Biography: DUNNE, Livvy

If we talk about the brightest stars of gymnastics in the USA, then Olivia Page Dunne is firmly among the most attractive athletes.

Early career

Olivia was born in 2002, in the state of New Jersey, in the city of Westwood, but her life path began in Hillsdale. Her acquaintance with gymnastics began at the age of 3. Like many who start their way in gymnastics, Olivia had to go through quite a few competitions in Junior elite. It all started with ENA Gymnastics.

Olivia Dunne


Head coach: Jay Clark

Other coaches: Craig Zappa and Jennifer Zappa

Birthday: 2002 October 1
Height: 5 ft 6.25 in or 168 cm

One of the brightest achievements can be considered a victory in the 4th level in the state gymnastics competitions. At the same time, she achieved a state record in all categories.

Her first championship began in 2014 at U.S. Classics, where Olivia Dunne took the top 20 in floor exercises and the top 33 in the all-around. In the same year, she became the youngest athlete in the United States who was able to qualify for Jr. International Elite. Already in 2015, she was able to take 8th place in the all-around gymnastics at American Classics.

The next one, 2016, became even more successful for Olivia. For example, she won medals in floor and balance beam exercises at Secret U.S. Classics.

Professional gymnastics

Already in 2017, she was able to join the US national team.

Further, the thorny path became more difficult due to injuries.

Olivia Dunne joined the Senior elite in 2018 and represented her team at the City of Jesolo Trophy tournament. In the all-around, she took 15th place.

Already in 2020, Dunne joined the LSU Tigers team. There is her personal page on the university’s website. In the NCAA, she competed on uneven bars. Olivia was able to show a good level (9,825 points) only in 2023 on February 24 on the uneven bars.

What medals did Olivia Dunn have?

Olivia was able to win a gold medal in 2017, playing in the youth team in Italy at the City of Jesolo Trophy competitions. In 2021, she won a silver medal at the SEC Championships (NCAA) 2021. In 2023, Dunne was able to receive a bronze medal at the NCAA.

Fame and popularity as the personality of Olivia Dunne

With her unique attractiveness and catchy appearance, Olivia Page was able to gain overwhelming popularity on social networks. This trend is set by many young athletes from the 2020s. It’s hard to judge, but on the one hand, if there are a lot of injuries, career and performances become a problem. It is important for any gymnast to overcome the line when he reaches the professional level and his income covers the costs invested in him. Today, Olivia is a gymnast who has gone through a difficult way of performing, but has gained popularity and recognition of her fans thanks to her image and activity on social networks.

Thanks to millions of subscribers on Tik-Tok and Instagram, Olivia began to receive large contracts for advertising sportswear. In an interview, she stated that she received $500,000 for one post. Livvy also became the highest paid athlete of her college. She actively promotes the Vuori brand. Recall that in 2021, the NCAA allowed players to earn money on their name, image and likeness. If you look at the exquisite appearance of Livvy, then she is best suited for showing swimwear.

Personal life

From media sources, it is known that Livvy Dune is dating Paul Skenes. In August 2023, LSU found out about this fact. Fans have noticed them together before.