What Is The Best Gymnastic Wedge Mat – TOP-7 2021

Recently, gymnastics and tumble have been more in demand. Gymnastics isn’t just for those who are part of a team at a gym. You can still enjoy gymnastics at home. You can do this safely by using the best gymnastics wedge mat.

1. We Sell Mats Gymnastics Incline Mat

When learning gymnastics, versatility is key. This mat is ideal for home training and has an incline wedge pattern.

You can choose from two colors. This mat comes in Large, Medium, and XXLarge. There will be ample space for gymnastics.

Gymnastic Wedge

This mat is great for practicing any skill. This mat is resistant to ripping due to its anti-tear vinyl surface. These incline blocks, just like mats at the gym’s, are extremely durable and made of commercial-grade materials.

We Sell Mats Incline Mats are ideal for young gymnasts and beginners. Safety is the main concern, even though you can use it in your own home. This product is safe because of its cushioned padding and angle position.

For beginner gymnasts who aren’t yet confident in their moves, extra padding and cushioning can be a comfort measure.


The high-density foam also absorbs impact. It supports joints, knees, and wrists while you practice.

  • The mat is great for all levels of athletes. It can also be used for competition training.
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Lightweight gymnastics mat
  • Vinyl is tear-resistant
  • It is versatile in size and available in three sizes: medium – 60 x 30 x 15in; large – 72x36x16in; large plus – 84x36x16in).
  • Durable and economical
  • Customers complained that the mat was too hard for them to handle.
  • Be aware of the sizing. The wedge incline might be too steep or too small for some gymnasts abilities.

2. Matladin Folding Gymnastics Incline Mat

Matladin is a great gymnastics incline mat for gymnastics wedges. This mat can be compared to the commercial-grade mats you’d see in professional gyms.

Matladin Folding Gymnastics Incline Mat

The mat’s reinforced edges are a nice feature. This mat is tough and durable thanks to its intricate design. It will not crack or tear easily.

The mat is made of 840D vinyl, which is a durable material. Vinyl with an anti-tear finish. Denier vinyl is superior to other comparable materials. This will ultimately increase the lifespan of the mat.

The mat contains eco-friendly EPE foam. This foam provides greater resilience. The mat’s quality is excellent, both in terms of design and materials. Although the mat is only available in one size (unfolded, 58x29x14inches), it can be ordered in two colors.


The mat is extremely friendly to beginners. The mat was designed ergonomically to accommodate gymnasts of different levels.

  • It is easy to clean
  • Portable handles for transport and movement
  • Durable, environment-friendly foam
  • Overall, lightweight
  • Construction of commercial grade
  • For easy storage, foldable
  • The drop might be too steep for younger children. The difference is approximately 2 inches

3. Kangaroo Hoppers Incline Gymnastics Mat


4. Tumbl Trak Cheese Mat

The Tumbl Trak Cheese Mat is at the top of our list. It is the highest-quality, high-quality mat is one of the best choices if you want a durable premium cheese wedge mat.

Tumbl Trak Cheese Matt

The mat is made from high quality materials. The foam is made of a PU foam base with an EVA top. This is crucial for impact control and safety.

This mat also has a vinyl cover that is extremely durable and among the best available. This folding incline mat is distinguished by its smart, innovative design. It connects in such a way that it prevents shifting during use.

Velcro is located on the top of each mat’s lower half. The mat can also be velcro-attached together. This provides the stability that you need for a safe practice session.


Get tremendous value for the price It is available in three color options to enhance its appeal. Each incline on the mat is equipped with strong handles that make it easy to transport and place.

  • This product is extremely durable – it can be used for many years
  • The best mats of high quality and great value,
  • Three sizes available: small – 24x48x14in., medium-sized – 30x68x16in., large – 60x84x16in.
  • All materials conform to CSPIA standards
  • Customers wish that the mats could be longer for back handsprings.

5. GYMAX Incline Gymnastic Mat


6. Z Athletic Cheese Wedge Inclines For Gymnastics, Tumbling, and Cheerleading

The perfect mat for gymnastics. This mat is ideal for beginners who want to improve their skills. It measures 72 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and has a 12-inch slope. These are the standard dimensions for the product. However, it is also available in other sizes.

Z Athletic Cheese Wedge Inclines For Gymnastics

Z Athletics is known for its high-quality features. The mat is finished with a 1-inch layer cross-linked foam. Closed-cell foam has been a standard in the industry. This topping is ideal for mats that have minimal sinking.

You don’t have to worry about it, the mat still features a softcore that allows for a comfortable landing. Are you looking to improve your back handspring? This mat is perfect for practicing precision at home.


A cloth shell is found around the cross-linked foam. The shell is 18 oz vinyl. Vinyl is strong and easy to clean. To clean the mat, you only need soap and water.

The mat is lightweight so it can be easily moved. The mat folds and has handles for easy storage and movement.

