Biography – HUG, Steve

HUG, Steve

Inducted: 1995
Born: May 20, 1952

 s hug

In 1958, the USA World Championship team watched a young lady training. During the viewing, I, Larry Banner, said to a teammate,  “I suspect we’re seeing a world class champion in the making.”  Her name was Larissa Latynina, and my predictions were accurate.  Some years later I was also accurate when I said the same of a young man.  His name was Steve Hug, and he was about 12 years old.

Olympic Games: Mexico City, Mexico (1968) where, at 16, Steve remains the youngest Olympic Gymnastic team member; Steve was the 1st USA gymnast to compete in the AA finals. Munich was the first time the AA was contested, Munich, Germany, (1972). World Championships: Varna, Bulgaria, (1974). International Competitions: USA vs. Japan, Silver-AA, (1975); Chuinichi Cup, Tokyo, Japan, (1973); Riga Invitational, Moscow, USSR, (1972 & ’75); World Cup, Long Beach, (1969); North American Championships, Vancouver, BC,  (1967). NCAA Championships: Gold-AA, (1972, ’73, & ’74).  United States Gymnastic Federation Championships: Gold-AA, (1969, ’72, & ’74). Education: B.A., Stanford (1974). Honors: Stanford University Hall of Fame, (1974). Personal: Along with many ‘50s & ‘60s generations of gymnasts, Steve began learning his skills at a local park.  It started and remained a “fun” thing rather than a “work” thing.  An important result of all his pleasing personality traits, his travels, and his accomplishments is that he has made many lifetime friends, something about which not many people can boast. Hug writes, “Friends come and go. It’s just a part of most people’s lives, but in our gymnastic world, there remains contact over many years.”  Steve thinks of it as a gymnastic perquisite. Family: m. Miwa Yamamoto. Born: Aichi, Japan, March 1, 1970.

Sources: Hug’s personal resume, interviews, , and editing by Abie Grossfeld, 1979 HOF Honoree. Introduction, commentary, and formatting by Larry Banner, Web Manager.

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