EZ Glam Air Track And Other Products – TOP-6

If you’ve recently been looking for equipment for your gymnastics, you may have come across EZ Glam. Although their products look great and they are very affordable, should you still invest in them? In our EZ Glam review, we will provide answers!

EZ Glam, a US-based company, is located in College Point, NY. They offer a wide range of gymnastics products. They are primarily inflatable and targeted at intermediate and beginners, especially children.

EZ Glam has affordable products. Although they aren’t as cheap as the FBsport products, you don’t need to spend as much to purchase from EZ Glam as premium brands such as AirTrackFactory.

EZ Glam ships its products from New York. Shipping usually takes between 1 and 5 days. You will have to wait longer if you live far away from New York.

We are not sure exactly where EZ Glam makes its products. They may ship their products from New York but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are making them on-site. EZ Glam equipment doesn’t cost much so it is unlikely that it is US-made.

1. EZ Glam Air Track Mat With Electric Air Pump Review

The EZ Glam Air Track  Air Floor Inflatable Tumbling Mat product is the brand’s most valuable, and it deserves our full attention. This is traditional training equipment.

EZ Glam Air Tumble Track comparable with the offering by FBsport, another manufacturer of gymnastics equipment. The most important thing is that the materials used are identical. Both brands use a double-layer of 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin for their air tracks.

Ez glam air track

EZ Glam Air Tracks cost more than their counterparts from FBsport. Therefore, we expect them to be of better quality and longer-lasting. EZ Glam’s Air Track, although quite expensive, is very affordable, especially when compared to AirTrackFactory Air Tracks that can cost several thousand.

The EZ Glam Air Track comes in a variety of sizes, from 10 to 26 feet. You have two width and thickness options – 4/8 inch and 3.3/6.6 foot, respectively.

Pre-teens will find the smaller size sizes to be most useful, while teens and adults may prefer the larger sizes of air mat track. According to EZ Glam’s FAQ, their air tracks can withstand up to 200 pounds so they are suitable for most people.

EZ Glam ships an Air Track gymnastics inflatable air mat with an electric air pump, which is claimed to inflate it in just a few seconds and provides optimum air pressure.


The inflatable air tumbling mats air track claims to keep its pressure for several days, but most people will likely deflate the mat after training so this advantage may not be too significant.

A handy bag and a repair kit for lighter damages at home are also included.

It is easy to use. Air tumbling mats are much lighter than traditional foam-based mats. Inflate is made easier by the electric air pump.

More safety. The Air Ramp increases the repetition frequency and reduces the chance of being hurt.

Complete Accessories. When you purchase this product, you will receive a tumbling mat with electric air pump inflating. Last comes for free. It takes only a few minutes to inflate or deflate. No Noise During Training. The pressure of the Air Tumbling will not drop for days after inflation. The carry bag makes it easy to move around the gym or take with you.

Durable Material. Our air tumblers are made of double-wall material (also known as drop stitch materials) and 0.9mm thick durable Pvc Tarpaulin. Reinforcement Is Used To Enhance Airtightness and Durability.

2. EZ Glam Air Board / Air Block Review

The EZ Glam Air Board /Air Block is an excellent piece of equipment to practice separate elements in your tumbling routine. The Air Block is smaller than the Air Track and can be used at home.

EZ Glam Air Board / Air Block

Not surprisingly, the Air Board’s materials are identical to the Air Track’s – 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin. However, it does not appear to be double-walled.


EZ Glam’s board/air block is very similar to the one from FBsport. EZ Glam’s product, however, is twice as expensive and has an extra handy feature – bottom Velcro strips which allow you to connect multiple air blocks together.

This Air Board/Air Block is why we love it

We think the Air Board/Block’s key feature is the Velcro strap at the bottom. This small detail makes the air block more flexible than FBsport’s. EZ Glam’s products are also more durable, as the price is higher.

3. EZ GLAM Gymnastics Adjustable Balance Beam

Adjusting from Floor to High Mode requires the use of The Included Hex Key. The increments in High Mode can be adjusted easily with The Pop N Click pin.

