What Are Tiger Paws Gymnastics Using For

A non-gymnast will not know what Tiger Paws Gymnastics means until you explain that it’s a brace gymnasts can use on their wrists. Even non-gymnasts can benefit from Tiger Paws.

A gymnast should use tiger paws whenever their wrists require extra support, especially after long practice sessions.

A gymnast might have their wrists hurt for a number of reasons. Stress fractures, strains, and even repetitive high-impact drills such as gymnasts use for vaulting, are just a few of the reasons.


Due to their early training, gymnasts’ wrists could even suffer a growth plate fracture. It is crucial to protect your wrists from all the possible wrist injuries in gymnastics.

Overall Tiger Paws Gymnastics Wrist Support

Tiger Paws Wrist Protection is the most popular gymnastic wrist support available for preventing wrist injury. Tiger Paws Supports was originally designed for elite gymnasts and is loved by them.

The combination of high-quality handcrafted products and a unique design is what sets Tiger Paw Wrist supports apart from all others on the market. The pair wraps around the wrist above and below it and is secured by a combination thumb hole and Velcro. Each Tiger Paw is made from high-density foam and includes a pair of plastic inserts. These foam inserts can be used to enhance the support depending on how intense your workouts are.

What Are Tiger Paws Gymnastics Using For

Tiger Paw Wrist supports is great for functional fitness athletes. They can be used to stabilize wrists during Olympic lifts, Kettlebell workouts, and ring work. Tiger Paws are great for general gym work, such as lifting weights, doing pushups, or handling any type of equipment that torques or hyperextends wrists. Tiger Paw Wrist Supports is great for athletes, typists, and musicians as well as lifting and any other type of wrist abuse work.

Tiger Paws are the preferred product of gymnasts for more than 15 years. They have the best wrist protection and wrist pain prevention products on the market.

Tiger Paws Wrist Supports proudly Made in the USA By US Glove.

Note: You must purchase Tiger Paws Support Sand Color if you intend to compete in gymnastics. All other Tiger Paw colors will result in point deductions.

These are the Pros and Cons of Using Tiger Paws

It is not easy to decide whether or not Tiger Paws should be used. Some people are against them, while others use them frequently. There are pros and cons to both using them.

You should be aware that Tiger Paws are permitted to be worn when competing. They must not be sand-colored or neutral if they are to be worn for competition. If you intend to use them in a competition, this is something that you should be aware of.


You will not be disqualified for breaking this rule, but it will result in a deduction. You have many other options if you’re not competing. So you might decide to have two sets, one neutral and one brightly colored.

Advantages Of Using Tiger Paws

Wearing Tiger Paws protects your wrists, which is undoubtedly the greatest benefit. You can use them in a variety of ways, so you should wear them in many situations.

They prevent your wrist from being broken or twisted by the stiffness. As a gymnast, keeping your wrist straight can help you maintain the correct form for vaulting or other activities.

Tiger Paws

The Tiger Paws absorb some of the impacts when you use your hands. This helps to prevent your wrists from getting sore from long training sessions. This is just a small part of the nerves in your wrists.

This protects the sensitive nerves by keeping your wrists in a good position. Although you may not be aware that gymnastics can affect the nerves of your wrists, it is something you will notice once they are damaged.

When it comes to supporting the wrists, Tiger Paws is far more convenient than using athletic tape or other items that gymnasts often use. It is made from leather so it can last you a long time and you won’t have to replace it often.

Disadvantages Of Using Tiger Paws

The most obvious disadvantage of Tiger Paws is the weakening of your wrists. Although this is not something you want, it is possible for Tiger Paws to make your wrists more fragile.

Because your wrists get so used to the support of the Tiger paws that they become lazy, The Tiger Paws will do some of the work for your wrists, so your wrist muscles don’t get the chance to grow.


If you are wearing Tiger Paws for an extended period of time, this is more problematic. You may have to wear them until your wrist heals.

A weak wrist can lead to more chances of injuring your wrist. This is something you should avoid. It is imperative that you do not wear Tiger Paws as often as you can.

Wear them if you have to for a wrist injury. You should not do anything that is too hard on your wrist. Instead, pay close attention to it until it gets back to normal.

tiger paw

It has a disadvantage in that gymnasts who use it claim they can’t feel the mat as well with the support on their wrists. Wearing Tiger Paws can make your game less enjoyable if this is something you care about.

