Vybe Premium Percussion Massage Gun Actual Review 2021

We are pleased to welcome you to the Vybe Premium Percussion Massage Gun review. There’s a good chance you’ve seen Vybe products if you’ve been searching for the best massage guns.

Vybe, formerly part of Exerscribe’s brand, was originally created to address the needs of the massage gun market.

The ‘Exerscribe Vybe,’ the company’s initial product on the marketplace was called simply that. It was powerful, but a loud gun. Later it was renamed Vybe. It was (and is still) a hardcore gun for very hardcore users, but it proved to be a very popular product.

vybe premium percussion massage gun

After Vybe was purchased by Thrasio they decided that they needed new entry-level models that were more civilized. So they released the Vybe Pro as well as the Vybe Premium.

This Vybe Premium massage gun review will examine the entry-level massage gun to see if it suits your needs.


Is it really able to offer high-quality relaxation at a reasonable price? For whom is it the best? What does it compare to the competition?

Vybe Massage Guns: The Pros and Cons

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  • Battery life is up to 4 hours
  • Portable, lightweight, and portable massage guns
  • Different interchangeable massage heads available for each device
  • Amazing Value for Money
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  • Some customers find the pressure of massage guns too intense

Vybe Premium Review

There is nothing better than feeling the rush of endorphins after a workout. It’s the feeling of someone putting their hands into your sore muscles for a relaxing massage.

A massage requires a long list of prerequisites. It’s like having a roommate, a sibling, or a boyfriend/girlfriend who is willing and able to massage your sore limbs. You can also spend a lot of money on professional massage therapists. It can be difficult to do this when many spas have been shut down due to the global pandemic. A massage gun is a high-tech option that you can use at your home and all on your own to accomplish the task.

Vybe Premium Review

These are the best massage guns are also known as percussive guns and can be used to reduce muscle soreness or improve range of motion. How do they work? They basically beat your muscles over and over. Grayson Wickham (D.P.T.), the C.S.C.S. founder of Movement Vault, explained that the percussion therapy massage mechanism is similar to manual therapy or foam rolling. The guns are great at increasing circulation which allows your muscles to get more nutrients and blood. Wickham adds that the guns also provide inputs to your brain and body that help your muscle groups relax (meaning lengthen) which in turn allows you to move more freely.

Are you interested in trying one of these cool tools? Here’s a list of top massage guns, ranked by price, noise level, and intensity, as rated by trainers, coaches, and athletes.

You may not know that the market for massage guns can be very competitive. We also know how important it can be to make informed decisions about these devices.

We can say upfront that we thought that the Vybe premium might be a clone of the Ekrin and B37s.

If you don’t know, the latter are two of the most popular massage gun models of today. It is similar in design, but it has superior features overall.

Is it a poorer copy of the Ekrin models or is it? Let’s start with the specs.

Key FeatureVybe Premium
Weight 2.19 lbs
Stall Force30 lbs
Stroke Length10 mm
Percussions1200-3200 ppm
Battery Life4 hours
Attachments4 massage heads
Noise50-60 dB
Percussions range
Ease of use
ConsNot unique design
low stall force
low amplitude
Warranty1 year
Retail PriceCheck at Amazon

The Key Features Of Massage gun

Two key elements are the stall strength and stroke length when we discuss massaging features.

The stall force is the pressure that can be applied to a massager’s body in pounds before it stalls.

On the other hand, amplitude describes the distance the head of the massager travels back and forth. It is often expressed in millimeters.

These are the two things that Vybe Pro is missing in order to justify its price.

The Key Features Of Massage gun

The stroke length is 10mm, and the stall force is 30 pounds. This massage tool is priced at a lower price if you do a little research.

For example, take the Ekrin which is very similar. The gun has a massive 57 pounds of stall force, and an amplitude that’s 12mm. These aspects are designed to work together to give the gun the most comfortable massaging experience, as well as extend its range and versatility.

Why then would you compare the Ekrin massage tool with the Vybe Premium? They are similar in price and features, but you will quickly realize that Ekrin may offer better value for money.

What more do you need to know regarding the Vybe Premium’s massaging capabilities. It has four attachments, but it also has more range. You can adjust the intensity or speed of the Vybe Premium with five speeds.

It can operate at 3200 RPM, which is quite strong and can penetrate deep even with the aforementioned stall force.

What are people saying about it?

