Top Ideas For Gymnast Halloween Costume

How I love Halloween! It’s fun to compete with neighbors for decorating your home and yard, picking apples, carving pumpkins, and eating candy until you hurt your stomach.

I trust you will agree with me that choosing a gymnast Halloween costume every year can be stressful. It can also be costly. There is so much to choose from, but Halloween is my favorite time of year.

You and your gymnast have come up with some Halloween ideas, but you are stuck. Let me ask: What’s the most valuable thing that your gymnast has? LEOS! There are many things you can do with leos. Each year, your gymnast can try something new without worrying about whether the costume is in stock.

Top Ideas For Gymnast Halloween Costume

Keep reading if you want to gain some ideas, and don’t forget about details!

Princess Gymnast Halloween Costume

If your gymnast already has a sparkly or sequin leo, this would be a great idea. To give your gymnast a more “princess” feeling, you could buy a princess crown for her and a tutu for her.


To keep your gymnast’s legs warm, purchase white leggings or tights for a Halloween party.


Do you love Rapunzel? Do you have long hair? This costume will suit you, regardless of your hair length. Wear your hair in a braid and dress up as Rapunzel by wearing a purple skirt and leotard.

Frozen Elsa

This Elsa Leotard is adorable! It also looks great with the tutu. Your gymnast will look amazing with a braided hairstyle!


Ballerina Costume

This idea is perfect if your gymnast has pink leos. Ballet dancers, as well as gymnasts, can be very flexible, so it could be fun to watch your gymnast move around.


To match the leo, you will need a pink tutu and ballet slippers. You can’t forget the ballet bun and leggings in a variety of colors!

Bumblebee Costume

This is a great idea! It looks so cute! You’re halfway there if your gymnast wears a yellow leo.


This look can be completed with a yellow tutu and a pair of wings that your gymnast can wrap around her shoulders (like an umbrella).

Lady Bug Costume

This idea, just like the bumblebee costume is adorable too! This costume is great for gymnasts who have a red leo.

Lady Bug Costume

A red tutu with black dots, black wings with polka dots, and a red ladybug antenna can be added to complete the ladybug look. This costume can be worn with black tights or leggings by your gymnast.

Witch Costume

There are many types of witches to choose from each Halloween. This idea will get you in the Halloween spirit, no matter if they are scary or cute witches.


Personally, I don’t think it matters what color your leo is when you putting together this costume. To add some flair to the costume, you can get a multicolored tutu depending on which leo your gymnast chooses. Also, consider adding leggings or over-the-knee socks to your outfit.

You can also purchase a cauldron (for your gymnasts to collect candy in), a little broom, and a witch’s hat.

Olympic Gymnast Costume

Who wouldn’t want to be an Olympian at Halloween? This would be especially cute during the Summer Olympics when we all love the USA!

You have two options for how to complete this costume. First, have your gymnast don a red, blue, and blue leo or USA Gymnastics leo. You can make this leo more stylish by dressing it up with a red and white or blue tracksuit or just a simple red or blue suit.

A medal that your gymnast has won from a meet can be worn by her, and don’t forget the slicked-back bun!

Another way to finish this costume is to have your gymnast don the tracksuit but with a medal around his neck.


A piece of paper can be added to her leo, ideally placed on her stomach just under her chest. It should have your gymnast’s name and number written on it. To give her more color, you can add a ribbon or ribbon to her bun.

There is also this awesome tutorial from As you can see, the final result looks exactly like the image above. You can view the tutorial.

Superhero Costume

Girls, especially gymnasts, can also be superheroes. Because of all her hard work, dedication, and muscle building, your gymnast can achieve so much muscle definition and strength that it would be a match for her lifestyle.

Superhero Costume

You can choose which superhero you want to be. All you need is a cape and mask with the symbol of the superhero. The mask and cape are usually sold together when you shop online for this type of item. It’s a quick and easy way to save money since it doesn’t have much!

Fairy Costume

This idea might work if your gymnast has brightly colored leos or sequin/sparkly costumes like the princess costume.

You will need a tutu in a bright color (or a glittery tutu), wings for your gymnast to wear on her shoulders (or as a backpack), and a wand.


Little girls all want to be fairies on Halloween. This cute fairy costume can be made with a gymnastics leotard. This fairy wing set can be paired with either a pink or a green leotard. This costume also has the added benefit of all these fairy princess props that can be used later to dress up.

Cat Costume

Is your gymnast a black or cheetah/leopard-leopard leo? This is the perfect idea to help you with your costume search!

Cat Costume

Black leggings or tights can be worn by your gymnast. A headband with cat ears can also be attached and a tail can be attached to her leo. The tail and cat ears can be sold together, just like the cape and superhero mask.

Black Cat

The Black Cat costume is a great classic and can be made easy by a shiny new leotard. This black leotard features metallic foil bling at its top, which adds a touch of edge to your costume. To transform your costume for the night, pair a black leotard and a black tutu skirt with some cat ears and a tail! To make whiskers, you can add some black eyeliner to your eyes.

Mermaid Costume

This costume is great for Ariel lovers like me! A purple leo gymnast would only need a tutu and red-haired wings.

You might be able to find mermaid tails if you are a mermaid. It can be difficult to find a tail that will restrain your gymnast’s legs. This is great for toddlers who are unable to walk.

There are also long skirts (known as mermaid skirts), that have a flared end that looks like a mermaid tail. This skirt is more comfortable for your gymnast and keeps her legs warm.

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