Biography: Super Seven – Alicia Sacramone, Nastia Liukin, Samantha Peszek, Shayla Worley ,Shawn Johnson, Bridget Sloan and Ivana Hong

Alicia Sacramone, Nastia Liukin (Individually Inducted-2014), Samantha Peszek, Shayla Worley ,Shawn Johnson, Bridget Sloan and Ivana Hong

Inducted: 2013

From Left to right: Alicia Sacramone, Nastia Liukin, Samantha Peszek, Shayla Worley, Shawn Johnson,
Bridget Sloan,Ivana Hong
Ivana Hong
ivana hong
Ivana Hong: Hong is of Chinese and Vietnamese ancestry. Hong lived in Blue Springs, Missouri, and trained at Great American Gymnastics Express (GAGE) for four years. She also trained under Valeri Liukin at the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy (WOGA).  She later was a member of the Stanford University women’s team.  Hong qualified to Junior Elite status in 2004 and made the United States Junior National Championships at age eleven. A year later, she qualified to the national team. She did so again in 2006, earning a solid 5th place in the all-around and a bronze medal on beam.  Summer Olympics: Alternate to the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team. World Championships: Team Member, Bronze-BB, London, (2009), Gold-Team,  Stuttgart (2007).  Other International Competitions:  Pan American Games: Gold-Team, Bronze-AA, Rio de Janeiro, (2007). U.S. National Championships: USAG Nationals: Silver-AA, Gold BB and V, Dallas (2009).  In early March 2010, Hong suffered a torn ACL in her right knee. The injury occurred at the national team training camp as she was landing a vault.  She had surgery and was out for several months.  Family:  Daughter of Mike and Michelle Hong … has two sisters, Isabelle and Isadora, and a brother, Preston … mother is a 1981 Stanford graduate … Michelle escaped Vietnam in a boat at age 15.


Shawn Johnson
shawn johnson
Shawn Johnson: Johnson undoubtedly has one of the most elaborate biographies for any gymnast in history, especially when one considers that her elite career only lasted about three years.  Johnson also has become one of the most recognized athletes in the world because of her enigmatic smile; a smile that radiates a sense of pleasure that she derived from competing. Coached by Liang Chow.  Summer Olympics: Gold-BB, Silver-Team, AA and FX, Bejing, (2008).  World Championships: Gold-Team, FX and AA, Stuttgart, (2007).  Other International Competitions:  American Cup: Gold AA, Jacksonville, (2007); Jesolo Cup-Gold AA, Italy, (2007). Pan American Games: Gold-Team, AA, B and UB and Silver-FX, Rio de Janeiro, (2007); Pacific Rim-Gold-Team, AA, FX, V and Silver-BB, Honolulu, (2006).
U.S. National Championships: USAG Nationals: Gold AA, V, FX, Bronze-BB, Boston,  2008).  USAG Nationals: Gold-AA, BB, FX, Silver-V, Bronze-UB, San Jose, (2007). Personal: Won the 8th season of Dancing with the Stars. 2009 named winner of the prestigious AAU James E. Sullivan Award for all sports. Family: Parents: Doug and Teri Johnson.
Nastia Liukin
nastia liukin
Anastasia Valeryevna “Nastia” Liukin:  She is the 2008 Olympic individual all-around Champion, the 2005 and 2007 World Champion on the balance beam, and the 2005 World Champion on the uneven bars. With nine World Championships medals, seven of them individual, Liukin is tied with Shannon Miller for the second-highest tally of World Championship medals (among US gymnasts); Liukin has also tied Miller’s record as the American gymnast having won the most medals in a single non-boycotted Olympic Games. She is a four-time all-around U.S. National Champion, winning twice as a junior and twice as a senior. 
Summer Olympics: Gold-AA, Silver-Team, UB and BB, Bronze-FX, Bejing, (2008).  World Championships:  Gold-Team, BB, Silver-UB, Stuttgart, (2007), Silver-Team, UB, Aarhus, (2006),Gold-UB, BB, Silver-AA, FX, Melbourne, (2005).  Other International Competitions: Pan American Games:  Gold-Team, AA, BB, Silver-UB, San Jose, (2008), Pan American Games: Gold-Team, Silver AA, BB, Rio de Janeiro, (2007), Pan American Games: Gold-Team, BB, Silver-AA, Bronze-UB, FX, Santa Domingo, (2003).American Cup: Gold AA, Philadelphia, (2006), American Cup: Gold-AA, New York, (2006); Pacific Rim: Gold-Team, UB, Silver-AA, BB, Honolulu, (2008).  U. S. National Championships:  USAG Nationals: Gold-UB, BB, Silver-AA, Boston, (2008), USAG Nationals: Gold-UB, Silver-BB, Bronze-AA, San Jose, (2007), USAG Nationals: Gold-AA, UB, BB, St. Paul, (2006), USAG Nationals: Gold AA, UB, BB, Silver-FX, Indianapolis, (2005).  Nastia is fluent in English and Russian. Family: Parents: Olympic Champion Valeri and World Champion Anna Kotchneva-Liukin. Nastia was born in Moscow, Soviet Union. The family moved to the United States when Nastia was two and a half years old, after the breakup of the Soviet Union, and settled first in New Orleans before moving to Texas. In 1994, Valeri Liukin teamed with another former Soviet champion athlete, Evgeny Marchenko, to open the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy (WOGA) in Plano.  Nastia is an only child.


