Taotronics Massage Gun Reviews 2021

TaoTronics is perhaps best-known for its high-quality, affordable headphones. They now offer massage guns. The TaoTronics massage gun is priced at less than $100 and offers superior power and performance. It is comparable to other massage guns, such as the Medcursor or Apollo Kinetics. It is also cheaper than the opoveM3 PRO.

TaoTronics has a clear goal: to provide more for less. This massage gun is a great example of this. It is a great tool that we have used for a week and are very impressed with its many features.

Taotronics Massage Gun

thumbs up regular


  • Excellent, focused massage on-demand
  • Interchangeable heads that are specific to certain muscle groups
  • Quiet operation
  • The storage case holds it all together
thumbs down regular


  • A single power button would be fantastic
  • It will fit into the case with an attached massage head

What Is It?

TaoTronics’ Massage Gun is a handheld, battery-powered percussive masseuse. This type of massager does not vibrate but has a head that retracts and plunges 12mm. This allows for a wide range in intensity.

Taotronics Massage Gun Reviews


Battery2600mAh battery
Runtime Up to 4 hours. Standby for 10 hours. Auto shutdown after 15 minutes of continuous use
Modes 10 speeds (from 1400 to 3200 strokes/minute)
MotorA 24V high-torque motor that has 12mm stroke and features high-quality bearings to ensure smooth operation
Low levelsof 42-52dB
Attachments 6 interchangeable heads for targeting specific muscle groups

Who made the Taotronics Massage Guns

To gauge the effectiveness of any product, including massage guns, it is crucial to check its manufacturer. TaoTronics makes the Taotronics percussion massager. It is the top-selling brand of electronics that falls under Sunvalley Group. According to a Google search, Sunvalley Group was founded in 2007. According to Sunvalley Group’s official website, they currently have a presence in 56 countries. They have served more than 30,000,000 customers. Taotronics is one of Sunvalley’s six most loved consumer brands.

Important Features/Specifications

Now that we know the Taotronics Percussion Massager has been manufactured by a trustworthy company, let’s look at the main features and specifications.

  • MOTOR FEATURES You can choose from 10 speeds. The motor’s 24W power can produce 1400-3200 PSI per minute. MASSAGE HEADS – There are six replacement massage heads available for the Taotronics Percussion Gun. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Each massage head targets specific muscle groups.
  • MASSAGING REEACH: According Taotronics this deep tissue massage gun can reach 12mm depth.
  • TIME OF ACCURACY: Depending on how fast the massage gun is used, it can last between 4 and 10 hours.
  • DISPLAY LCD displays speed and battery level.
  • SAFETY FEATURES To prevent overheating, the automatic shutoff function is activated after 15 minutes non-stop operation. Additional safety features include heat emission holes, an anti-slip handle, and an anti-slip lever.
  • NOISE-CANCELING FEATURES: This massage tool features a 24V brushless motor and a bearing that reduces the noise. Taotronics claims noise levels in normal conversations are below 60 decibels.

Battery Life

Another great feature of TaoTronics is its long battery life. It can run for between 4-10 hours depending on how often you use it. According to the manual, this ranges from 4-10 hours per charge. It was thoroughly tested for 4 days, and the remaining battery life is in the 80% range. It’s a great buy.

It is possible to remove the 2600 mAh battery, which makes it simple to swap to a fully-charged one when needed.

Taotronics Massage Gun

The TaoTronics massager features a 24-V high torque motor and a 10-speed speed. The head’s amplitude measures 12mm. It penetrates your muscles, but it is not sufficient to cause bruising. Many feel the massage head more like a vibration than percussive. You may prefer another style.

With 10 increment speeds, you can dial in any speed you want. The volume doesn’t increase until it reaches the eighth speed. It could be listened to at 10 and still be able to have a conversation or watch Netflix, but not needing to go up.

Accessories and Attachments

TaoTronics doesn’t offer much in the box that other companies don’t. The same PU case, charger, and 6 attachment heads are included, with one exception.

