Flyby Massage Gun – Review Model F1Pro 2021

Do you want to learn everything you can about this affordable massage gun? Read this Flyby Massage Gun Review.

It is difficult to find a massage gun that is both affordable and still effective. It seems that the choice is between a low-cost device with limited features or a powerful, expensive model. Rarely are both.

We recently came across the Flyby F1Pro from Amazon. We were intrigued by its potential features and affordable price. We decided to review the Flyby massage gun.

Flyby Brand

Flyby, another massage gun made by Amazon-only is also available. It’s difficult to find out more about the brand since they don’t have an official website.

Flyby Massage Gun

We do know they sell many products such as telescopic drinking straws and other accessories. It’s not just a manufacturer of massage guns.

Their best-selling massage guns are the F1Pro and F2 Pro. We’ve chosen to review the F1Pro, the latest model that was introduced at the end of 2019.


We initially thought that it would look like Hypervolt based on its obvious resemblance.

Surprisingly, F1Pro is well-built despite the extremely low price.


thumbs up regular


  • The Flyby massager can be used anywhere you go, thanks to its battery-operated design. It weighs only 1.8 pounds and is easy to transport. You can take it along with you on your travels or to work or the gym.
  • 6 attachments are included to help you target any part of your body that is in need of treatment.
  • The price! It is the most affordable massage gun on the market. Although I wouldn’t normally recommend it at this price, there are some great features and specifications for the money you pay. It works as long as it works.
thumbs down regular


  • There are no instructions or cases.
  • The amplitude of 10mm is very low. This is the depth the massager presses into the muscle. For someone who does regular exercise, I prefer a massager with at least 12mm amplitude. The Ekrin B37. Although it may not seem like much, the 2mm really does make a difference.
  • Although the overall rating is quite high, you will see that there are quite a few 1 stars reviews. This will be addressed in the next section, which will discuss customer feedback.

Flyby Massage Gun Review

This table lists the key features of the Flyby Massage Gun and provides a better understanding of it.

Flyby Review

FeaturesFlyby F1Pro
Stall Force50 lbs (advertised)
Stroke Length10 mm
Percussions1800-3200 ppm
Speed options3
Battery Life4 hours (2000mAh)
Weight1.8 lbs
Noise45 dB
ProsReasonable stall force;
Portable and lightweight;
Operation with low noise;
ConsShort stroke length;
Speed limits.
Warranty1 Year
PriceShop at Amazon

What’s Included?

The Flyby Massage Gun does not come with a case, unlike many other massage guns. The Flyby Massage Gun comes in a nice cardboard box that is easy to understand for the price.

What's Included

The box contains the device, 6 attachments, and an instruction manual.

  • It reminds us of a Hypervolt massage gun, which looks like a power drill. The LCD is a common feature in budget-friendly percussion massagers.
  • It includes 6 attachments. Two different-sized ball heads for soft massages, one for the spine, a fork to support the spine, a flat head for a strong punch in large areas, a bullethead to concentrate the force in small areas, and a wedge for scraping movements.
  • The foam material used to make the ball heads will eventually deteriorate. Rubber ball heads are more durable. We think rubber ball heads will last longer than the other ones made of hard plastic.
  • It doesn’t support USB-C, which is quite disappointing.
  • The instructions manual is very basic. The manual is very basic.

We are very impressed with the value for money. We are disappointed that there is no carry case. However, we don’t think it’s too bad considering the low price.

Size, Ergonomics, and Build Quality

Its weight was one of its first surprises. It is lighter than many of its rivals, at 1.8 pounds. It is also very well balanced, making it the ideal weight for a massager.

It’s also not as bulky as the other models, which is a plus. The handle diameter is small so that users with smaller hands can grip it well.

It does however have a drill-like appearance, which we don’t like. It can be difficult to reach certain areas of the body, especially when you are giving yourself a massage. Massages that last more than a few minutes can also be painful because of the way it is shaped.

recover any time

We are satisfied with the build quality. The plastic parts make it feel cheap. It was assembled well and left us with a positive impression.

The Flyby Massage Gun doesn’t have an LED screen and only one button to switch between speeds. You must use the switch located at the bottom of the handle to turn it on.

Its minimalist design makes it simple to use. Ideal for those who are just starting to use a massage gun. We love the size and weight. It would have been perfect if the handle had been angled slightly.


