Sensory Gym Ideas Organized by Each Sense

A sensory room is basically a sensory area in a gym setting. It is heavy on movement and other kinesthetic equipment. A sensory area has many items that stimulate the senses. It is extremely beneficial for children with sensory processing disorders.

Modern Competition

When Was Gymnastics Invented

Gymnastics combines strength and coordination with artistic gymnastics. Gymnastics is open for all ages and all levels. Schools, colleges, universities, clubs and schools, elite competitions at the national level, as well club and school settings, are all eligible.

Aerial In Gymnastics

Aerial In Gymnastics – Step-By-Step Guide, How To Improve Your Skill

A healthy lifestyle includes sport. Any type of physical activity is good for your mental and physical health. Acrobatics can be described as aerial skills or just aerial gymnastics. Circus performances inspired aerial gymnastics, where performers use silk sheets to create spectacular moves. These stunts can be seen from a distance of between 4-10m above the ground. This …

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Beat Jump

Types Of Gymnastics Jumps

Gymnastics jumps can be challenging, especially when they are combined with other skills or positions. The judges will focus on your height and how well you keep your arms and leg straight throughout your jump. They will also be looking for whether your landing is correct and without wobbling.