Our favorite attachment was the included soft, air-cushioned head. The air cushioned soft head, unlike the rest, is made from hard plastic. It’s made of silicon with enough give to feel great. The plastic attachments work well in most cases, provided you don’t strike a bone. You’ll soon feel the discomfort of bouncing off an osseous surface. It doesn’t feel great, we promise.

The attached air cushioned tip allows you to massage all major muscle groups without hesitation. We’d love to see more manufacturers include similar attachments with their massage guns.

Privilege Service

Their service is another hallmark benefit of TaoTronics. They offer a Privilege Service, which allows you to register your product in a matter of minutes. The following is included in the Privilege Service:

  • Additional 18-month warranty on top of the 12-month standard.
  • Free return shipping within 60 days
  • Support for priority customers
  • VIP exclusive discounts

We have had TaoTronic products fail in the past and can attest to their excellent customer service and warranty service. They have always been friendly and responsive. Another reason we recommend the TaoTronics massage guns without hesitation.


The rechargeable battery is a huge advantage to this massage gun.

It will need to be charged for six hours first, then for four hours for the full charge. Depending on how you use the device, a single charge can give you between four and ten hours of work time. It’s hard to beat the cordless convenience. It can be carried anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about wrapping yourself up in a cord as you try to reach those difficult-to-reach places.

It is lightweight and portable. The design of the massage gun is beautiful. It also comes with a bonus carry case that keeps the massage heads, the gun, and the charging cable in the right places. I feel relaxed and satisfied just by looking at the gun in its well-organized case. This thing is always with me, whether I am camping, at home, or visiting friends. It never fails to please.


When I first used the massage gun, I was certain that others would also be using it. The Massage Gun is easy to use, adjust, and maintain. When you have sore muscles, active deep tissue massage can make all the difference. It makes it simple to treat most pains.

This is another video of me going through the 10 speeds. Because I was so close to my Massage Gun, this is the reason why I took it in my Photobox.

My son loved it. It allowed him to stretch his arms and relax after rock climbing. After running, my wife would use it to run. It is a great tool to lift my ankles and reduce the pain from my ankle trauma. It has made a significant difference in our lives, and we are grateful to have it.

Because they can be interchangeable, they are extremely useful. They can be interchanged with ease. The interchangeable heads are easy to use. They can be pulled out and pushed in without any buttons, locks, or fuss. The Spherical head is universal and was used by everyone. The Flat Head has more surface area and slides well over the clothing.

Taotronics Massage Gun IRL

During the testing period, I was involved in a serious mountain bike accident. My shin came in contact with the log and I was removed from my bike. Enjoy the video (no gore).

Even though I had good shinpads, there was no visible injury. It caused more soreness over the next few days. The Air Cushioned Soft Head was excellent for working the shins and keeping them from stiffening. The head was extremely helpful, especially for working close to my shin bone. I had intended to take a photo, but the yellowish color of my shin convinced me that it was not a good idea.

Talking about bones and joints, you can adjust the pressure by the force with which the gun is pressed into your massage. This is because the gun may be leaning into your massage a little. However, if you reach a shin or other significant part of your body, you will need to lose weight. When the gun’s motion touches something solid, it will push back. This can cause a jackhammer-like movement that can be very unpleasant. The U-shaped head was designed for the neck, spine, and Achilles. It has not been tried. The first two would require someone to hold the Massage Gun. I’m not sure if this is possible.

The intensity controls work well. It was at level 4, I think. The majority of sessions stayed between levels 1 and 2. These levels are quite quiet, and you can still watch TV while using the Massage Gun.

This product is fantastic. These are three things that are worth noting.

Taotronics Massage Gun Review

Because it holds the battery, the grip is large. It is almost 2 inches wide, making it difficult for people with smaller hands. Here’s a reference photo of the opening shot with my-need-2XL gloves.

Second, I already mentioned the double-power switch comment. On the display screen, you will see a power icon. It won’t do any good unless you flip your master power switch at bottom of the handle. This is not an issue. However, my family pressed the icon button on the screen to turn off the device. Then they looked around for the master power switch. So, the Massage Gun worked after I had finished my sessions. In this instance, you can use the LED Ring to notify you. You must be able to identify the LED ring.

