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Inducted: 2004 Born: August 5, 1942

s ammerman

In a golf tournament, a pro might ask for a ruling from the most experienced and knowledgeable official in attendance.  A gymnast in need of a ruling will be served well by requesting Susan Ammerman.  Her expertise in judging started in the late ‘60s and has continued to this day.  Her gymnastic biography’s theme appears to be, “Call me. I’ve prepared well through training and experience to render a fair and correct judgment.”

Education: B.S. @ Douglass College for Women, Rutgers State U. and M.S. @ Montclair U.  Professional: Susan has been a teacher of health and physical education in Maine and New Jersey for at least 25 years.  Gymnastic Judging: Her gymnastic judging began in 1967 and she rapidly progressed to a national rating in 1968. She became certified at the Brevet level by 1984.  Since then, she has served as Head Judge, Antibes and Toulon, France, (1986); Head judge, Yokahama, Japan, (1989); Judge at the American Cup Championships, (1990); STC Judge: American Cup, (1991); Expert Judge: Puerto Rico, (1993); Judge and technical delegate: Junior Pan American Games, Monterey, Mexico, (1994); Technical Director: American Cup, (1994); Chief Judge: Pacific Alliance Ocean Games, Cali, Columbia, (1995); Technical Director, IBM Atlanta international Invitational, Atlanta, GA, (1995); Technical Director for women, Olympic Games, Atlanta, GA, (1996); Judge: Olympic Trials, Boston, MA, (1996); Judge: Goodwill Games, long Island & New York, (1998); Chief Judge: Challenge International Invitational, Mississauga, Canada, (2000); Judge: Monte Forte Cup, Monte Forte, Italy, (2000); Judge: Como Cup, Como, Italy, (2000); Judge: Olympic Trials, Boston, MA, (2000); Chief Judge: Canberra Cup, Canberra, Australia, (2001); Chief Judge: Junior Pan American Cup, Miami, FL, (2003); and she judged at the World Championships, Anaheim, CA, (2003). Technical Delegate: Represented U.S. at Women’s Technical assemblies of the Federation Internationale Gymnastic (FIG) for 12 years.  She was honored with full voting authority in technical and general assemblies. Participated in this capacity at the Olympic Games, Los Angeles, (1984); Olympic Games, Seoul, Korea, (1988); Technical Assembly, Brussels, Belgium & Geneva, (1988); Pan American Games, Indianapolis, IN, (1991); Olympic Games, Barcelona, Spain, (1992); Goodwill Games, St. Petersburg, Russia, (1994); and the Pan American Games, Mar del Plata, Argentina, (1995).  Service: President, North Jersey Board of Officials, (1972-’76); President New Jersey Gymnastics Association, (1968-’72); USGF Co-regional Chairperson, (1972-’76); Assistant Director, World Championships, Fort Worth, TX, Served as volunteer at the National Olympic Sports Festival, Air Force Academy, CO, (1979); Served as Chairperson foreign Relations Committee, Liaison to Rhythmic Gymnastics, Liaison to Athletes counsel until their inclusion onto the USGF Board of Directors per USOC dictum, (1976-’80); Olympic Games Assistant Production, Los Angeles, CA, (1984); Head of Delegation, World Championships, Rotterdam, Holland, ((1987); Chairperson Women’s International Program Committee, (1980-’95); Member-Board of Directors, USGF-USAG, (1973-’96); At large member-Executive Committee USGF-USAG, (1976-’96); Vice-president for Women’s USGF: Non-voting, (1976-’96); World Gymnastic Championships, Anaheim, CA, (2003); USGF-DGWS Test Administrator, Judges Certification, Inc., (1968-‘2004); Vice-president Policy and Procedures, Judges Certification, Inc., (1980-’04); Delegate to USOC from USGF where Susan served on a Games Preparation Committee and was the liaison to Track & Field, and Fencing, (1976-’88).  Awards: New Jersey Gymnastics Association Service Award, (1978); USGF Appreciation of Service Award, (1980); US Association Gymnastics Service Award, (1996); New Jersey judge of the year, (1997); USA Gymnastics HOF, (2004); New Jersey Lifetime Achievement Award, (2004). Family: m. Alan Ammerman, (41 years as of 2005). One son. Two grandchildren. One daughter. Two grandchildren.

Sources: Ammerman’s personal resume and interviews with introduction, commentary, and formatting by Larry Banner, Web Manager.

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