TOP-8 The Best Gymnastic Leotards For Toddlers (upd 2023)

Leotards can be worn by many athletes from figure skaters to gymnasts. Gymnastics leotards like dance leotards are distinguished by their material. They’re made from velvet, velour, or a nylon/spandex mix, which is unlike many other types of most popular leotard brands. The leotards have long sleeve and thick tank top straps, which are never shorter than the required length. They sit higher on your neck. To buy gymnastics leotards means to be more colorful and sparkly than other athletes’ leotards (save for figure skaters). They are often decorated with glitter, metallic, and rhinestones.

A competitive gymnastics leotard will not have an attached skirt, frills, or ruffles like some dancing or figure skating kids leotards. This applies to gymnasts of all ages and levels, as well as children. These are the top leotards that gymnasts can wear.

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1. HOZIY Long Sleeved Gymnastics And Dance Leotards

This model is a great choice if your child prefers a long sleeve leotard over a sleeveless. It is made from polyester and spandex for extra comfort and stretch. The leotard’s front is higher than the back, to allow your child more breathability.

Best Gymnastic Leotard For Toddlers

This leotard is made of polyester and can be washed either by hand or machine using a cold delicate cycle. However, it must be dried on a dry, flat surface. It can withstand multiple washes without losing its shape. The leotard is also covered with anti-fading sparkles that will ensure it will keep its color.

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The leotard comes in six sizes. It fits children from age 10 to 12, and toddlers up to 3 years old. You can also get it in 16 vibrant, multicolored patterns in the long-sleeved version and 12 in the sleeveless model.


2. TFJH E Sparkle Gymnastics Leotard

We have the TFJH E tank-style leotard, which is a popular choice for children. It also comes with a crisscross-back tank style, a tank-style tank with a strappy back, and a long-sleeved tank-style.

TFJH E Sparkle Leotard

This sparkly material is flexible, breathable, and washable when hand washed and dried.

This material also has the great advantage of being comfortable for your child and not seeing-through.

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It is a good idea to buy a smaller size if your child is small. However, these kids gymnastics leotards are extremely comfortable.


3. Snowflake Boy and Mens Best Gymnastic Leotards

This singlet biketard makes a great outfit whether you are a boy or a man who participates in gymnastics. Leo is available in Navy with four different colors: red, yellow, and gray, as well as green.

Snowflake Boy and Mens Leotard

It is made in the USA gymnastics industry from high-quality Lycra material. This fabric will last a long time, even after being washed. It is flexible and soft enough to be worn underneath gymnastic shorts.

The leo fits well and is available in sizes 6-12 years old.

This boys’ leotard is made from high quality materials and is durable and washable.

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The slippers have a skid-proof sole, crisscross the elastic top, and an elasticated drawstring. Ballet slippers are comfortable for children because of the high quality canvas material.

You can also find this pair in many other styles and materials, such as a satin pink pair or one with a bow on the front.


4. BAOHULU Practice Dancewear Gymnastics Accessories

This sleeveless gymnastics leo is perfect for those who value breathability. It has a scooped back and features a sleeveless design. It’s made of a polyester-spandex mix with pull on closure. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and soft.

BAOHULU Practice Dancewear Gymnastics Leotards

The elastic around the legs allows for greater mobility and comfort. The bottom has a mesh liner that allows for more airflow. To preserve the glittery sequins on the front, wash the leotard by hand in cold water. The leotard is available in 19 colors, five of which are long-sleeved, and seven sizes to fit young teens from toddlers up. Looks great with any matching hair scrunchie.


5. DANSHOW Basic Leotard with Long Sleeves

These are classic kids gymnastics leotards in a simple, plain design. It’s great for both practice and everyday use. It is made mostly from sweat-absorbing cotton and blended with a little spandex for extra softness. The elasticity allows it to slide on and off easily.

DANSHOW Gymnastics Dance Ballet

It is more comfortable for your child because of its round neck and scooped-back shape.