Let’s now get to the important part of this Flyby Massage Gun Review – its performance. This is where you can compare it to other products.


The F1Pro comes with a 10mm stroke. This is a bit disappointing. This is the standard amplitude for mini-percussion massagers for vibration therapy. We expected more from a larger device.

It is, however, one of the most cost-effective units on the market. We expected some compromises in its internal workings.

A 10mm stroke length is sufficient for personal use. The Flyby is a great choice if you don’t want deep, high-impact messages.

Stall Force

It has the device stopped working properly, which makes up for its limiting amplitude.

Flyby Massage Gun’s maximum stall force is 50lbs. This allows you to push the machine further without worrying about the motor stalling. It does feel a bit slower than the Theragun Elite, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s still not terrible!

It also has a progressive force. The stall force increases with speed, so it is less at lower speeds. This is something you should keep in mind as you use it.

Percussions & Speed Levels

The F1Pro’s percussion range 1800-3200ppm is also impressive. This allows for us to have deep punches and soft massages.

power and speed

We are disappointed by the 3-speed settings. We don’t like 20-30 speed levels but we think a massage gun should have at least 5-6 speed levels for optimal performance. This unit has a 3-speed setting that is very restrictive.

The Flyby Massage Gun was a surprise to us all. The Flyby is quite affordable and delivers a good performance. It would be a great buy for the price if it had a longer stroke and had more gear.


Flyby Gun has a maximum noise level of 45dB. We have tested it ourselves and can confirm its noiselessness. Although it isn’t the quietest, it’s still quite comparable to other massage guns. We find it quieter than full-sized Theraguns.

You can barely hear the sound of anything at the lowest gear. It is louder at higher speeds but the vibrations and rattling aren’t too bothersome.

However, there is one thing we are concerned about. We have found that affordable massage guns can become louder over time, based on our experience. It’s happened on Legiral and Flyby users have also reported it in their reviews. We are yet to see if the noise level continues after some time.


Flyby F1Pro includes a 2000 mAh battery which allows it to last up to 4 hours at its most energy-saving setting.

It can take between 3-4 hours depending on how fast you set the pressure and what speed you use.

You can recharge your battery for as little as a few min to 10 minutes each day, which will give you an idea of the frequency you’ll need. This is very good battery performance.

Although the screen on this massage gun isn’t accurate, LED lights give us an indication of when it’s charging.

This amazing massage gun also comes with a wall charger. It does not offer USB_C charging and takes a long time to charge.

Price and warranty

The Flyby is available at an unbelievable price. The price is way below $100 at the time of writing, but you can check the current pricing here. We think this is one of the best massage guns for the budget.

This massage gun also comes with a 1-year warranty. This is quite common for Amazon-only brands. Although it is better than no warranty at all it is still not comparable to the lifetime warranties offered by established companies.

Using Experience Flyby Massage Gun

We used it for quite a while for about a month. It has three speeds, ranging from 1800 RPM to 3200RPM, a 10mm amplitude, and a stall for 50 lbs (you can use 50 lbs of pressure), so it should be just as good as other massage guns. Although 10mm is slightly lower than the average, most massage guns would have a 12mm amplitude, speed, and stall force that are similar.

enhance relaxation

A massage gun is my main reason for using it after a hard workout. They can reduce soreness over the next day, although they are not miracle cures. Because I sit for long periods at work, I enjoy using a massage gun every now and then to help with back pain and relax.

The Flyby is capable of performing what I require it to after testing it. The Flyby’s 3 speeds are powerful and the stall force is strong. Although I would like to see more amplitude, it works well for the price. Although it’s not my favorite massage gun, I have some thoughts on its durability and longevity based on the experiences of other users (check out the feedback section below).

It’s quiet at 45dB (similar to an electric toothbrush). It can be used while you watch TV, and won’t disturb anyone. It is quieter than the Hypervolt, for instance.

You can get several massage sessions with a long battery life of approximately 4+ hours. I get several hours of use at medium-high speed.

Who is It Best For?

We believe it is best for personal use, due to its short-stroke lengths and average stall force.

This would be a great choice if you are looking for a first massage gun. It is cheaper than the Chirogun and a more average Fitpulse.

Its compact dimensions and weight of 1.8 pounds make it easy to fit in most gym bags.

best for

Its portability makes it ideal for those who are always on the go.