The case is great and comes with the Massage Gun. It’s just too large to fit into the Massage Gun. The gun could be rotated 45 degrees to reduce its footprint.

Review of the Taotronics Massage Gun: The Pros & Cons

Before you buy a product, it is important to get firsthand feedback from people who have used it. These are the 5 best things about Taotronics’ Massage Gun.

The Main Pros

1. The Taotronics Percussion Massage gun has received positive reviews from over 500 customers. It was rated 4.9/5. 97% of those who purchased and used the massage gun gave it five stars. It was rated 4/5 by Rest.

To get an idea of the quality of the massager, potential buyers should be able to see any customer taotronics massage gun review. The massage gun works as advertised, with almost all customers raving about it. Amazon reviews support this.

2. The Taotronics massage guns are very simple to use. The massage gun is very easy to assemble and can even be used by the owner.

You can disassemble the massage heads and reassemble them in a matter of seconds. This massager is ideal for people who don’t understand how massage guns work.

It’s easy to determine the speed of the Taotronics massage gun and how long it takes.

Taotronics’ massage guns can be used without a manual. A pamphlet will be sent to you that contains detailed information on how to use the massage gun for therapeutic purposes (handling Trigger point).

3. MASSAGING VOLUME. Taotronics users highly recommend the ten speeds. You will achieve unparalleled massaging results with adjustable speeds and high-torque motor strokes (4200-3200 per minute).

The massager can feel as deep as 12mm. This is the same depth as Hypervolt. Customers have reported that massage guns can reach depths capable of increasing blood flow. The massage gun can also be used to reduce stiffness and soreness in muscles after strenuous exercise or other daily activities.

Customers love the wide range of six massage heads. Taotronics reviews state that six massage heads from Taotronics reach every muscle group efficiently and deliver targeted messages within seconds.

4. PROFESSIONAL-QUALITY MASSAGE GUNS. Customers who have used the Taotronicsmassage gun for therapeutic purposes have written about them. The Taotronics massage gun is suitable for home or occupational therapy.

5. The massage gun is very quiet. It is quieter than customers expected. Some customers have reported that the massager is quieter than 60 decibels. It can be used anywhere, including in your office, home, or gym. It’s not the quietest massage gun, but it can be used in many settings.

Taotronics Massage Gun

6. It is light and portable. The entire massager and all parts can be easily transported anywhere.

7. LONG LIFETIME BATTERY LIFE. Customers find the four to ten hour operating time of one battery sufficient. The 15,600mAh battery can last up to seven days of normal use (30 minutes each day).

8. SAFE TO USE (NOT SHIP OR HEAT). The Taotronics Massage Gun has an automatic shut-off feature. After fifteen minutes of continuous operation, the machine will automatically shut off. Heat emission holes are also available on the massager.

The massager is easy to use, according to customer reviews. Even if the massager is used for more than 10 minutes, it will not feel too hot. The massager’s safety features, including an anti-slip handle, ensure it is securely held. The massager is light and resistant to dropping or being damaged.

9. MADE BY A REPUTABLE COMPANY. It is very satisfying for customers to know that the masseur was made by a company with extensive experience in electronic manufacturing. Sunvalley Group makes Taotronics. This is in contrast with other brands of massage guns, which can be difficult to track. This company has been around for more than 13 years. Taotronics is a respected manufacturer of massage guns that meet international standards.

10. GOOD PRICE. Customers consider the Taotronics massage guns to be fair-priced. Customers have often praised the massager as being better than other massage guns within the same price range.

The Main Cons

The Taotronics massage guns are well-reviewed, but not everyone who has one loves them. These are the main disadvantages.

1. QUALITY CONCERNS. Customers expressed concern about the quality of their six massage heads. Some customers feel the massage heads are of low quality. They “feel cheap”.

2. THE BATTERY “RUNS OUT” FAST. Some negative reviews claim that the battery “dies out quickly.”