Necessary Equipment And Gymnastic Toys For Toddlers

Toys for toddlers that can be used to teach gross motor skills and energy are approved by

I made a promise to myself that I would not be one of those parents who signed my child up for organized events as soon as she was old enough.

Fast forward one year, and I was counting down to the day LG could start toddler gymnastics at age 18 months. It was obvious that she loved jumping and climbing, which I knew from the beginning. I am glad that I was flexible in my decision and did not hold myself back from pursuing any organized activity for my toddler.

Gymnastic Toys For Toddlers

Today, I am sharing our top-rated gymnastics toys and equipment for toddlers.

We have some toys at home and others that she uses in her gymnastics class. A few toys are found at museums and indoor playgrounds. These lot of home gymnastics equipment and toys are all toddler-approved and will be a great choice for any kid who loves to jump, bounce or climb.


Toddler gymnastics does not have to be done in a gym. You can bring many of the benefits home by using the right equipment and toys.


While many gymnastics toys can be large, some are small and easy to store away.


Although they are not toys, we could not resist including some gymnastics leotards for toddlers.

While we don’t require toddlers to wear leotards at our gym, several children do often wear one. Although I initially thought it was silly, I have since realized that elastic-wasted pants and shorts tend to slide down in class. It’s tiring to follow your toddler around in their shorts, trying to pull them back up.


You can also choose a “biketard” that has shorts, especially if your kid isn’t yet potty trained or doesn’t like their diaper sticking out.

Soft Balance Beams

The balance beam is a great toy for your toddler.

Balance beams can be used by Montessori-inspired families, such as ours! These beams allow your child to improve their concentration, coordination, as well as motor gross skills. You can also give it to your child for many years. The balance beam is a wonderful choice for children!

A soft, foldable balance beam is my pick for home use.


It is low-profile and easy to store away, as well as being soft and low to ground. Your little one can explore on her own, without needing to be supervised by a parent or caregiver who has a higher balance beam.

Soft beams can be found in sizes ranging from 6 to 9 feet (when extended), so you can choose the one that best suits your space.

Kip Bar (Gymnastics Bar)

A short-kip bar is also a lot of fun. This is okay, as they will need to be supervised while on the bar.


LG’s gymnastics class has two options: the children can swing on the bars or get help doing “bat hangs” with their feet on the bar.


Jumping up and down using two feet may seem like a simple thing, but it is a skill that requires strong coordination.

It can be difficult for toddlers to learn how to jump. Your toddler may become so excited about jumping when they start to try it, that they will want to keep practicing. You can channel your toddler’s jumping energy by getting a trampoline for toddlers.


There are many trampolines that can be used by toddlers, including low-to-the ground trampolines. You can even transform a trampoline into a ball pit.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are great for toddlers, such as the Gonge riverstones. She also loves the Gonge set from her gymnastics class. There are many sizes and brands available. Make sure you get one with a rubber gasket. Many of the cheaper brands have only a few rubber dots, and they don’t stay in their place.


These step buckets look similar to them but have a wider flat top. This may make it easier for children with smaller feet or who are less confident about their footing. If your kid is prone to throwing stones, the buckets may be a better option than the rocks/hilltops because they are connected by rope. It’s really up to you and what you prefer.

Foam Play Set

Although they take up more space in the home, a foam playset is still very fun. My daughter enjoys running up and down the foam ramp. You can use it as a slide or for practicing rolls.


Different Types Of Home Gymnastics Equipment

It can be difficult to choose the right gymnastics equipment for your home. There are many options available, and prices can vary greatly.

Concentrate on the things your kids enjoy. Perhaps your toddler loves to hang from monkey bars at parks. What about a home gymnastics bar? Ask your child what their favorite gymnastic event is if they are already taking it. If your child has difficulty with balance and motor delays, a gymnastics beam at home might be the best option.

Types Of Home Gymnastics Equipment

Home gymnastics equipment is not only for home bars, beams, or mats but there are many other options that can be used to help your kid learn gymnastics. Trampolines can be used to improve skills. They are very popular in gyms, as are ropes that hang from trees or the ceiling.

Gymnastics Mats Are a safe way to start when buying home gymnastics equipment. This is a comprehensive guide to the best gymnastics mats for your kids.

Another option is to buy gymnastics sets. Gymnastics sets are gymnastics equipment that kids can purchase together to save money. They usually include a gymnastics mat or other equipment for home gymnastics.

Most of the equipment is suitable for toddler gymnastics equipment at home or baby gymnastics equipment. You can also check out my articles on toddler, baby, and infant gymnastics!

Boys Gymnastics Equipment

Both boys and girls can use the same equipment at home for gymnastics. When a child is in grade school or training for competition, the gym will usually separate girls’ and boys’ classes. Six events are required for competitive gymnastics, while four events are required for women’s. Parallel bars, rings, pommel horse, and rings are all additional “men’s gymnastics equipment”. These equipment are commonly referred to as boys’ gymnastics equipment.

Gymnastics Rings For Kids

Rings are great for everyone, regardless of age or gender. This is probably why so many home playground sets come with a set of rings.


You can see my selection of the best gymnastics rings. You can choose to have the grip the same size as professional gyms, which is 1.1 inches. Online grips are often wider, making it harder to do your workouts. Has a smaller grip area, which makes it easier to practice skills and swing. These rings will feel similar to those at the gym if your kid is involved in gymnastics. These rings can be purchased separately or with the straps that allow you to hang them.

Pommel Horse Trainer at Home

Although it may not be practical to purchase a pommel horse for your house, it is now possible for the mushroom trainer. They use the mushroom in their gyms to train boys for their full-size pommel horses.


I have only found one option that’s suitable for home use. It’s the same size as in the competition, and it has received excellent reviews.

Parallel and Parellette Bars

For gymnastics parallettes, you can practice parallel bar and uneven parallel bars skills. They are also great for strengthening. Parallette bars are not fun for a kid who isn’t involved in gymnastics, training, or any other activity. You can see small kids parallettes.

If your son enjoys practicing p-bars at his home, you can purchase larger parallettes and a smaller version of parallel bars. This has a full gymnastics floor and is one of few home parallel bars options.


A set of double bars, such as this, is a great idea if you have the space. They can be used in a variety of ways: single bars, uneven parallel bars, or parallel bars.

What Is Toddler Gymnastics?

Gymnastics can make you think, or organize routines, cartwheels, and flips. Gymnastics for toddlers is more chaotic than organized chaos.

Each week, the gym has a new setup. The teacher explains the “supposed” activities to the kid at each station. However, the kids can do whatever they like as long as it is appropriate. While parents must be present with their toddlers at all times, there may also be two to three coaches/teachers who assist them. They don’t have the obligation to participate in any station, and they can enjoy the same activity multiple times. As long as other kids have access to it, it’s fine.

Toddler Gymnastics

It’s basically a gym for kids who loves jumping, climbing, swinging, jumping, bounce and sliding.

It’s not just fun! Toddler gymnastics offers a great opportunity to improve gross motor skills, balance, and coordination, as well as socialize.