FitRX Muscle Massage Gun Review 2021

The FitRx Muscle Massage Gun can relieve muscle stiffness and soreness and improve blood circulation. This massager is ideal for relaxing and relieving back, neck, waist, and shoulder pain. Four interchangeable massage heads allow for a relaxing massage experience.


FitRx muscle massage gun is compact and portable. You can choose from six massage intensity speeds to help you relieve pain and increase muscle flexibility, strength, and coordination.

FitRX Muscle Massage Gun

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  • The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use. The rubber grip makes it easy to hold the gun for extended periods of time without feeling fatigued. You can arrange your space however you like with the length of the power cord.
  • Sore relief: This muscle massage gun provides deep, therapeutic massage at variable massage intensity speeds.
  • Four interchangeable attachments: These attachments can be used to treat specific areas of the body. The lower back attachment includes two rubber massage heads with unique shapes that target specific areas of the lumbar spine.
  • This upper back extension with one rubber head facilitates deep massage of the shoulder and thoracic muscles.
  • Battery life is long and lasts for a very long time. This allows the gun to run at its best while it charges with lithium-ion batteries. It is easy to replace and remove the battery from the handheld massager because it is located inside.
  • It is easy to clean: Attachments can be removed from the shaft and rinsed under running water.
  • Very portable: Ideal for camping, travel, and other activities.
  • Affordable Prices are comparable to other models.
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  • Our model’s triggers did not always work properly after we exited Sleep mode.
  • Some users might be disappointed by the lack of attachments for the massage gun.
  • May may not be the best time for overweight or obese people as they might not get the best results. However, this does not apply to all massaging products.
  • Consumers may not be aware that the mannequin body parts and massage heads shown on the product boxes are more important than real human massage heads/bodies.

Overall FitRX Muscle Massage Gun

Get relief. Relax. Relax. FitRx Muscle Massage Gun will help you increase muscle recovery after a workout and reduce fatigue and soreness. This portable percussion massager can be used for personal training, relaxation, or physical therapy. The four interchangeable attachments for the massage heads allow you to target specific areas of your body.

FitRX Muscle Massage Gun

Attachments can be used for training or physical therapy to treat injuries. The multi-level vibration frequencies, along with three different arm angles, provide long-lasting pain relief and circulation. They also reduce inflammation in difficult-to-reach places such as your back, between the shoulder blades, or in your legs. The FitRx Muscle Massage Gun is the perfect massaging tool, regardless of whether you work at a desk or live the “life” of a professional athlete.


  • Type of Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Maximum Speed: 3,200 RPM
  • Input: 7.4V/A
  • Speed settings: Six-speed settings
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Four interchangeable massage heads: (Round Flat Bullet Bullet Fort)

Design and Features

FitRx is a handheld massager that weighs in at just 3.5 ounces. It has an ergonomic grip for ease of use. This massage gun can be used in conjunction with heat or cold therapy to treat various muscle conditions, such as tendonitis and sciatica.

You can adjust the strength of your message by changing the frequency of using different attachments.

Design and Features

The 400-watt motor that powers this muscle massage gun makes it safe to use on all skin types.

The FitRx massage gun comes with an LCD screen. This displays the intensity of each mode and gives visual feedback during treatment. The activation button is located on the top or back of the unit.


FitRx muscle massage gun can be used to give a full-body, fast massage. The FitRx massage gun uses compression and percussion to apply up to 10 lbs pressure per square inch (PSI). This stimulates blood flow to improve range of motion, reduce spasms, and speed up muscle recovery. Clinically proven to be effective, this muscle massage gun is clinically tested.

A 2010 study in the Journal of Manual & Manipulative Physical Therapy found that percussive massage guns are safe for use by physiotherapists.

FitRx muscle massage gun performance

The attachments for physical therapy are made to target specific areas of the body. The lower back attachment includes two rubber massage heads with unique shapes that can be used to target specific areas of the lumbar spine or surrounding muscles. They are quite large and cover a large area.

This soft Head is easy to move over your shoulders, neck, and back.


Four interchangeable head attachments can be used to target specific areas in the body and aid muscle recovery. Attached to a self-centering shaft, the massage head delivers up to 10 lbs pressure per square inch (PSI).

A single motor design ensures consistent power across the entire surface. This allows for deep stimulation tissue massages in all directions and not just up and down as with other massage heads.

The ergonomic handle is easy to hold and features a rubber grip that can be removed for cleaning. The trigger switch is located on the gun’s back. This helps to minimize accidental activation of the gun during testing (an important safety feature ).


The LCD built-in LCD encourages ease to use by alerting to speed and intensity settings and showing a timer that tells you when the massage is finished.

Requires 4 AA batteries. The package includes a battery charger, 8 AAA batteries (4 for operation and four interchangeable), as well as an instruction manual.

Dual: soothes neck and spine.

Flat Head for target specific areas.

Round Head To apply a gentle stroke to the full-back, shoulders, and neck or kneading action to the neck,

Precision Head to pinpoint tighter muscles and promote muscle recovery.

