TOP-4 Back Handspring Mats On 2021

It takes practice and back handspring mats to master gymnastics tricks and stunts. To be able to tumble and do everything from a flip-flop and flic-flac to a back-tuck, you need to have the right mat systems in place.

It is very difficult to learn complex skills like handsprings, so it is important to have the right mats. Manufacturers have a variety of handspring mat options, including the following.

1. We Sell Mats Gymnastics Octagon Skill Shape Tumbling Mat

From children to champions. We Sell Mats has a variety of equipment that you can use for training at school, in the gym, or at home.

Back Handspring Mats

Made for Parents by Parents. We Sell mats was founded by a dad and mom looking for affordable safety flooring to fit their two young children. We are proud members of the USA Gymnastics Supplier Network and sell so much more – fun, comfort, safety, and so much more.


For safety and quality. We insist on rigorous product testing by our manufacturing partners with third-party laboratories to ensure the safety and quality of our gymnastics equipment. Tumbling mat can safe from serious injury.

2. Tumbl Trak Air Barrel

Although the barrel looks like a foam barrel or octagon, it’s actually filled with air. This allows for drills that are not possible with traditional foam shapes. The soft, bouncy surface is great for athletes who want to do back Handspring, Front Handspring, and back tuck drills. It is easy to inflate the air barrel and store it when not in use. The air barrel also SHIPS for much less than an octagon. Great for Clubs

Tumbl Trak Air Barrel

The versatility of the Air Barrel is what coaches love. It can be used to teach body awareness and control through tumbling, vaulting, and beam skills. Athletes will find the Air Barrel easier to land on many different skills.


Teach proper form

The Air Barrel is a great back handspring trainer. It’s loved for its flexibility, shape, and dynamic surface. It can be used for teaching body awareness, control, as well as building confidence in a variety of tumbling skills.

Ideal for athletes of all sizes

You can increase the Air Barrel’s height by placing it on top of a Tumbling Mat or Booster Block. You can also have the athlete stand on a raised surface if they need more height.

Use at Home

It is ideal for small spaces and can be easily transported from one site to the next. The Air Barrel can be stored away and folded down in seconds when not in use.

3. Kangaroo Hoppers Incline Wedge Mats

Kangaroo Hoppers is committed to safety and having fun. Our goal is to get every child moving and safe as a baby in the pouch.

Kangaroo Hoppers Folding Gymnastics Mat has two functions. It can be folded as a gymnastics mat or unfolded to make a jump box for children’s play. Good choice for training back and forward rolls.

Kangaroo Hoppers Incline Gymnastics Mat

Premium high-density EPE foam keeps the shape even after prolonged use. Durable, the PU cover is woven with close stitches and is wear-resistant. The four handles, which are securely attached to the sides of the covers, will not come apart.

You can choose from energizing combinations of pink/purple or blue/green for your children to enjoy.


Zippers, tight and neat stitching for removable cover

To open the layer, there are two 3-line zippers. Metal zipper head ensures durability.

To open the layer, there are two 3-line zippers. Metal zipper head ensures durability

Safety is assured by a PU cover with an anti-slip surface. It is thick and durable and can withstand water and sweat.

Premium EPE Foam with High Density

It is soft but firm and safe for all types of exercise.

4 Durable Fixed Handles

The handles on the sides are secured and will not come apart. It is easy to fold and unfold.

4. Syellowafter Air Roller, Air Back Handspring Trainer

EJIA Air Roller, Back Handspring

Wide Application

Can be used in the Gymnasium,Home,School,Garden,Backyard Grass,Park,Beach,Pool,Fitness Clubs,Dance Clubs,Gymnastic Training,Yoga,Cheerleading,Exercises,Outdoor Sports.

There are many types of gymnastics mats

We have 16 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of inflatable products.


Material for Air Gymnastics Mat

Ejia’s inflatable gymnastics mat is made from top-quality PVC Tarpaulin. It is stronger, more beautiful, and more durable than other mats.

Accessories for Tumbling Mats

Hand pump(Inflate&deflate), nylon velcro, and carry bag.Note: there is no glue.

Quick Tips for Buying – What Features Should You Consider?

Today’s shopping can be a difficult job, especially when there are so many options. It can be confusing to choose from a variety of makes and models. We have tried to make your life easier by providing as much information as possible about the top 10 rear handspring trainer mats currently on the market. There may be a few questions you have about this product.

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Mats for the Best Back Handspring Mat Options

A gymnastics routine that includes tricks and tumbles is the most exciting thing you can watch. To master tumble requires a wide range of skills and talents. Tumbling poses many risks, including the potential for injury to the body. A gymnast could sustain serious injuries if they land wrongly on a flip or handspring. Here is where mats are useful.

A mat system is one of the most important tools in gymnastics training. Gymnasts use mats to protect themselves and their skills while practicing and performing difficult skills such as handsprings or tucks. Proper mats can reduce the risks associated with learning these tricks and mastering tumbling skills.

It can be difficult to choose the right style for handsprings because of the variety of mats. Greatmats has a wide range of landings and other mats. They come in a variety of styles including folding and non-folding options. Also, they can be customized with different thicknesses and sizes. The best in shock absorption and durability is provided by the minimum of one-inch cross-linked polyethylene foam. Some are combined with a layer of polyurethane foam.

These seven mats only scratch the surface of all that Greatmats has to provide. There are many choices, from discount mats to high-end professional products, to choose from. One thing is certain when shopping mats: The handspring mat is not something you should compromise on. Manufacturers guarantee top-quality mats at affordable prices. Greatmats experts can help you decide which mat is best for you or your athletes.