10 The Best Leotards For Gymnastics – For Child, Teens, Men’s

Gymnastics requires focus and strength. You can help your concentration by dressing properly.

What are the best gymnastics leotards? Online shopping for leotards allows you to choose from many brands, colors, and styles. We’ll walk you through the process before you make your purchase. There are many gymnastics leotard brands, so let’s talk about them.

Top Of The Great Leotards For Gymnastics

How to find great gymnastics leotards? The first – you must know the type of leos.

Best Leotards for Children

Belovance Biketard

This sparkly biker is made by Belovance from 82% Polyester & 18% Spandex. This is one of the best gymnastics leotard brands. It has a soft, light feel with a little bit of flexibility. It is also very breathable, meaning your child can practice hard without feeling hot.

Belovance Biketard best leotards for gymnastics

The leotard can be purchased in eight different styles, so there are many options for color and style. For example, the leotard in the photo is beautiful. It almost appears like it’s a combination of a top and high-waisted pants.


The size of the leo is as expected and can range from 3-4 to 13-14 years with a reasonable price.

TFJH E Sparkle Gymnastics Leotard

We have the TFJH E tank-style gymnastics leotard, which is a popular choice for children. It also comes with a crisscross-back tank style, a tank-style tank with a strappy back, and a tank-style tank with a strappy back.

TFJH E Sparkle Gymnastics Leotard

This sparkly material is flexible, breathable, and washable when hand washed and dried.

This material also has the great advantage of being comfortable for your child and not seeing-through.


It is a good idea to buy a smaller size if your child is small. However, these gymnastics leotards are extremely comfortable.

BAOHULU Embroidery Biketard

This Baohulu gymnastics leotard has long sleeves, or you can choose to have shorter sleeves if you prefer.

BAOHULU Embroidery

The gymnastics biketard comes in four colors. You can choose from a short or long sleeve. This is suitable for children ranging from 3 to 11 years old.


It has a light shine with diamonds surrounding the embroidery giving it a fun, shiny look. This style can also be purchased as a leotard. Also this is not expensive leotards.

DANSHOW Basic Long Sleeve Gymnastics Leotard

DANSHOW Basic Long Sleeve

This is a classic gymnastics leotard in a simple, plain design. It’s great for both practice and everyday use. It is made mostly from sweat-absorbing cotton and blended with a little spandex for extra softness. The elasticity allows it to slide on and off easily. It is more comfortable for children due to its soft fabric and round neck. Long sleeves protect your child’s arms and hands during routines. But for ankles don’t forget to use ankle brace.


The gymnastics leotards comes in 12 solid colors, ranging from neutral to pastel to bright. The size ranges from a small for toddlers to 4 years old, up to a large for 10-12 year-olds. You can machine wash it, but handwashing is preferred for longer-lasting wear.

BAOHULU Gymnastics Leotards One-Piece


This sleeveless leotards are perfect for those who value breathability. It has a scooped back and features a sleeveless design. It’s made of a polyester-spandex mix with pull on closure. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and soft. The elastic around the legs allows for greater mobility and comfort.


The bottom has a mesh liner that allows for more airflow. To preserve the glittery sequins on the front, wash the leotard by hand in cold water. The leotard is available in 19 colors, five of which are long-sleeved, and seven sizes to fit young teens from toddlers up.

Best Gymnastics Leotards for Teens

GK Pink Diamonds Sparkle Gymnastics Leotard

GK also makes our final gymnastics leotard for teens. It is available in sizes from toddler to women, so it is suitable for all ages. This leotard is pink and sparkly and features a unique V neckline. It’s made from quality materials like Spandex and Nylon.

GK Pink Diamonds

These great gymnastics leotards are extremely comfortable for performance or practice, and has excellent stretch and hold without riding up.


This is a great gymnastics leotard for all ages.

GK Simone Biles Firecracker Gymnastics Leotard

GK is one of the most popular brands in gymnastics leotards. They are used by Olympians, and this is a great example.

GK Simone Biles

This leotard was designed by Simone Biles. It’s high quality and patterned in red, white, and blue. It is lightweight, breathable, and has a snug fit. The material runs small, so make sure to check the size chart before ordering your gymnastics leotard.


Simone Biles (How) is a great source of inspiration for gymnastics. For a stunning performance, check out the video below our review.

Ukyzddio Shiny Waves Gymnastics Leotard

This tank leotard in purple wave pattern features a classic U-neckline with metallic fabric. This material is extremely flexible and made of Spandex, nylon and Spandex. It can be worn with a bra.

Ukyzddio Shiny Waves

This great gymnastics leotards, although it is in the ‘teen’ section of our leotards, can be worn by children from 4 to 14. It’s one of the most versatile gymnastics leotards, and can even be grown into.


This leotard’s body length is quite long so it won’t ride up too often. The leotard is also fitted snugly so it’s a good idea to order a larger size if you need more room.

