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PICKER, ADOLPH Inducted: 1960 Born: Germany Getting Started In Germany, Adolph Picker was well known as an outstanding gymnast.  He came to the U.S.A. from Germany at the age of 22. Education/Coaching Picker enrolled at the famous Normal College A.G.U., (1907) and served as an instructor at the Newark, New Jersey Turnverein during the summers. … Read more

Biography: NICHOLSON, Alexandra

NICHOLSON, Alexandra Inducted: 2002 Born: Zurich, Switzerland Do women really prefer diamonds? Perhaps, but Alexandra Nicholson prefers gold and gold she won. She is described as the “The Greatest Woman Trampolinist” in the history of the sport. In over 200 U.S. National Championships and international competitions, she was defeated on only a few occasions, most … Read more

Biography: LOBER, Abraham “Abe” (1889-1990)

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LOBER, Abraham “Abe” (1889-1990) Inducted: 1963 Born: Kiev, Ukraine Abe’s parents, Abe and six of his seven siblings emigrated from Russia to America before the 1917 revolution in Russia. They arrived at the well-known Ellis Island debarkation terminal where Abe was initially placed in an orphanage until the financial situation of the family improved. The … Read more

Biography: JOCHIM, Alfred (1902-1987)

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JOCHIM, Alfred (1902-1987) Inducted: 1959 – Among Original class of Honorees Al “Dutch” Jochim was America’s top gymnast for almost 20 years. He competed in four Olympics, the only US gymnast to accomplish this feat. He won more national championships than any other male athlete during his time. Olympic Games: Paris, France, (1924); Amsterdam, Netherlands, … Read more

Biography: HATCH, Annia Portuondo

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HATCH, Annia Portuondo Inducted: 2008 Inducted: Member-Gold Medal World Championships Team (2003) It is difficult to imagine the heartache one might experience by having the government of a country tell you that you can’t compete at the highest level in the world when you know you are skilled enough to do so. Annia Hatch experienced … Read more

Biography: HILLIARD, Wendy

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HILLIARD, Wendy Inducted: 2008 Prelude to Rhythmic Gymnastics The history of Rhythmic Gymnastics can be traced as far back as 1814 by Per Henrik Ling. Ling promoted aesthetic gymnastics in which students expressed their feelings and emotions through bodily movement but it was still calisthenics without apparatus. Then it 1864 proponents of the activity began … Read more

Biography: DENTON, William Thomas

DENTON, William Thomas Inducted: 1963 Tom Denton was a member of the first class of American gymnasts to medal in the Olympic Games. In 1932, the Olympics were for amateurs only, and that meant amateur! An athlete had to pay for his or her own transportation, lodging, meals, and any other expenses necessary to be … Read more

Biography:COCO, William “Bill”

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COCO, William “Bill”  (1931-1976) Inducted: 1978 Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   Bill Coco was a coach who commanded the respect of all with whom he worked as well as those who knew of his work but did not know him personally. Gymnastic coaches who produce winners on a national and international level seldom if ever find … Read more

Biography: Wendy Cluff-Perez

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Cluff-Perez, Wendy Inducted: 2012 Born:  Santa Clara, CA One of the original SCATS athletes, Cluff-Perez participated in the 1968 Olympics, 1969 World Gymnaestrada in Berne, Switzerland, and performed throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Olympics Cluff went first for the U.S. women at the 1968 Olympics seven times and is credited with earning the … Read more

Biography: GROSSFELD, Abie

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GROSSFELD, Abie Inducted: 1979 Born: March 1, 1934, New York, NY Abie Grossfeld’s leadership as an athlete, coach, judge, and contributor to gymnastics has rarely, if ever, been matched in the annals of gymnastics.  He was an extremely well-respected athlete by his teammates and coaches. At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Abie served as Assistant Coach. … Read more