It actually has a lot of online reviews. It’s effective in treating multiple aches, pains, and some injuries such as the horrible plantar fasciitis.

Although it’s not as popular as the Vybe models, the ratings are sufficient to make it a serious contender in this market.

Design and Build

The Vybe Premium’s design and build quality is the most significant improvement. The unit’s construction quality and ergonomics are just as good.

It is said to be easier to use and portable. It is distinct and doesn’t feel or look like a power tool.

It is definitely lighter than the Vibe V2. The massage gun weighs in at 2.18 pounds. This is a significant improvement.

perfect for every body

It’s a great tool for aching muscles and joints. You can also hold it in different ways to reach different muscle groups.

It’s quite durable, and you can be sure it will withstand some wear and tear. The ergonomic design is enhanced by a speed indicator and one-button operation.

It’s very similar to Ekrin massage guns in terms of build quality. This can either be a good thing or a problem.


The 4-hour battery life might leave you a little disappointed. Ekrin can run for 8 hours, depending on how fast it is operating.

This should be okay as it will only charge once per week if it is used for 15 to 20 minutes each day. It is not possible to remove the battery and it is not compatible with USB chargers. A convenient indicator shows the battery level.

Other Features Worth Mentioning

The Vybe Premium Massage Gun emits between 50 and 60 decibels when it comes to operating noise. It’s quiet enough and the parts don’t make a lot of noise, even if it’s been used for some time. This is a big plus, if we may say so.

This could be due to a better product or construction, as mentioned above. The Vybe massage gun is quieter than other models. It comes with a one-year warranty and our excellent customer support team.

It is for whom?

It’s time to give your verdict. Who would be most benefited by the Vybe Premium quietest percussion massage gun? Its massaging capabilities are described by the brand as light pressure and deep percussion.

We think this is quite true. Although it isn’t the most powerful, it is still suitable for many uses.

This best massage gun is the perfect tool if you just want to ease your body and muscle pains after an exhausting day at work.

This massage gun is something that even those who work in physical labor can appreciate. This massage gun is perfect for post-workout massage, the same deep muscle massage, and for helping to treat certain injuries and contributes to muscle recovery.

It’s easy to use, even for children. It is effective in reducing fatigue, increasing flexibility, and facilitating mobility.

Who is it not for? It’s certainly not for people who want to experience deep, or even pain-inducing, massage power with the best massage gun. You might consider the following alternatives if you are a serious bodybuilder or professional athlete.

Vybe Premium Percussion Gun Overall

With a maximum stroke speed of 3,200 per minute, the VYBE Premium Percussion Massage Gun is one of the most powerful personal massaging guns available.

The deep-tissue massage machine works equally to alleviate muscle pain or reduce cellulite at different parts of the body.

Vybe Premium Gun Overall

If you don’t have the budget for a deep-tissue massage, a handheld massage device can be a great option.

The Vybe Percussion Massage Gun costs $169.99 It can penetrate deep into the muscle, and ease stiffness and pain through pressure on the knots.

Vybe Premium Percussion gun Features

The Vybe Premium Percussion Gun is a remarkable product, especially when you consider its price.

  • The powerful percussion vibration Five speeds generate 3,200 percussions every minute. It penetrates the muscle and acts as pain relief.
  • Intensity This massage gun has five speeds. They range from very light to extremely intense.
  • Massage Heads Four attachments for the Vybe Pro Premium massage gun include a round, flathead, fork, and large ball heads. Each head targets specific muscle groups and includes deep tissue options.
  • Portable This massage gun weighs in at 2.2 pounds and comes with a carrying case. It is very portable, making it easy to use for extended periods of time.
  • Long-Lasting It has a 4-hour battery and an ergonomic design that allows multiple grips.
  • Silent and peaceful: The motor’s 24V brushless DC motor drives it quietly. The motor emits low levels of noise between 50-60 decibels. This creates a serene and relaxing environment for self-recovery.

Pros and cons of Vybe Premium Percussion gun

thumbs up regular


  • Affordable Massage Guns
  • It runs very quietly
  • The battery life of the Massage gun is four hours
  • This package comes with four massage heads and a carry case
  • There are five-speed options available
thumbs down regular


  • The massage gun’s arm does not adjust
  • It only has a lithium battery built in

Vybe Percussion Massagers Guns Are Easy To Use

The Vybe Percussion Massager Guns are easy to use and compact. The massagers are lightweight and can be held for long periods of time.