Best Gymnastics Biketards for Boys

New Dance Gymnastics Leotard

This classic style gymnastic leotard is available in a variety of colors and styles for boys. If desired, the leotard or biketard style can be worn with shorts underneath. It’s high quality leotards for novice and even for Olympic champions.

The leo fits well and is available in sizes 6-12 years old.

New Dance

This boys’ gymnastics leotard is made from great materials and is durable and washable.

The slippers have a skid-proof sole, crisscross the elastic top, and an elasticated drawstring. Ballet slippers are comfortable for children because of the high quality canvas material.


You can also find this pair in many other styles and materials, such as a satin pink pair or one with a bow on the front.

Snowflake Boy and Mens Leotard

This singlet biketard makes a great outfit whether you are a boy or a man who participates in gymnastics. This singlet bikerard is available in the Navy in four different colors: red, yellow, and gray, as well as green.

Snowflake Boy and Mens

It is made in the USA from high-quality Lycra material. This fabric will last a long time, even after being washed. It is flexible and soft enough to be worn underneath gymnastic shorts.

The leo fits well and is available in sizes 6-12 years old.

This boys’ gymnastics leotard is made from high quality materials and is durable and washable.


The slippers have a skid-proof sole, crisscross elastic top, and an elasticated drawstring. Ballet slippers are comfortable for children because of the high quality canvas material.

You can also find this pair in many other styles and materials, such as a satin pink pair or one with a bow on the front.

Where Can I Buy Gymnastics Leotards?

No matter if your daughter participates in recreational or competitive gymnastics class, she will require leotards. Even if the gym does not require that gymnasts wear a leo for their first class, it is likely that your daughter will want one. So, you must to buy gymnastics leotards.

She will probably need more than one if she is like most gymnasts. Many gymnasts have whole drawers or sections in their closets that are dedicated to their gymnastics clothing.

It’s something that you must accept as a parent of a gymnast. Learn how to reduce the cost of these collections. Where to find great gymnastics leotards. How to make leotards last more.

1. Your Gymnast’s Gym

The majority of gyms sell limited quantities of leos. These garments can be found in the lobby or office of most gyms. You can also find leos at your local gym, as well as grips and paws.

A leo purchased at your daughter’s gymnasium is a great way to let her try it on before buying. You can also avoid shipping charges associated with online orders.

Problem with purchasing gymnastics leos at a gym? The selection isn’t always the best and the sizes are limited. While some gym managers may order leos for you, not all offer this perk. It may cost more to order a leo from a gym manager than it would be if you ordered it online.

2. Buy Best Gymnastics Leotards Online

Online shopping offers a wide selection of gymnastics leotards and different leotard brands, so your gymnast can pick the one she likes best. This also gives you the opportunity to compare prices. The downside to buying online leotards is that your daughter will not be able to try them on before purchasing.

Different gymnastics brands leos manufacturers have different sizes. You will need to measure your daughter carefully before you place an order online for a leo.

Even if she has measured carefully, her leo may not fit or feel right when it arrives. Before placing an order online, make sure to read the return policy of the leo company to avoid getting stuck with a leo your gymnast does not like.

3. Shop for Gymnast’s Leos at Boutique Stores

Boutiques, dance boutiques, consignment shops, and consignment shops are all good places to shop for gymnasts’ leos. It’s just like purchasing a leo at her gym. You can try the leo on your daughter before you buy it, and you can find best leotard brands.

The cons of buying a leo in these stores are that there will be limited selection and high prices.

Different Types of Gymnastic Leotards


A leotard one-piece covers the torso. It is usually covered with straps but has no fabric above the legs. These garments are unisex and can be customized in terms of neckline, sleeves length and leg cut.


Biketards look similar to leotards, but they also cover the torso. They have different necklines and straps.

Because they don’t ride as high, this makes them popular among younger gymnasts. Some parents find that their child is more comfortable in a biketard because it covers more of their skin.


What are the best gymnastics leotard brands?

Best Gymnastics Biketards for Boys:
1. New Dance Gymnastics Leotard
2. Snowflake Boy and Mens Leotard
Best Gymnastics Leos for Children
1. Belovance Biketard
2. TFJH E Sparkle
3. BAOHULU Embroidery Biketard
4. DANSHOW Basic Long Sleeve
5. BAOHULU Gymnastics Leotards One-Piece
Best Gymnastics Leotards for Teens
1. GK Pink Diamonds Sparkle
2. GK Simone Biles Firecracker
3. Ukyzddio Shiny Waves

What is a gymnastic leotard?

Acrobats, dancers (figure skaters), athletes, actors, wrestlers, circus performers, and gymnasts all wear leotards as both practice clothes and performance costumes. These leotards are often worn under tights, bike shorts, or ballet skirts.

Who makes the USA gymnastics leotards?

GK elite. Jeanne Diaz is a senior designer and director customs at GK Elite. This leotard manufacturer made the first women’s Olympic uniforms.