TOP-8 The Best Gymnastics Mats Review And Buying Guide

Gymnastics mats are crucial for practicing and developing skills. How do you choose the right mat for you? There are likely many questions you have and not enough information to help you decide where to begin.

There’s no need to panic! We receive a lot of questions about gymnastics mats. So we have a few tips that will help you.

This guide will help you learn about the various types of gymnastics mats and the thickness options. It also explains the teaching tools that you can use.

TOP-8 The Best Tumbling Mats

1. Giantex Gymnastics Mat

Giantex Gymnastics Mats

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This mat is made from premium materials to ensure maximum comfort. The mat is filled with EPE foam, which is eco-friendly and resilient. It also has a PU leather covering that is abrasion resistant.


  • Nine fun color combination options
  • Design with four-folding and handle for portability
  • Easy assembly and cleaning with the zipper seal


  • Relatively costly

2. Polar Aurora 4’x10’x2 Thick Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat


3. BalanceFrom 2″ Thick Tri-Fold Folding Exercise mat

BalanceFrom 2" Thick Tri-Fold Folding Exercise mat

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This folding gymnastics mats are cheaper than many other options but can provide superior comfort, protection, durability, and support. The non-absorbent mat measures six feet long and is made from non-toxic, lead free vinyl. This protects it against punctures and tears.


  • With carrying handles
  • Moisture absorbent technology
  • Made from high-density foam


  • Some users might find it too rigid

4. Tumbl Trak Folding Tumbling Panel Mat for Gymnastics


5. BestMassage Gymnastics Mat

BestMassage Gymnastics Mat

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If you are looking for a larger mat with thicker, more soft foam, this mat is a great choice. This mat is ideal for gymnastics.


  • Solid, but buoyant
  • Material made of high-quality, non-abrasive Leather
  • Side stickers to attach another mat


  • There is no way to keep the mat folded up in a secure manner

6. We Sell Mats 4 ft x 6 ft x 2 in Personal Fitness & Exercise Mat


7. ProsourceFit Folding Thick Exercise Mat

ProsourceFit Folding Thick Exercise Mat

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This mat is an excellent choice if you are looking for a durable tumbling mat you can use for many years. The mat has the same trifold design as many others, but it also features a foam that keeps its shape after prolonged use.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Tear-resistant
  • It is easy to clean


  • Relatively thinner

8. Z Athletic Gymnastics, Tumbling, Folding Mats


What is The Composition of Gymnastics Mats?

Gymnastic mats are usually made from impact-absorbent, cross-link polyethylene foam and covered with a durable vinyl case. They are easy to clean and maintain and will not be damaged by any traffic. Some mats have carpet tops to improve traction when used with flooring routines.

What Kinds of Gymnastics Mats Do You Have?

There are many options available for gymnastics mats. It all depends on how mobile you want your mat to be and how you use it. You may find one option is more suitable than another.

Folding Mats

Vinyl-covered panels fold up to make folding mats easy to store. Because they are so easy to transport and store, panel mats are a popular choice for gymnastics mats. These mats are ideal for practicing gymnastics at all levels.

Roll Out The Mats

Roll-out gymnastics mats can be easily transported and stored because they can be folded up like a yoga mat for when they are not in use.

Landing Mats

For maximum impact absorption, landing mats are ideal. These mats are ideal for advanced gymnastics or martial arts. These mats are also known as crash mats. They tend to be thicker and have mesh sides that allow air for impact. This allows for a soft landing.

Competition Mats

These competition mats can cover a lot of ground when it comes to a match or floor routine. Depending on the sport, they may be covered with vinyl or carpet. They are easy to roll and can be used in gymnasiums and convention centers. You can choose from a variety of colors to match the colors of your school or team on roll-out competition mats, including throw mats, and some other.

Tumbling Mat Guide For Buyers

To stay healthy and fit, it is important to exercise regularly. Many people don’t realize that exercise doesn’t need to be done in a gym. Gymnastics can be done at home, which is a great way for you to improve your skills.

No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, the best tumbling mat can help you learn faster and more safely.

Tumbling Mat Guide For Buyers

We reviewed all options and created this guide to help you choose the best one for your needs. This guide will help you learn about the various types of tumbling mats as well as the thickness options and dimensions.

Consider These Things Before You Buy A Tumbling Rug


It is important to consider the thickness of your mat. For best results, aim for a thickness of 1 to 2 inches. Tumbling will be difficult if the mat is too thick. This is because your feet and hands sink into it. A thin yoga mat will not provide cushioning or protection for your body.

