GRIFFIN, Lester “Griff”  (Deceased, 1977) Inducted: 1963 Born: Dallas, TX   Les Griffin was one of the early […]
CHENCINSKI, Linda Inducted: 1989 Born: Long Island, New York It is a distinct pleasure to write about as […]
BORDO, Louis John Inducted: 1971 Olympic Games: Team member, London, England, (1948); Named Honorary Olympic Team Member of […]
BANNER, Larry S. U. .S. Gymnastic Hall of Fame – Induction 1993 1936 – 2013 Who’d a thunk […]
ZMESKAL-Burdette, Kim  Inducted: 2001 Born: Houston, Texas   The AAU sent a full team for the first time […]
THOMAS, Kurt Bilteaux Inducted: 1990 Born: Miami, Florida-USA Kurt Thomas began gymnastics at age 14 at Miami Central […]
STRUG, Kerri Inducted: Member of 1996 Olympic Gold Medal Team Individually Inducted – 2002 Born: Tucson, Arizona   […]
SIMONS, Kip Alexander Inducted: 2010 “Coaching at the Air Force Academy is a dream job,” Simons said. “There […]
SCHIER, Karl Kurt (Schwenzfeier) Inducted: 1982 Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania October 5, 1933 Before his legal name change in […]
MAZEIKA, Kevin Inducted: 2010 Coaching Career: Mazeika, a native of Houston, began coaching men’s gymnastics in 1984 and […]