For a professional-grade deep-tissue massage, aim the gun at the desired area. This will help you relax faster.

How do you use the Vybe Massager Guns?

After choosing an attachment and speed setting, place the deep tissue massage gun on one of your tight muscles. Press down gently but not too hard. It can be fixed or moved around slowly. Give yourself plenty of time.

Why should you buy a Vybe Percussion Gun?

Vybe Percussion Massager Guns can be used wherever you are.

A common condition is knotted in the neck, back, and shoulders. This affects both athletes and those who live sedentary lives. The Vybe M massagers are elective as a back massage tool for knots. These massages provide deep tissue relaxation that reduces knots in the shoulders and promotes overall muscle relaxation.

The Vybe Massager Tools can be used by anyone to improve muscle strength and health. The massager is not only for athletes, but anyone can use it.

Last Thoughts

We made it quite clear in our Vybe Premium Percussion Massager Review that this model is very good, but the brand needs to innovate and improve their pricing if they want to keep up with its competitors.

We highlighted the fact that this massage gun is among the most impressive ever made by Vybe. However, there are still many areas for improvement and innovation.

We believe that the Ekrin models outperform in all aspects and that you would be better off with them than the alternatives.

We’re certain you’re looking forward (or dreading) a relaxing or intense massage.

Users Reviews


The Vybe Pro Premium is a great product. It was purchased to assist me with IT band issues as well as to improve my traps’ knots. I don’t have any experience with other percussion guns so it is impossible to compare it to other units. It is extremely quiet. Even at the fourth power setting, you can still talk over it. It lasts quite well. The Vybe Pro is a great tool to help loosen my IT band and work out knots in my neck and lumbar area. It is used by my wife and me, and we use it for about 30 minutes per night. The device is charged on Saturdays. These attachments are fantastic. The foam ball is my favorite, but the hard pointy one will break up any knot. Although it may hurt like hell, it actually works.

The attachments have one problem: They connect to the device with friction fittings that include a retaining o ring. Some attachments I purchased can spontaneously fall out of the gun when used. This is likely due to the undersized o rings on the attachments. After I bought thicker o rings at the hardware store, it disappeared. It’s a $0.50 fix, but one that you probably shouldn’t need to do.

Results: Absolutely amazing. My neck mobility is much better now, and my IT band is much tighter than before I used the device. Vybe Pro is very lightweight and easy to use. The best thing about the Vybe Pro is that it has saved me so much grief with my wife. You can.

Even though there was a small issue with the attachment, I would still buy it and have recommended it to friends and coworkers.


VYBE Premium is the best massage gun was ordered by me to self-massage trigger points in my right soleus, which had caused severe plantar fasciitis. My crippling foot pain was not alleviated by a variety of PF “treatment” devices, chiropractic, and deep tissue massage sessions. After 3 days of repeat sessions on my trigger points in my calves, I was able once more to walk with no limp after only three days! VYBE PRO Premium Percussion Massager 100% is responsible for my plantar fasciitis being completely resolved. It was responsible for my complete relief of plantar fasciitis and my ability to move again.

Now that I can now walk, I am proud that I have started exercising and am using VYBE Pro Premium every day. It reduces the soreness and stiffness that I feel after my workouts. It allows me to focus on trigger points in the privacy of my own home. I don’t need to book a deep tissue massage, which may or may not give me the results I want. VYBE PRO Premium is always available for me! It is also great for promoting flexibility and range of motion, something I have always struggled with. We are so grateful for this amazing product. It is powerful, quiet, and solidly constructed. It is just amazing.


This is not a paid article. It’s 100% honest. A medical condition I have causes me limb spasticity, and the pain that comes with it is quite severe. Although the pain is usually manageable, it can be quite severe and restricts my movement. The massage gun has changed my life. It hits the muscle and instantly relaxes it. Any cramps disappear. It is easy to use on my own and it gives me relief. My husband can even use it on me, as he can see better angles. The VYBE is a great product. The VYBE was something I considered when I first looked at them. I am glad that I didn’t have to pay as much for the chance to feel better.

This is the only problem I have with it. I did my research on the best massage guns and decided to not buy the most expensive. This massage gun is a great investment. It can make such an impact on my life, I can’t help thinking it could make a huge difference to the average person.