Kaitlin Tortorich, Susannah Johnson, Leanne Seitzinger, Yuliya Hall

Inducted: 2013

Yuliya Hall-Brown
y hall
YULIYA HALL-BROWN: This is one of those situations where truth is stranger than fiction!  Yuliya Hall began gymnastics at the age of 6 in the Soviet Union.  She quickly became a member of the USSR Junior National Team.  When the USSR broke up she was given a chance to immigrate to the U.S.A. and did so at age 18.  Unfortunately, she was unable to find a gym to practice in so she took a short (?) break of ten years.  After ten years she decided to give competition another try and at that time was able to find a gym.  When she returned to competition (at age 28) she received a medal in every competition she entered.  At age 36 she was still looking forward to the next meet.
World Championships: Gold-Team, 7th Tumbling, Quebec, Canada, (2007);   Silver-Team, 6th Tumbling, Eindhoven, Netherlands, (2005);   World Games: Bronze-Tumbling, Duisburg, Germany, (2005);  World Cup: Bronze-Tumbling, Ostend, Belgium, (2007), 7th Tumbling, Quebec, Canada, (2007),  4th Tumbling, Birmingham, England, (2006),  Bronze-Tumbling, Levallois, France, (2005),  Silver-Tumbling, Sofia, Bulgaria, (2005), (Ghent, Belgium)-Gold-Tumbling, Ghent, Belgium, (2005).   U. S. National Championships:  USAG Nationals: Gold-Tumbling, Memphis, Tenn, (2007), 4th-Tumbling, Schaumburg, IL., (2006), Gold-Tumbling, Houston, TX, (2005); U.S. Elite Challenge:  Gold-Tumbling, Colorado Springs, CO., (2007), Gold-Tumbling, Las Vegas, NV., (2006), Gold-Tumbling, Phoenix, AZ., (2005; Winter Classic: Gold-Tumbling, Birmingham, AL., (2006), Gold-Tumbling, Fort Smith, AR., (2005), Gold-Tumbling, Salt Lake City, UT., (2004); Family:  Parents: Vladimir Pasin and Elena Stankevich.  She has two sisters and one brother.  She recently married Michael Brown, who is a security contractor in the Middle East.


Susannah Johnson
s johnson
SUSANNAH JOHNSON: Hometown:  Roanoke, VA.  Johnson hopes to become an archeologist and to work with kids.  She states that, “I am a thrill seeker. I love the thrill of throwing a big skill. I live for the fright I feel and the adrenaline that pumps through my body every time I step onto the competition floor.”
World Championships: Silver-Tumbling, St. Petersburg, Russia, (2009), Gold-Team, Bronze-Tumbling, Quebec City, Canada, (2007).   Other International Competitions: World Cup:  4th-Tumbling, St. Petersburg, Russia, (2007), Bronze-Tumbling, Lake Placid, NY, (2007), 5th Tumbling, Quebec City, Canada, (2007).  U.S. National Championships: USAG Nationals: Bronze-Tumbling, Houston, TX., (2008), Bronze-Tumbling, Memphis, TN., (2007). U.S. Elite Challenge: Bronze-Tumbling, Mobile, AL., (2008), 4th Tumbling, Colorado Springs, CO., (2007). Winter Classic: Silver-Tumbling, Tulsa, OK., (2008), Gold –Tumbling, Lubbock, TX., (2007).Family: Parents: Craig and Barbara Johnson.  Siblings: Abbey and Caleb.
Leanne Seitzinger
l seitzinger
LEANNE SEITZINGER:  Hometown: Stafford, VA; began gymnastics in 1996; her favorite thing in gymnastics is being able to travel to different countries to compete for the USA.
World Championships: Silver-Team, St. Petersburg, Russia (2009), Gold-Team, Quebec City, Canada, (2007) .  Other International Competitions: World Cup: 5th-Tumbling, Ostend, Belgium, (2007), Team Member, Lake Placid, NY, (2007), Team Member, Quebec City, Canada, (2007), Team Member, Salzgitter, Germany, (2006),  12th-Tumbling, Levallois, France, (2005). Pan American Games: Gold-Tumbling, Buenos Aries, Argentina, (2008). World Age Group Games: 16th-Tumbling, Odense, Denmark, (2001). U.S. National Championships:   Final Selection Event:  Gold-Tumbling, Las Vegas, NV., (2009).  USAG Championships: Silver-Tumbling, Dallas, TX., (2009), Silver-Tumbling, Houston, TX., (2008), Silver-Tumbling, Memphis, TN., (2007), Gold-Tumbling, Schaumburg, IL., (2006), Silver-Tumbling, Sacramento, Ca., (2003), Silver-Tumbling, Cleveland, OH., (2002). U.S. Elite Challenge:  Gold-Tumbling, Ft. Smith, AR., (2009), Silver-Tumbling, Mobile, AL., (2008), Silver-Tumbling, Colorado Springs, CO., (2007),  11th-Tumbling, Birmingham, AL., (2004).  Winter Classic:  Gold-Tumbling, Birmingham, AL., (2009), Gold-Tumbling, Tulsa, OK., (2008), Silver-Tumbling, Lubbock, TX., (2007), Silver-Tumbling, Salt Lake City, UT., (2004).  Family:parents:  Bert & Joyce Seitzinger; siblings: sister-Bridget, brother-Milo.


Kaitlin Tortorich

k tortorich
Getting Started:  At this writing Kaitlin Tortorich was living in Fredericksburg, Va., but lists Mandeville, La., as her hometown. She says, “My mom put me in it (gymnastics), because I wouldn’t stop flipping around the house! And my favorite thing about gymnastics competitions is, all the places I get to travel to and the new people I get to meet!”  She began gymnastics in 1993. Sr. National Team member 2007, 2008, 2009,  Jr. National Team Member 2004, 2005, 2006.   World Championships: Silver-Team, 4th Tumbling, St. Petersburg, Russia, (2009), Gold-Team; 8th-Tumbling, Quebec City, Canada, (2007).  Other International Competitions: World Cup: 5th-Tumbling, Loule, Portugal, (2008), Silver-Tumbling, St. Petersburg, Russia, (2007), 7th-Tumbling, Lake Placid, NY, (2007).  ).  U.S. National Championships:  Final Selection Event: Silver-Tumbling, Las Vegas, NV., (2009).  USAG Nationals: Gold-Tumbling, Dallas, TX., (2009), Gold-Tumbling, Houston, TX., (2008), 4th-Tumbling, Memphis, TN., (2007). U. S. Elite Challenge: Gold-Tumbling, Mobile, AL., (2008),  Gold-Tumbling, Colorado Springs, CO., (2007),  8th-Tumbling, (2004).  Stars and Strips Cup: Gold-Tumbling, Birmingham, AL., (2007). Winter Classic: 4th-Tumbling, Tulsa, OK., (2008).
Family: Parents: Liz and Tommy Tortorich; Siblings: Kristin, Emily, Robbie (a Marine), Anna (U.S. Jr. National Team Member), Micah.


 Sources: Team photo provided by USA Gymnastics. Tortorich photo and data provided by Kaitlin.  Leanne Seitzinger photo by Todd Bissonette. Other photos and data obtained from the public domain (Wikipedia/Google) by 2008-2013 Web Manager Jerry Wright, author of Gymnastics Who’s Who-2010.

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