The Flyby Massage Gun has a great percussion range and stalls power. It can be used to release lactic acid, treat sore muscles, break up scar tissue and perform other post-training rituals. This massage gun will be a hit with gym buffs.

The Flyby is an affordable choice if you are looking for a good massage gun that doesn’t cost too much.

However, stronger alternatives might be more suitable for you if you are a demanding user of muscle or a professional therapist.

What Does Customer Feedback Look Like?

Flyby F1pro reviews are numerous and generally positive. Many have had positive experiences with the Flyby F1pro. It’s not perfect, however, as there are many negative reviews, especially if you look at the “most recent” ones.

Here are some of the problems:

  • The battery won’t charge, or won’t keep a charge
  • Fully charged, but will not turn on
  • Makes a rattling sound like a piece of furniture is falling off the inside
  • The unit won’t switch off

These comments are appearing way too often for me. This is exactly what I expected for a deep tissue massage gun at this price. The price is a lot lower than other massage guns that I have tested and loved. I was curious if the quality of production and durability would be comparable. It isn’t, which I am not surprised by.

Would I Recommend Flyby F1PRO To You?

The Flyby F1Pro seems to be the best massaging device available for pain relief and muscle pain. It has features similar to other models, and many positive customer reviews. This makes it a great value.

We’ve done extensive research on this Flyby Massage Gun review and found many negative reviews. There are many complaints about the massage guns making a loud rattling sound, not being able to hold a charge, and giving up after a few use. The manual is not included and the case is not provided. However, it comes with enough travel boxes.

There are many more positive reviews than there are negative. However, I would be cautious about buying a massage gun for this price as it is clearly not as durable or well-made as the higher-end models. It could be broken or malfunction within months, even if it seems to work well at first. You won’t get a replacement if it fails to work within the warranty period (1 year).

Noone decent quality knock-off cannot give you the same experience. So Flyby F1Pro it’s a great deal.

Customers Reviews


Both my husband and I are licensed, massage therapists. Our job requires us to use a different brand of massage gun. This was a gift for my husband’s birthday. I wanted it to be “sufficient” for times when we can’t use the other brand. We are both extremely happy with our verified purchase great machine. This metallic grey great device is quite quiet but still delivers a powerful therapeutic percussive effect. It has been extremely helpful in helping us both with our aches and pains. This product has been recommended to me by others.


These were something I’ve seen before, and I was not impressed by them after I tried them on my father-in-law. It was painful and uncomfortable, so it wasn’t worth $400 or more. This was recommended by a friend. It was very easy to use, and it saved my life after a tournament of football. It comes with 3 strengths modes and a variety of attachments. You can try all three levels with different attachments to suit different parts of your body if you buy one. It is great for running, sports, and even morning workouts. I find that I prefer attachments for my legs to my back so you don’t have to take the old one out and put the new one in. It’s very simple because there’s no release or button. In case of an attachment breaking, the unit comes with additional O rings.

It’s been with me for about a month now and I use it three to four times per week. It hasn’t been changed since I first got it, so it is still good! It is!

Part 3 of the pain relief is temporary. It’s temporary (on the back, let’s just say), but not a healing device. However, it will break down lactic acid and I have found that I am less sore the following day after using it. Don’t be too harsh with the relief of pain rating. It’s the best $100 I have ever spent.

The last thing that is good for couples is the last thing. My back massage skills are terrible, but my wife loves them. It relieves tension and feels just like a massage. The flat runs attachment is great for your feet after a long day of walking or standing at work. Enjoy, take care.


The sheer number of options was overwhelming. I chose to spend less than $100 on my first purchase. There were many options, but FLYBY stood out because of the battery life and accessories.

It came in a nice box and had a 60% battery charge. This is great for when you need to use the massage gun immediately! It has multi-speed settings, which I love. It is very quiet, so you can use it while watching TV or doing other things and not notice it.

Although the device is heavy, it feels sturdy. It has a matte coating that makes it easier to grip.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase. I will update my review once I have had more time to use it.


Is a massage gun really worth it?

“A massage gun can be used whenever you need to ease muscle tension. However, it is especially useful after a workout to increase muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.” Leada Malek, CSCS is a San Francisco sports physical therapist.

Do massage guns need batteries?

Massage guns can be a great way to relieve sore muscles after or before a workout. They should be simple to use, provide sufficient power for deep muscle relief, have long life batteries.