Biography: PITT, Arthor

a pitt

PITT, Author E. “Artie” (1924-2002) Inducted: 1959 – Among Original class of Honorees    Herman Schmidt, writing a University of Iowa news release prior to the 1936 Olympic Games, stated in an article titled “Greatest Gymnast in History” that Gymnastic Coach Albert Baumgartner said, “That boy (Pitt) is the greatest gymnastic prospect ever to enroll … Read more

Gifts For Gymnastics Coaches

Gymnastics Coach

The Ultimate Article About Gifts For Gymnastics Coaches What can you do to show the gym coach how they’re appreciated? Gift cards to your popular restaurants or shops are often a sought-after and appreciated idea. However, we looked for unique gifts that could be presented either by itself or in addition with other team gift. … Read more

Biography: FREDERICK, A. Bruce

b fredrick

FREDERICK, A. Bruce (1930 – 2010) Inducted: 1990 Since starting gymnastics as a tumbler, Dr. Frederick has been acclaimed as America’s caretaker of gymnastics’ history. Bruce’s Roots of American Gymnastics, 3rd Ed. identifies American gymnastics in a unique “Family Tree” format.  Also near completion is Who’s Who and Was Who in American Gymnastics.  His election … Read more

Biography: CHOW, Amy

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CHOW, Amy Team Member Induction 1998 Member of 1996 Olympic Gold Medal Team Individually inducted: 2005 Born: San Jose, CA May 15, 1978 Amy Chow is truly the winner of an AA person award. She was an excellent academician from prep school through Stanford University. Like so many gymnasts she was a multiple sport person. … Read more

Biography: CARR-Tunney, Ann

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CARR-Tunney, Ann Inducted: 2001    PanAmericanGames: Gold-Team, AA, BB, FX, UB, Mexico City, (1975). General Ann Carr-Tunny was the first woman to receive a full athletic scholarship at Penn State U. She competed at Penn State University, (1977-’80). Honors Broderick Sports Award, awarded to the nation’s most outstanding collegiate gymnast; Recipient of the Pennsylvania Sports … Read more

Biography: HAYASAKI, Yoshi

y hayasaki

HAYASAKI, Yoshi Inducted: 2014 Born: Osaka, Japan Yoshi (2nd from left) with his family on board the S.S. Idaho on his way to America, trip took about 2 weeks. Coaching Hayasaki served as Head Men’s Gymnastics Coach at the University of Illinois from 1974 thru 2009 excluding 1994, 1995, 1996). He also served as a … Read more

Biography: ZWICKEL, Walter “Walt”

ZWICKEL, Walter “Walt” Inducted: 1977 Walt Zwickel was not a gymnast, a coach, or a judge in the world of gymnastics. I can’t even write that he ever saw a gym meet although I’m sure he witnessed many. The fact is that there are numerous U.S. Gymnastic Hall of Fame Inductees who were selected for … Read more

Biography: YOUNG, Wayne R.

w young

YOUNG, Wayne R. Inducted: 2008 Unlike most gymnasts who start perfecting their routines at a very early age, Wayne Young didn’t have that opportunity until going to BYU as a freshman from Provo High School. Provo schools did not have gymnastics programs, so Young went to the swimming pools and became an All-Region and All-State … Read more

Biography: VINCENT, William J.  “Bill”

w vincent

VINCENT, William J.  “Bill” Honored Guest Born: Los Angeles, California Bill Vincent has served the sport of gymnastics as an athlete, coach, judge, and contributor. At UCLA, we were friends and teammates. Bill was always of the highest character, an academician, and a high scoring member of the UCLA gymnastic team and all other gymnastic … Read more

Biography: HUMPHREY, Terin Marie

t humphrey

HUMPHREY, Terin Marie Individually Inducted: 2015 Inducted: 2008 Member-Gold Medal World Championships Team (2003)   In the Beginning Terin Marie Humphrey was born in Saint Joseph, Missouri. After the family moved to Bates City, Missouri, she graduated from Odessa, Missouri High School. She formerly trained with Dragon Gymnastics at Great American Gymnastic Express in Missouri … Read more