Biography: MINICUCCI, Dominick


Inducted: 1999 Born: January 10, 1969, Staten Island, New York

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Olympic Games: Team member, Seoul, Korea, (1988); Team member, Barcelona, Spain, (1992). Pan American Games: Gold-PB (t), Silver-Team, Bronze-PH, Santiago de Cuba, (1991). World University Games: Bronze-PH, Dominick was the first American to medal at these games on this event, Sheffield, England, (1991); Team member (A), Yugoslavia, (1987). International Team Competitions: USA vs. Romania, Gold-Team & PH (t), Silver-PB & HB, Albuquerque, New Mexico, (1991); The Pyramid Challenge: USA vs. GDR, Silver-HB (t), Memphis, Tennessee, (1990); China Cup, Team member, Beijing, China, (1988); USA vs. France, Team member, West Point, New York, (1987); McDonald’s American Cup, Team member, Fairfax, VA, (1987); Taipei Junior International Invitational, Gold-PB & R, Bronze-AA, Taipei, Taiwan, (1986); USA/USSR Friendship Tour Team member, Long Island, NY, (1986); McDonald’s International Mixed Pairs, Hampton, VA., (1986); USA vs. Japan, Gold-AA, (1985); USA vs. Italy, (1985); TBS Cup, Tokyo, Japan, (1985); USA vs. Canada, (1984).  NCAA Championships: Gold-PB, Temple University, Cincinnati, Ohio; Silver-Team, U. of Illinois, (1988) & Gold-Team, U. of Illinois, (1989). USA Gymnastics Championships: Silver-PH (t) & Bronze-HB.

Sources: Courtesy of Jerry Wright author of Gymnastics Who’s Who, 2005 and public domain information acquired at and . Formatting by Larry Banner, Web Manager.

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