Pressure Settings from 1200 RPM (relaxed discomfort) to 3600RPM (vigorous massaging). You can easily adjust the speed by pushing a power button.

Overview of Product & Functions

  • It helps to release muscle tension, ease tight muscles and promote blood circulation.
  • It is ideal for massaging various parts of your body, e.g. Shoulders, neck, waist, back, and hips.
  • You can choose from four different massage heads to get a relaxing massage experience.
  • You can adjust the intensity of your massage by using the speed levels

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Four ergonomic massage heads for every muscle group

Round Head: Arms, waist, hips, hips, thighs, calf, and other large muscle groups

Flat Head: Neck, spine, and Achilles tendon

Bullet Head: Deep stimulation tissue like joints, palms, and plantar

U Head: Shapes and relaxes various muscles

Instructions for the User

  • Choose the type of massage head that you want to use, and then insert it into the hole at the top of the massager.
  • To turn on the unit, press the ON/OFF button located at the bottom.
  • You can speed up the message by pressing the button again.
  • The button can be pressed to increase the speed of your message, up to level 6. The intensity level will be displayed on the LED at the bottom.
  • Continue pressing to stop the massager, and then turn it off.
  • Hold the power button down for three seconds to turn off the massager at any time.

Charging Instructions

  • Before using the battery, it should be fully charged.
  • The Type C cable can be used to charge the battery. One end of the cable should be plugged into the charging port, the other into a USB power source.
  • All six LED lights will turn on when the power is low.
  • The LED will blink while charging, and then turn solid red when fully charged.
  • Depending on the speed and pressure level, the average massager run time is between 60-90 minutes.

Safety Instructions

These instructions are important to reduce the chance of injury, fire, and electric shock.

  1. Only adults should use this device.
  2. You should not apply the massager directly to your skin. You should cover the area with clean clothing or a towel to prevent injury.
  3. Press and move the massager gently; don’t massage the same area of your body for longer than 60 seconds.
  4. Only use high speed for soft tissue. Use low speed and pressure when moving the head, bones, and joints.
  5. Make sure you choose the correct massage head for your body.
  6. High-pressure massage can cause abrasions. Stop using the massager if you feel pain or discomfort.
  7. The massager shouldn’t be immersed in water. You should not allow liquids or water to get into the vent of your massager.
  8. Do not modify the equipment.
  9. Don’t leave your device on without charging it.


This muscle massage gun is an excellent choice for anyone looking to offer deep tissue massage in their home or office. Although the 10 PSI pressure setting may not be sufficient for those looking for intense muscle relaxation, it will satisfy most users. It is simple to set up and use. The rubber grip and handle design make the unit comfortable for long-term use.


Because everyone is different, it can be difficult to find the best deep tissue massages gun. This review should have helped you decide if this product is suitable for your muscle recovery needs after a hard workout. Please leave any feedback or questions in the comments section.

Customers Reviews


The manual includes detailed instructions on how to use the four massage heads. It can be heard from a distance, so it is not too loud but not too quiet. It is quite small and can be held in one hand. It is not too heavy, but it does have some weight. It’s very easy to use. Just click the start button to turn the unit on. A red dot indicator will then appear with additional clicks to increase the speed to 6 more speeds. A battery indicator would also be helpful. My hand/arm starts to feel numb and shaky after using speed 3 for approximately 5 minutes. It’s unclear if this is due to blood circulation or if I have to use the vibrations in a series of uses to get my hands and arm used to them. For someone like me, who does not do a lot of arm work, the vibrations aren’t painful but more of an after-effect. Overall, a product that does its job.


FitRx: Muscle Massage Gun is a great tool for muscle pain and discomfort. It can be used for mild pain after a workout or heavy workday, or even daily pain due to pulled muscles or muscle strains. It’s easy to use this massage for muscle relief by yourself. This is a great product for anyone who has muscle pain, discomfort, or both.


The FitRX is a great machine that was recommended to me by my personal fitness trener! The machine has 4 heads, which allow you to target specific areas and pain. You can choose how deep you want your message to go. It comes with 5 levels of power. It is literally like having a massage therapist living with you. The package includes a carry case, charger, and USB charger. It can be charged fully for up to hours. It is so simple to use. It’s a pleasure to use it at least three times per week. My husband and I both love it. It gives us both a restful night’s sleep. Because of my pain, I am able to do things I couldn’t do before. Fit RX is a great massage gun for anyone who suffers from pain in their joints and muscles.


Are muscle massage guns good for you?

These muscle massager guns are not only great for viral videos, but they also serve as an extremely beneficial tool that aids in injury prevention and recovery.

Is it bad to use a massage gun on sore muscles?

The massage gun should be used to treat muscles and not nerves, bones, joints, or tendons. Experts recommend that you avoid any area with scabs or wounds, cancerous lesions, or a recent fracture. Avoid using the massage gun on any part of the body that is experiencing impaired sensation.

How long does it take the FitRx muscle massage gun to charge?

To fully charge your massage gun, it will take 2-2.5 hours. You can charge it for only 1 hour if you use the massage gun for more than 15 minutes. It can be used for 80 minutes on a full charge.