Biography: LYNN, Bob

b lynn

LYNN, Robert “Bob” Inducted: 1977 Born: Altadena, California Bob Lynn possessed all the attributes of a perfect gymnast. His height, body build, strength, and suppleness allowed him to perform standard moves with exceptional artistry, and he performed difficult movements that were all but impossible for others to execute. He was a member of the 1960’s … Read more

Biography: KLAUS, Bruno

b klaus

KLAUS, Bruno Inducted: 1988   Bruno Klaus’ contributions to gymnastics in the U.S. have seldom been heralded, but they are many, varied and important. He was a fine gymnast. Then he molded gymnastic champions of character and for over 30 years has used the rewards of his business acumen to help on numerous levels. As … Read more

Biography: JOHNSON, Brandy

b johnson

JOHNSON, Brandy Inducted: 2000 Born: Tallahassee, Florida Brandy Johnson was not only a highly successful national level competitor and national champion she was an American Olympian.  Johnson also is one of those very special people who realize that an individual’s success is largely dependent upon the help and sacrifices of others.  Because of this realization, … Read more

Biography: JOHNKE, Bruno

b johnke

JOHNKE, Bruno Inducted: 1970 Born: Berlin, Germany Bruno Johnke is, in retrospect, the Von Braun of gymnastics.  In the same way that the Mercury & Gemini space programs would not have been successful with such rapidity without Von Braun, American gymnastics would not have known what was being written at the international level about the … Read more

Biography: GALLEHER-Tonry, Barbara

b galleher

GALLEHER-Tonry, Barbara Inducted: 1986 Barbara Galleher-Tonry has been Yale University’s Head Women’s Gymnastic Coach since its beginnings. Originally, a few female students came to men’s coach Don Tonry, a former Olympian and National AAU champion.  He was willing to help, but he needed support and called on Barbara Galleher. Galleher had been a tumbling and … Read more

Biography: DAVIDSON-JOHNSON, Bonnie

b davidson

DAVIDSON-JOHNSON, Bonnie Inducted: 2003 Born: Not Available Ms. Davidson is truly a business person and sports personality from local to international levels.  In 1977, she owned and operated the only USA gymnastics-training center in Rockford, IL.  By 1982, Bonnie attracted more than 600 athletes from 15 different countries to Rockford to compete in the World … Read more

Biography: CONNER, Bart

b conner

CONNER, Bart Team Inducted: 1984 Individual Induction: 1996 International GHOF: 1996 Inducted: U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame – 2005 Born: March 28, 1958 In gymnastic history, the only American gymnast, male or female, to reach the event finals since 1932 occurred in 1968. No American had qualified for the event finals since the Los Angeles … Read more

Biography: BOOTH, Shenea & DAVIS, Arthur

booth davis

BOOTH, Shenea & DAVIS, Arthur Inducted as a Team: 2009 “We are so proud of Arthur and Shenea,” said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics.  “Watching them perform on national television was incredible for those of us in the gymnastics family who have long recognized their talent, grace, strength and artistry.  They worked long and … Read more

Biography: KAROLYI, Bela & Marta

k marta2

KAROLYI, Bela & Marta Bela:  Inducted – IGHOF, 1979 Bela & Marta Coaching Team: Inducted – USGHOF, 2000 On a national and international level, Bela and Marta have become the most successful women’s national and international gymnastic coaches in the history of America. Their overall coaching efforts have produced 28 Olympians, nine Olympic Champions, 15 … Read more

Biography: VEGA, Armando

VEGA, Armando Inducted: 1979 Born: October 24, 1935.  Hurley, New Mexico   Armando Vega is another of the great products of the Los Angeles City Unified High School District sports program. He played football and was a national gymnastics champion before graduating from Woodrow Wilson High School. During the 50’s and 60’s, it was common … Read more