Biography: GAYLORD, Mitch


Inducted: 1984 – Olympic Gold Medal Team
Inducted: 1998 – Individual.
Inducted: U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame – 2005
Born: March 10, 1961

m gaylord

Mitch is quoted by as saying “The greatest memory for me of the 1984 Olympics was not the individual honors, but standing on the podium with my teammates to receive our team gold medal”. His comment makes it easy to understand why Mitch was an outstanding competitor and an outstanding inspirational/motivational speaker.

Oympic Games: Gold-Team, Silver-V, Bronze-R & PB, (1984); World Championships: Budapest, Hungary, (1983); Sports Honors: Los Angeles City High School Championships, Gold-AA, (1979); Los Angeles High School’s Athlete of the Year, (1979); Pac Ten Championships-UCLA, (Art Shurlock & Makoto Sakamoto, Coaches), Bronze-AA, (1980) Gold-AA, Silver-R (1981); Maccabiah Games: Gold-AA, FX, PH, R, PB, HB & Silver-V Israel, (1981) United States Gymnastic Federation International Championships, Bronze-HB, (1980); All American Classic Championships: Gold-AA, (1981); Sports Festival: Gold-AA, (1982); Tokyo Cup, Bronze-V; U.S. National Championships: Gold-HB (Score = 10.00), Silver-AA, FX, PB, Bronze-V, (1982), Gold-AA, FX, R, HB, & Bronze-PB, (1983), Gold-AA, R, Silver-V, Bronze-PH, (1984); USA-China Dual Meet: Bronze-AA, (1982), Bronze-AA, (1984); NCAA Championships: Gold-AA, Silver-R, (1984); USA-USSR Dual Meet: Gold-Team & AA, (1982); Gold-FX, R, HB, Bronze-V, (1983); UCLA Invitational: Gold-AA, R, HB, Silver-FX, American Cup: Silver-AA; Caesar’s Palace Invitational: Gold-AA, (1983). Personal: Developed “Gaylord Flip”, a spectacular and dangerous flip over the HB with a re-grasp and exercise continuation.  Ronald Reagan appointed Mitch to the President’s Council for Physical Fitness, (1984).  In 1986, he acted in American Anthem, eventually hosting his own television series Fan Club.  He also appeared in several product promotions. Mitch has continued a versatile lifestyle as a journalist, broadcaster, stuntman, and professional speaker expounding on the virtues of “Courage, Swiftness, Endurance, and Grace”.

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