Sensory Gym Ideas Organized by Each Sense


sensory room is basically a sensory area in a gym setting. It is heavy on movement and other kinesthetic equipment. A sensory area has many items that stimulate the senses. It is extremely beneficial for children with sensory processing disorders.

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When Was Gymnastics Invented

Modern Competition

Gymnastics combines strength and coordination with artistic gymnastics. Gymnastics is open for all ages and all levels. Schools, colleges, universities, clubs and schools, elite competitions at the national level, as well club and school settings, are all eligible.

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What Are A Tumbling Passes, Basic Combinations

basic tumbling combinations

Tumbling is also known as power tumble. It’s a gymnastics discipline that requires participants to perform a series of acrobatic moves down a 25 meter (82 ft.) long spring track. A pass is a series of eight elements that the athlete performs. They jump, twist, and flip their way around the track using only their hands. Tumblers will be judged on their difficulty and form. The sport has both individual and group competitions.

Tumbling may also be used to refer to similar acrobatic skills that are performed either on their own or in conjunction with other events such as floor exercises and balance beams.

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How To Master Standing Tucks


Are you looking to learn how to do a standing tuck back for cheerleading, gymnastics, or tumble? This article will teach you how to master this move in any sport. This is a great skill that you can show your friends.

Standing back tuck is jumping in the air, propelling your upper body forward, and accelerating your feet ahead of your head. To flip your legs, place your knees under the chest.

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