Children’s mats can have a thickness of up to 4 inches. Children will appreciate a thicker mat because it provides protection and shock absorption.


When purchasing a mat, space can be an issue. Be sure to have enough space so that you can place your mat and perform tricks without getting in trouble.

There are many sizes of mats available so it should not be difficult to find the right mat for you. Tumbling mats for home use typically measure 8 feet in length and 4 feet in width.

Cover Material

Vinyl or PU leather can be used as the outside covering of a gymnastics mat. Vinyl is the most popular option as it’s durable and provides a non-slip surface that allows for safer tumbling. PU leather, although it is the most costly, feels the best and most comfortable.


Next, ensure you select a sturdy model. Durability is determined by the material used inside.

Foam models should be able to retain their shape and feel for a longer time. If you choose an inflatable model, make sure that it is resistant to sharp objects.

Gymnastics Mats For Practice At Home: There Are Many Types of Gymnastics Mats Available

You have many options when it comes home to mats. Below are the most well-known mat types.

Mats For Folding or Paneling

Folding mats are a popular choice for gymnastics mats in homes and gyms. There are many sizes and colors available for folding mats. They fold up for easy storage. The most common size is 4 x 8 ft. These mats are usually made with Velcro at the ends. You can add more mats to make a longer mat.

Paneled mats can also be referred to as panel mats, or simply folding mats. It doesn’t matter if the mat you are looking at is a folding or tumbling mat. They offer the same benefits and can be found in the same sizes and lengths.

Mats For Folding or Paneling

Our favorite panel/folding mat is the Tumbl Trak Tumbling Matts. These mats are perfect for tumbling. They have enough padding, non-slip and can be easily folded up and connected if you have more than one.

Extra length mats or connectable mats may be better for your gymnast if they are attempting to do a series of different elements. You need to ensure that you have enough space for the required size. This mat is 10 feet long and has a velcro strap to attach additional mats. Polar Aurora folding gymnastics mat You might also like this 8-foot-long folding mat with hook and loop connections from Resilite (Made In USA) or We sell Mats (One of our favorite brands).

Cartwheel Mats

The cartwheel beam mat makes a great home mat for a beginner or a young gymnast. It is designed with the correct hand and foot placement to help gymnasts do a cartwheel correctly. The mat can also be used for practicing handstand rolls even after the gymnast has mastered the cartwheel.

Many cartwheel beam mats also have a beam option. Simply flip the mat and you’ll find a beam option. A matted practice beam allows gymnasts to practice beam balance skills as well as other skills normally done on the beam.

Cartwheel Mats

The Tumbl Trak Beam Mat is best for beginners. This mat has two sides that can be used as guides, with the beam-line and hands on one side.

You or your gymnasts might not think they’ll need the hands-and-foots guide. This mat has a beam-line on one side and a hopscotch line on the other. It is great for learning beam skills.

Flexible-Roll Mats

A Flexi-roll or carpeted mat can look and feel just like a competition flooring. Although it does not have the same feel as a competition floor, it can be used for home use. A carpeted mat can be easily rolled up and stored.

You can find our top-rated Dollamur Flexi Roll mats on Amazon.

Incline Mats

For young gymnasts who are learning to do backward and forwards rolls, an incline mat is a great choice. You can also use this type of mat for log rolls. An incline mat can be used for log rolls. It helps gymnasts develop body awareness and reduces stress while they learn.

Advanced gymnasts shouldn’t use an incline if they are trying to improve their skills. A larger incline mat is better for this purpose.

Our top choice for beginner tumblers and gymnasts is the We sell Mats incline rug. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors so you can find the right one for your gymnast.


What mats do gymnasts use?

The majority of gymnastics mats are made from impact-absorbent, cross-link polyethylene foam and covered with a durable vinyl case. They are easy to clean and maintain, so they won’t be easily punctured or torn no matter how many people use them.

What is the best thickness for a gymnastics mat?

1-3/8″ – 2-1/2″: This thickness is ideal for gymnastics and tumbling mats. These mats can be used for multiple purposes. 8-12”: Crash mats and landing mats are usually extra thick to protect you from falling.

How much would a gymnastics mat cost?

The majority of tumbling mats are priced between $100 and $800. Price is affected by many factors, such as thickness, durability, size, and other factors.