold Medal World Championships Team (2003)

c patterson

As with so many in this sport Carly had to deal with injuries that would have deterred many. Among a plethora of injuries and even after suffering a broken elbow she came back to win the All Around at the Olympic Games in 2004.


Jr. U.S. Classic “A”: Gold-AA; Bronze-AA, (2002).

National Top Gym Tournament: Silver-AA; (2000), International Top Gym Tournament: Silver-AA; Bronze-BB, (2000), Belgium. Carly has said that the BB is her favorite event.

U.S. National Championships: Bronze-AA, (2001). Gold-AA, (2002);

World Championships: Team-Gold; Silver-AA, (2003). Carly’s AA silver medal was the first AA medal won by an American woman since 1994.

American Cup: Gold & Team, (2001). Gold-AA, BB, FX, V, & UB (2003) Patterson was the youngest competitor in the 2003 meet. Although only 15, she exhibited outstanding performances. Amazingly, she swept the meet, winning all four events and the AA. Gold-AA, (2003). American Cup: Gold-AA, V, BB, UB, & FX. U.S.

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Senior Nationals: Gold-FX & AA [T]; Silver-BB, (2004). Unfortunately, Carly couldn’t compete in the 2003 meet due to a broken elbow.

Olympic Games: Silver-T & BB; Gold-AA, (2002) Gold-AA; Silver-BB, (2004). Carly’s AA gold was the first for an American to win in a fully attended Olympic Games.

Changing Endeavors

Patterson decided in 2006 she did not plan to participate in the 2008 Olympic Games and would retire from Gymnastics, primarily due to back problems. She trained at WOGA in Plano, Texas, and was a member of the junior national team from 2000-03 and the senior national team from 2004-05. Carly later expressed an interest in becoming a professional singer.

Her singing career has had mixed successes, but she indicates that she plans to continue this career. In 2006, she appeared on FOX’s television show Celebrity Duets. Her second single will be released in February 2009 and her CD will debut in April 2009.

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Goodwill Games: 7th AA, 5th B. JR. US Championships: 3rd AA; Jr. US Classic “A”: 1st AA; Jr. WOGA Classic: 2nd AA; Jr. Gymnix International: 1st AA Jr. Pacific Alliance Championships: 2nd AA, Gold-V, BB, FX; Silver-UB; Jr. US Classic “A”: Gold-AA; Jr. WOGA Classic: Gold-AA; Jurassic Classic: Gold AA. Parkette Invitational: Gold-AA. WOGA Classic: Gold-AA. Pacific Alliance Championships: Gold-BB & FX; Silver-AA, US Championships: 1st AA, 1st FX; US Olympic Trials: 3rd AA.


USA Gymnastics Co-Athlete of the Year, (2003); U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Woman of the Year and U.S. Sports Academy Female Athlete of the Year, (2003). In 2003, Patterson and her World Championships teammates were named the USOC’s Team of the Year.


Parents: Ricky and Natalie Patterson; Sister: Jordan, two cats: Beijing and Java.

SOURCES: Date collected from the public domain (Wikipedia) and Photos also collected from the public domain (Google) by 2008-2010 Web Manager Jerry Wright, author of Gymnastics Who’s Who-2010. Editing by Dr. Larry Banner, 1993 GHOF Inductee & 1894-2004 web bio contributor.

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