Tiger Paws are not cheap. They will be worn very rarely so it might not be worth the cost. You should be aware that inserts need to be changed every so often if you use them.

You will also need to break in leather once you receive them. It is akin to putting new grips on your hands. Although it doesn’t take too long, it isn’t exactly fun.

How to Care for Tiger Paws

You need to be able to properly care for the Tiger Paws as they are made of leather. If you don’t want to permanently disfigure the Tiger Paws, you should not wash them.

You should not use your grips to hold any water. These can get very gross after a while. You can wash them with water and a toothbrush.


Use cold water and don’t scrub too hard. Blot dry the leather with a paper towel after you’re done. Any fabric or washcloth could cause the color to bleed into the leather.

To dry them in the air, lay them flat. Dry them completely before you use them again. This will cause the color to fade slightly.

You should also replace inserts as soon as you can. This will ensure that the leather support is as durable as possible. Most Tiger Paws recommend wearing both the foam and plastic support together to ensure they can support one another and last longer.


Tiger Paws are not just for gymnasts. Tiger Paws can be used in any other sport that requires your wrists to move a lot. You can use Tiger Paws for cheerleading, which involves many of the same flips that you do in gymnastics, or volleyball, where your hands are often impacted.

Even things other than sports can be done with Tiger Paws. This can be used by typists who feel their wrists are aching after typing for long periods.


The first time a gymnast learns to vault is the best time to use Tiger Paws. This is because it takes some getting used to and is difficult on the wrists. For those who are slightly overweight, they can also be used to support their wrists.

Remember that teens growing up will need more support for the bones. Although Tiger Paws can be costly, it is less expensive than medical expenses. You should consult your doctor and your coach if you have any doubts.

Customers Review

My life has been significantly transformed by Tiger Paw. No more sore wrists or hyper-extended ligaments. My wrists aren’t sore anymore, and my tumbling is just as good as ever! They are very comfortable and easy to work with because of the soft leather they are made from. They are extremely durable and well-made. We are grateful for such a beautiful product.

After every practice of gymnastics, my wrists used to hurt. The ligaments were stretched and my wrists were tender. Because the pain was increasing in severity and was preventing me from performing certain gymnastics skills, I went to the doctor. My right wrist had a stress fracture. For three months, I was unable to participate in my favorite sport, gymnastics. When I was allowed to tumble again, my mom immediately informed me that I needed Tiger Paws to protect my weak wrists.

To prevent future injuries, my doctors also recommended wrist protection. You are the best company I could think of to purchase wrist protectors. Tiger Paws protect wrists and prevent injuries. I found this fascinating and very exciting. Protection is the most amazing thing this did for me.

pink tiger paws

Many people believe that tiger claws can be difficult to break in. However, I found them soft and flexible when I received them. Tiger paws were very comfortable to exercise in because the material was soft in the middle. They come in a variety of fun, bright colors. The dark blue tigerpaws is my favorite, but I love all of the colors!

We use an innovative insert system to reduce stiffness in the Paw’s flex. This reduces pressure on sensitive nerves and pain from repetitive stress and overuse injuries. The tiger’s paws are strong and durable. They are durable and very productive. They do a great job.

My gymnastics have been greatly improved by Tiger Paw. My wrists and hands are no longer sore. It is easy to break in and it will last longer than your old pair. The amazing colors allow people to express themselves and have fun with them. The paw is durable and can be used as wrist supports for a long time. I want to thank you for creating these amazing tiger paws.


What are Tiger Paws used for in gymnastics?

Tiger Paws are well-known for their ability help prevent strains and sprains, hyperextensions, or even carpal tunnel. Tiger Paws are primarily used by cheerleaders and gymnasts. They have also been sold to many athletes, including bicyclists and yoga enthusiasts, boxers, and platform high divers.

Can you use tiger paws on beam?

Two pairs of tiger paws are used by me. One pair is older and well broken in for beam and the other for floor/vault. The newer pair is more slippery as I haven’t used them on beam much. But once they start to adapt, they become grippy.

How should tiger paws fit?

SNUG, COMFORTABLE: Tiger Paws are designed to fit snugly. To provide you with better wrist support, a snug fit is essential. They will become more comfortable and fit your wrists as you wear them.

Can you clean tiger paws?

Tiger Paws can only be hand washed with Woolite. Blot dry, place on a towel, and let air dry. Do not dry your garments in direct sunlight or in a dryer.