  • 2-year factory warranty
  • Great incline mat for children
  • Professional quality and size
  • Stable landings, as well as soft landings for protection.
  • Quality and pricing comparable
  • There is always the possibility of the mat sliding depending on the surface. Use the mat only on non-slip surfaces

7. Giantex Non-Folding and Folding Gymnastics Wedge Mat

Giantex is the right if you’re looking for a cheese-wedge mat in different sizes. You can choose from small, medium, and large sizes. For younger gymnasts, the small mat measures 33x24x14″. Medium mat is 47″x23.5″14″, while the large mat is 60″x30″.

Giantex Non-Folding and Folding Gymnastics Wedge Mat

This mat is great for all levels of gymnastics, no matter how advanced or novice you are.

This mat’s smart fold-up design makes it easy to store and transport. You can fold the mat into a square cube. You can train in multiple areas of your home or outside with this mat.

Sometimes mats can become worn out quickly if they are used frequently. This mat is different. It has an anti-tear fabric that will not easily break.


Superior craftsmanship and design make the mat stand out. This product was designed to last. The edges are made of strong stitching that will not easily fray.

  • Zip seal design. It is ideal for changing the mat padding when needed
  • It is easy to clean the outer surfaces
  • Intelligent folding design allows for easy transportation and storage
  • Good quality and affordable price
  • Multi-dimensionality in colors and sizes
  • Anti-tear surface
  • You may find the actual mat smaller than what is shown. Please refer to the actual measurements, not the image size.

What Other Names Are Used For Gymnastic Wedge Mats

You may also come across other names when shopping for a gymnastics-specific wedge mat. You might also call them:

  • Gymnastics cheese mats
  • Gymnastics incline mats

Sometimes, you may see the word “folding” or even “foldable” after each name. It doesn’t matter what name it may be, it serves the same purpose: to assist beginner gymnasts in learning.

Wedge Mats

Cheese mats are not related to cheese. They look like a cheese wedge and so the name Cheese Mats stuck. This is how the name came to be.

What Can You Do With a Gymnastics Cheese Mat?

It’s bound to be a moment of laughter when you introduce a child to the gymnastics wedge mat. They don’t smell or taste like the cheese they used to eat. They are still known as gymnastics wedge mats in most gyms. The best gymnastics cheese mat can also be called the folding incline mat, gymnastics wedge, or gymnastics cheese mat. It’s a popular and useful incline gymnastics mats, regardless of what you call it. It’s not only for gymnastics, but the best thing about it is also that it can be used anywhere!

Best Gymnastics Cheese Mats Use For

The gymnastics wedge mats can be purchased in many sizes, just like other gymnastics mats. Different sizes can be used for different activities, but this is the basic list of things you can do with a gymnastics incline mat.

Use For


When you are on an incline, rolling is the best thing to do.

  • Forward rolls: Start at the top and roll down to the bottom. This is great for beginners and young children who aren’t able to push their legs enough to roll over. Some people find it scary so they should be aware that they may feel loss of control when they turn upside down on a tilted surface.
  • Dive rolls – Start the roll on the ground directly in front of your mat to learn how to do diving rolls. This allows a child to jump into the roll. Adults and taller children can start further back, or place an obstacle in front to allow them to jump into the roll.
  • Back rolls – Place the cheese on top and turn your back. Turn back and roll into the back roll.
  • Back extension rolls – Stand in front of the incline mat and place your back on it. Then, roll backward with straight arms overhead. Keep your hands facing in. Push-up position.
  • Log rolls – This is the simplest form of rolls and goes horizontally down. For adults and older children, large incline mats are is required to log roll down. However, young children can use a smaller wedge that is preschool-sized.
  • Handstand-forward rolls: Practice handstand rolls by getting up and into a handstand right before the mat. Then, tuck the wedge mat down and roll it down.
  • You can climb the hill!


The wedge is great for learning about different types of kick-overs and bridges.


Bridge strength can be improved by placing your hands on the low end of the wedge mat and your feet on the top. This will allow you to bridge with your upper body. If your upper body isn’t strong enough to support a bridge on the ground, it is easier to bridge with your hands at the top and your feet at the bottom.


For back bending, I recommend that the wedge mat be moved so the top is against the wall or on a non-slipping surface. Standing at the bottom, you can begin your backbend by extending your arms from there. This is for someone who is close to achieving a backbend by themselves. To improve your front limbers, you can also practice coming up from the backbend in the same manner (arms at top, feet at bottom).


Bridge up by putting your feet on the high end. You can practice back walkovers by moving one foot at a time. You can also practice a front walkover by standing on top of the incline mat and kicking one leg over the other.


What’s a cheese mat?

What’s a cheese mat?
Incline mats are cheese mats that aren’t made from creamy dairy products. They are also not good with crackers and nice cab sauv… You can find them here. They are cut like a wedge so someone decided that a wedge of cheese was the best shape for them. This is how the bizarre name for the gymnastics apparatus came to be.