Samantha Peszek
samantha peszek
Samantha Peszek: She was a member of the . In 2007, Peszek competed on the gold medal-winning U.S. team at the  and the .  Peszek is from . After Beijing, Peter Zhao, Peszek’s long-time coach at DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics, retired from coaching and returned to China to help with his family business. Peszek transferred to Sharp’s Gymnastics Academy.  Summer Olympics: Silver-Team, During the 2008 Summer Olympics, Peszek was injured during warm-ups just minutes before the women’s qualifier and was restricted to the Uneven Bars event, Bejing, (2008).  World Championships: Gold-Team, Stuttgart, (2007); Other International Competitions: Pan American Games:Gold-Team, Rio de Janeiro, (2007);  American Cup: Bronze-AA (2008);  U.S. National Competitions: USAG Nationals: Silver-BB, 7th FX, Dallas, (2009); USAG Nationals: 4th AA, 6th UB, 5th BB, 10th FX, Boston,  (2008);  USAG Nationals: 7th AA, 10th UB, 9th BB, 10th FX, San Jose, (2007);  Cover Girl Classic: Silver-V, 9th BB, Des Moines, (2009); NCAA Competitions: Competing for UCLA: Gold-BB, (first college gymnast to do a standing full on the beam) (2011).


Alicia Sacramone
alicia sacramone
Alicia MarieSacramone: Sacramone began gymnastics at the age of eight, started competing in the elite ranks in 2002 and joined the U.S. National team in 2003. At US National Championships from 2004 to 2008, she won twelve medals, including four golds on  and two golds on . At  from 2005  to 2007, she won seven medals, including a floor exercise gold in 2005 and a team gold in 2007. At the , she won a team silver medal. In 2010, Sacramone made a comeback by winning the National Championship on Vault. Later in 2010 at the World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands, she won the World Title on Vault as well. Her gold gave her a total of nine medals overall, joining  and  as the U.S. athletes with the most medals at the gymnastics world championships until the US team won gold in the team finals at the 2011 World Championships. Though she was injured and could not compete, she still received a medal as an official member of the U.S. team, earning her tenth World medal, making her the most decorated U.S. gymnast in the history of the World Championships.  Summer Olympic: Silver-Team, 4th-V, Bejing, (2008).  World Championships:  Gold-Team, Tokyo, (2011),  Gold-V, Silver-Team, Rotterdam, (2010),  Gold-Team, Silver-FX, Bronze-V, Stuttgart, (2007), Silver-Team, V, Aarhus, (2006), Gold-FX, Bronze-V, Melbourne, (2005).  Other International Competitions:   World Cup: Silver-V, Ghent, (2006), Gold-V, FX, Ghent, (2005)  Gold-V, Paris, (2005), Gold-V,  Birmingham, (2004), Gold-V, Ghent, (2004), Pacific Rim:  Gold-Team and V, Hawaii, (2004), Massilio Cup: 4th-FX, France, (2004). American Cup: Gold-V, Silver-FX, (2005), Pan American Individual Event Championships: Gold V and FX, (2004).  U.S Championships: USAG Nationals:Gold-V, Bronze-BB, St. Louis, (2012),  Gold-BB, Silver-V, St. Paul, (2011), Gold-V Silver-BB, Hartford, (2010),  Gold-V, Silver-FX, Bronze-BB, Boston, (2008),  Gold V, Bronze-BB and FX, San Jose (2007),  Gold-V and FX, St. Paul, (2006), Gold-V and FX, Bronze-BB, Indianapolis, (2005),  Silver-V, Nashville, (2004), Bronze-FX, 4th V, Milwaukee, (2003). (Retired most of 2009.). Cover Girl Classic: Gold V and BB, Bronze-FX, (2011), Gold BB and V, (2010).  NCAA Competitions:Competing for Brown University, ECAC Rookie of the Year-(2007), Ivy League Classic: Gold in AA, V, UB, BB and FX (2007).  Personal: 2010-Named Sportsperson of the Year.  Family: Parents: Fred and Gail Sacramone; brother: Jonathan.