EZ GLAM Gymnastics Adjustable Balance Beam

The beam is strong and the riser is easy to install on the beam. Riser Is Shipped In A Separate Package.

For your safety, solid construction, non-slip feet, and locking adjustments are all included. The beam measures 6 feet. Beam Measures 6Ft. The low practice height is 4 In. High Practice Height is 24 In. It Can Be Adjusted To 17, 19, 21, And 23 In.

An adjustable brace allows the beam to be adjusted in order to suit the needs of either beginners or advanced gymnasts.


  • Ideal for beginners to intermediate level gymnasts who want to practice at home
  • An adjustable brace allows the beam to be adjusted to suit the needs of advanced or beginner gymnasts.
  • To change from floor to high mode, you will need the included hex key. However, the increments in high mode can be adjusted easily using the pop click pin
  • Your safety is guaranteed with solid construction, non-slip feet, and locking adjustment. The beam measures 6ft. The beam measures 6ft. The low practice height is 4in. High practice height is 24in. It can be adjusted to 17, 19, 21, and 23in
  • The beam is strong and the riser is simple to attach onto it. Riser comes in separate packaging

The Air Beam, an inflatable, is a less difficult alternative to EZ Glam’s Balance Beam (review here). Its increased width (16 inches) is 4 times larger than the Balance Beam.

The Air Beam can be extended to 16 feet. However, a 10-foot version is also available.


The EZ Glam Air Beam has all the features of other gymnastic equipment. It features a commercial-grade PVC tarpaulin and a Velcro strap at the bottom that allows for expansion.

This is why we love This Air Beam

For those who struggle with balance beam, the Air Beam is an excellent alternative. The Air Beam is also inflatable, making it much more space-efficient than the EZ Glam Balance Beam.

4. EZ GLAM Adjustable Horizontal Training Bar

EZ GLAM Adjustable Horizontal Training Bar

  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Steel + Wood + PP
  • Dimension:49.5”(L) X 54”(W) X 57”(H)
  • Product weight:48 lbs
  • The thickness of the steel arms:0.08”
  • Bar diameter:1.6”
  • Adjustable height: 35″-57″
  • Weight limited:260 lbs

EZ GLAM Horizontal Bars are very durable, lightweight, and very well-constructed. Made from high quality steel and stainless steel regulating arms. This is the ideal balance to use at home for gymnastics (1-4 level). The screw knobs are specially designed to allow height adjustment from 35″-57″, at a 2″ interval, in 12 adjustable heights. Get your child started in gymnastic training by getting a top-quality gymnastics bar.


5. EZ GLAM Air Mat Tumble Track Connector

The Air Track Connector Tape can be used to connect two gymnastic rugs, allowing you to get a larger mat. This professional-removable fastener strip allows you to combine mats in different sizes to meet your needs.

Air Mat Tumble Track Connector

You could use multiple fastener strips to fix the long edge.

This is the best way to keep two small air track mats together.


6. EZ GLAM 2’x6’Gymnastics Gym Folding Exercise Mats

The EZ GLAM Double Folding Exercise mat is portable and can be used anywhere.

EZ GLAM 2'x6'Gymnastics Gym Folding Exercise Mats

You don’t have to put up with a hard floor in your gym, sloppy grass in the park, or a dirty floor in the gym. With the side carrying handle and folding design, storage is easy and convenient.

The compact design allows it to fit into most closets and behind furniture. It provides cushioned support and protection for sensitive joints such as the spine, elbows, knees and knees. You can fold it for additional padding when you require a softer surface.

It acts as a barrier between you, dirt floors, and grassy outdoor areas. It is ideal for gymnasts who want to practice their tumbling at their home. It is made from strong EPE foam and retains its shape well over time.


Vinyl is tough to prevent tears and easy to clean so it can be maintained in great condition. We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a limited lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. This will allow you to feel confident about your purchase.

EZ Glam Review – Final Words

Even though our EZ Glam review ended on a low note, we still highly recommend their gymnastics equipment.

These guys need to work hard to improve their official website – FBsport, with its cheaper products, offers a better website experience (although it’s still not perfect).

EZ Glam products are safe and reliable, even if you have a limited budget.