Long sleeves protect hands and arms while they work, but better to use additional ankle brace. The leotard comes in 12 solid colors, ranging from neutral to pastel to bright. The size ranges from a small for toddlers to 4 years old, up to a large for 10-12 year-olds. You can machine wash it, but handwashing is preferred for longer-lasting wear.


6. SQY Leotard With Long Sleeves for Girls

These sparkly kids leotards are available in three colors and come in either long sleeves or tank-style. It is comfortable and fits well. The material is thick enough to keep your torso from riding up, and the length of the leo allows you to perform tricks without it being visible.

Leotards for Girls Toddlers

This gymnastics leos can only be purchased for children aged 5-12. However, it comes with a detailed measurement chart that explains the chest, shoulder, crotch, and sleeves lengths so you can get the right fit.


7. Dance And Gymnastics Leotards for Boys

These classic style kids gymnastics leotards are available in a variety of colors and styles for boys. If desired, the leotard or biketard style can be worn with shorts underneath.

Boy's Gymnastics Leotard Toddler Ballet Dance Practice

These the best gymnastics leotards and other gymnastics accessories fit well and are available in sizes 6-12 years old.

This boys’ gymnastics leos is made from high quality materials and is durable and washable.

The slippers have a skid-proof sole, crisscross the elastic top, and an elasticated drawstring. Ballet slippers are comfortable for children because of the high quality canvas material.

You can also find this pair in many other styles and materials, such as a satin pink pair or one with a bow on the front.


8. BAOHULU Leotard

Plain, solid colors, glitter, and top-to bottom sparkles are not the only options when it comes to choosing a leotard. This pull-on leotard, which has a little bit of glitter but not too much, is the best choice for your child. Each of the seven options has subtle color and sparkle, but they are elegant and attractive.

Leotards Girls Gymnastics Embroidery Shiny Aqua Rose

Comfortable and easy to move in the polyester/spandex blend, with a low back design that makes it easier to put on and take off. There are eight sizes available, so you can buy one or two more sizes.

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There’s a leotard for everyone, no matter if they are a toddler starting their gymnastics journey or an adult who is already passionate about it. Three of the eight colors are available in long sleeves. To ensure that colors don’t fade, hand wash it with mild detergent. Hang it out of direct sunlight to dry.


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What to Look for in a Gymnastics Leotard for Children

Here are some things to consider:

  • Sleeve Length A gymnastics leotard must have long sleeves that reach the wrist or tank-top style straps. A gymnastics leos should not have spaghetti straps or shorter sleeves. Long-sleeved leotards are preferred by some gymnasts because it gives their arms a longer look and provides a better “line” than a sleeveless one. Some prefer the sleeveless version for its better airflow. It doesn’t matter if your child participates in competitions or gyms that have strict standards. Personal preference is all that matters.
  • Fabric: Gymnastics apparel must be washed after each use. It is important to choose a fabric that can withstand multiple washes. A leotard with more stretch is better. Metallic fabrics can be bright and shimmery, which can attract judges to competitions. However, they don’t stretch nearly as well as other materials and can be itchy or scratchy. Lycra is comfortable and stretchy, but it can’t withstand heavy decorations such as rhinestones or appliques. Polyester/spandex, nylon/spandex/spandex blends are a happy medium between Lycra and metallic in terms of comfort and give. However, unlike Lycra, they don’t often have a lot of embellishments. Velvet or velour can be very flexible and can hold many embellishments. However, they are heavy fabrics and may cause your child to feel hot and sweaty.
  • Size: Kids Gymnastics Leotards should be fitted and slim, but not too tight. A leotard that is too small will restrict your child’s movements and increase the risk of it tearing. A leotard that is too large will cause your child to feel uncomfortable and may result in them losing points from competition judges. It can also be dangerous if the leotard gets caught on equipment. You can purchase the leotard in a small size for training purposes, but it will not fit your child well enough for competitions. leotards brands


Why do gymnasts wear leotards?

Studio requirements often require that leotards be worn for practice. In some cases, the same outfit may be required when they attend a competition. Safety is another reason why leotards must be worn. They prevent children from slipping on loose gymnastics apparel and protect their balance.