TOP-12 The Best Dowel Grips And Buying Guide 2021

You can purchase grips online from a variety of stores but Amazon is our recommendation because of their high-quality grips and wide selection.

We understand how difficult it can be to choose the right grips. We have compiled a list below of the Top 10 Gymnastics Grips.

TOP-7 Best Dowel Grips Our Choice

1. QALARO Double Buckle Grips for Girls Gymnastics

The Best Dowel Grips

This set includes a set of Qalaro’s girl’s gymnastics grips, which come in sizes XS, M, L, and S. It also includes a set of 4.5inch cotton wrist bands and a black drawstring bag.

Protects the palm from damage during swings or gym bar routines. Ideal for competition and training. They can also be easily and quickly broken in due to their narrow cut. To enlarge your finger holes, wrap some sandpaper around the pen. You must not reach the 2nd knuckle.


2. Gripad AMRAP Cross-Training Dowel Grips for Pull-up

Gripad AMRAP

GRIPAD AMRAP leather Hand Grips will help you complete your WOD with ease. Grips are breathable and have an adjustable wrist-strap to provide maximum support and comfort. Pick a color that suits your style.

GRIPAD AMRAP Cross-Training Grips will provide full support and firmness. Get a longer, stronger grip on the bar.


3. Gibson Athletic Single Buckle Just Right Dowel Grips

Gibson Athletic

This grip is for gymnasts who require a dowel grip, but whose hands are too small to use the standard grips available.

This allows for greater hand contact with the bar while minimizing rips.

Made with top-quality leather and a single clasp closure


4. Gibson Athletic Women Double Buckle Dowel Grips

Gibson Athletic Women

This grip is for gymnasts who require a dowel grip, but whose hands are too small to use the standard grips available.

This allows for greater hand contact with the bar while minimizing rips.

Made with premium leather and double-button closure.


5. Reisport Women’s Uneven Bar Grips


This is the most loved grip in the entire world.

Reisport grips are manufactured in Switzerland to the highest standards using the best quality leather.

Measure from the tip of your longest finger to the base of your palm. Xx-small (upto 5.5″), and x-small (6.5-7″); small (6-6.5″) to medium (6.5-7″); large (7″) up


6. ZHEZHERA Double Buckle Dowel Grips for Gymnastics Girls


We are the manufacturer and offer the best price for the highest value. Made in Ukraine by ZHEZHERA, a company that has 10 years experience in the manufacturing of gymnastic equipment.

ZHEZHERA Hyper Protect leather is made from the most durable Japan YKK hook & Loop or double buckles fixation. Professional gymnasts can use it for up to 1 year. Others last only 3 months.


7. LEVIERO Palmies Multipurpose Palm Grips


These high-quality grips for gymnastics are suitable for all types of workouts, regardless of age or ability. You can use these grips for strength training and beginner gymnastics, as well as street and kettlebell training, weightlifting, and functional fitness. Our gymnastics bar grips are made in Australia and offer unmatched quality for athletes. They come in bright, cheerful colors that will add motivation to your workout.


TOP-5 Good Dowel Grips


What is Gymnastics Grips?

Gymnast grips are leather devices worn by gymnasts while they are working on the bars. Grips are basically a piece of leather material that covers the palm. They attach to the wrist and are fastened to the fingers with holes. These are used by female gymnasts for the Uneven Bars. For the Still Rings or High Bar, male gymnasts use grips. Grips are used for gripping the bar to prevent blisters. Rips are friction injuries caused by the loss of the skin’s outer layer.

Although grips are not required for beginners, they can be worn by those who have blisters or rips. Most competitive gymnasts wear gymnastics grips.

What is Gymnastics Grips?

Two types of grips are available for women: dowel and non-dowel. Dowel grips are used by competitive gymnasts who perform high-level circling elements like giants. To help the gymnast grip the bar better, a dowel is a rod placed close to her fingers. The dowel is unnecessary for beginners. You can also use a non-dowel grip for beginners.

Men use different grips for high bars, parallel bars, and rings. This article is about women’s gymnastics grips.