Bridget Sloan
bridget sloan
Bridget Sloan was born in , . She began gymnastics when she was 4. She graduated from .  She trained at Sharp’s Gymnastics Academy, under Marvin Sharp, in  alongside 2008 Olympic Team Member , until enrolling at the University of Florida.  Summer Olympics: Silver-Team, Bejing, (2008). Olympic Trials: 8th UB, 12th BB, 14th FX, Houston, (2008),  Olympic Test: Silver-FX, Bronze-AA, Bejing, (2007).  World Championships: Silver-Team, 4th-UB, Rotterdam, (2010), Gold-AA, London, (2009), Gold-Team (Alternate), Stuttgart, (2007), Other International Competitions:  Pan American Games: Gold-Team, Guadalajara, (2011), Gold-Team, Melbourne, (2010), Pacific Rim: Gold-Team, Melbourne, (2010),  USA vs. Germany: Gold-Team and AA, Muelheim, (2009),  American Cup-Silver-AA, Chicago, (2009),  USA vs. France-Gold-Team and AA, Rouen, (2009), Jesolo Cup: Gold-Team, Italy, (2008),  Toyota Cup: Gold-Team, Bronze-UB and FX, Toyota City, (2007),  USA vs. Great Britain:Gold-Team, Bronze-FX, Ireland, (2007);  Houston International Invitational: Bronze-AA, Houston, (2007).   USA National Competitions: USAG Nationals: 6th-UB, 10th-AA, St. Louis, (2012),  USAG Nationals: Gold-AA, UB and FX, Dallas, (2009), USAG Nationals:  Bronze-UB, 7th-BB, Boston, (2008), USAG Nationals: Silver-FX, 5th-AA and UB, San Jose, (2007). Cover Girl Classic:2nd-BB, 4th UB, Chicago, (2010).  NCAA Competitions: In her first year in NCAA competitions she won Gold-AA and BB and led her University of Florida team to their 1st National Team Title.  She was later named the Honda Award Winner.  She accomplished all of the above in spite of several serious injuries.  Family: Parents: Jeff and Mary Sloan; siblings: Kyle, Kassie, Nathan.


Shayla Worley
shayla worley
Shayla Worley: She was a member of the gold medal-winning American team at the . She has been training at Orlando Metro Gymnastics where she is coached by Jeff Wood and Christi Barineau, since she was a Level 6 gymnast. Following her elite career Worley competed at the , the 10 time  champions, for four years. Olympic Trials:  11th V and UB, 7th BB, 4th AA (not selected for the team) Texas, (2008). World Championships:  Gold-Team, 8th-AA and BB, Stuttgart, (2007);  Other International Competitions: American Cup:Bronze-V and UB, New York, (2008), Gold-BB, Silver-AA, UB and FX, Philadelphia, (2006);  USA vs. Great Britain:  Gold-Team and UB, Silver-AA, No. Ireland, (2007),   Pacific Alliance: Gold-Team, Silver-UB, Honolulu, (2006),  International Team Challenge: Gold-Team, New York, (2005); U.S. National Competitions: USAG Nationals: Silver-AA and UB, 4th BB and FX, San Jose, (2007), U.S. Classic:  Silver-BB, Battle Creek, (2007).  Junior Competitions: Competed against Japan, at Pacific Alliance, against Great Britain and Switzerland and in the Massila Cup (France).  NCAA Competitions: Competed for four years for the University of Georgia; 2013-Gold BB and FX at Regionals and Gold-BB at SEC Championships.  Personal: Hampered by injuries throughout her career; Parents: Lamont and Debbie Worley; Siblings: Clayton, Jolene and Olin.

Sources: Group photo courtesy of USA Gymnastics. Other data and photos collected from the public domain (Wikipedia/Google), by 2008-2013 Web Manager Jerry Wright, author of Gymnastics Who’s Who-2010.  Editing by Dr. Larry Banner, 1993 GHOF Inductee & 1894-2007 Web Manager, Ph.D. & Ed.D.

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