A beginner gymnast will need to have beginner grips in order to begin her career in gymnastics. To feel the bar, she might need a lighter, curved dowel grip. To be able to perform advanced skills she will likely require a thicker grip, even though it may take longer to get used to.

Do I Need Gymnastics Grips?

Your coach will help decide whether you should use grips. You can see my sister’s first grips. Gymnasts need to have grips in order to learn circling elements like giants and clear-hip circles.

If you feel your hands hurt from practicing bars, your coach may allow you to continue with them.

Buying Gymnastics Grips Guide

You are trying to put together everything you can in order to be the best gymnast. No! Grips are what you have forgotten to mention.

What are the Different Types of Girl’s Gymnastics Grips

Dowel Grips These grips are for more experienced, competitive gymnasts (competitive gymnasts). Dowel grips are designed to give your gymnast a better feel on the bars. This allows her to swing more easily. The grips have two finger holes that allow your gymnast to hold her rings or middle fingers.

Dowel Grips

Non-dowel grip: These grips are suitable for beginners. Your gymnast will not be jumping off of bars and swinging all over the place when he or she first starts.

The rod is not included in non-dowel grips. These are used to help your gymnast get used to them. Parents often purchase these to help their gymnasts avoid blistering, especially at the beginning.

What Are the Different Types Of Grips for Males?

Three Finger Holes: If your male gymnast is using the high bar, his three finger grips will be used. This grip will allow him to balance correctly and protect his hands.

Two Finger Holes: When performing or practicing on the parallel bars and still rings, your gymnast will use two finger grips. The only difference is that the grips he uses for the parallel bars will have a smaller dowel than those he uses for the still rings. He will use the smaller dowel for his parallel bars grips.

Specialty Grips

Bailie Beginner Dowel Grips

The Bailie Beginner dowel grip is a great choice if you’re a beginner gymnast or have small hands. These are great for beginners as they are smaller and more narrow than standard am dowel grips. They are easier to break in and allow the gymnast to keep more of their hand on bar for a better swing.

Reisport Protec Grips

ReisportProtec grips have a slightly different feel than regular gymnastics grips. These grips are suitable for Level 9 and 10 Elite girls who have difficulty breaking or stretching their grips. These grips are stronger than normal ones and stretch less.

Dowel vs. Non-Dowel Beginner Grips

Beginner Grip

When you are looking for gymnastics grips, the first thing to think about is whether you prefer a non-dowel beginner grip to a dowel grip. A non-dowel beginner grip is best for beginners who are learning basic bar skills. The basic shape of the beginner grips is the same, with two holes to accommodate your fingers. These are Nastia Liukin Basic Grips and a basic beginner grip.

The Shape of the Grip

There are many types of dowel grips: straight, skinny, and curved.

  • Skinny Gips: These grips allow you to feel the bar better. Nastia’s Big Swinger grip is an example of a thin grip.
  • Straight Grip – The Russian straight grip is the best. Because it covers more of your hand, it’s a good choice. This is Nastia’s Russian Heritage grip. It is a straight-dowel grip design.
  • Curved Grip – This combination of both the straight and curved grips is called the curved dowel grasp. The curved grips cover more hands than the thin grip and give you a better feel for the bar. This example shows a curved grip. Curved grips are the preferred choice of gymnasts.

A rubber band is sometimes included with some dowel grips. You can use the rubber band to secure the grip on your finger. You can always remove the rubber band if you don’t like its grip.

How to Take Good Care of Gymnastics Grips

It is important to take your time when breaking in grips. It is not a good idea to try the most difficult skill possible the first time you place them on the bars. Start slow and let your gymnast practice basic skills until you feel the gymnastics grips become more flexible.

Some gymnastics grips are easier to use than others. It depends on the brand and types you choose.

Many companies suggest that gymnastics grips be kept in a separate bag. This will prevent chalk from getting all over the place and will also keep them clean so that they don’t get tossed around in the bag.

According to some sources, many gymnasts use a brush for grip. The grip brush removes chalk residue from the hands so that it doesn’t build up. Too much residue can cause grip problems and reduce their durability.

A grip brush will also make your gymnast’s grips harder.

We would love to hear from anyone who is looking for grips to purchase for their gymnast.