ZIMRING-SCHNEIDERMAN, Valerie Inducted: 2007 Born: Los Angeles, California-USA Prelude to Rhythmic Gymnastics The history of Rhythmic Gymnastics can be traced as far back as 1814 by Per Henrik Ling. Ling promoted aesthetic gymnastics in which students expressed their feelings and emotions through bodily movement but it was still calisthenics without apparatus. Then it 1864 proponents …

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t schwikert

Biography: SCHWIKERT, Tasha

SCHWIKERT, Tasha Individually Inducted: 2012 Member-Gold Medal World Championships Team (2003)   The extreme honor of being selected to be the Captain of a Gold Medal winning World Championship Team can only be exceeded by an outstanding individual performances in that competition. Tasha Schwikert was up to the occasion in all respects. Getting Started: The …

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t muzyczko

Biography: MUZYCZKO, Ted

MUZYCZKO, Ted Inducted: 1980 Born: January 14, 1936. Chicago, IL   Gymnasts, judges and audiences throughout the world are aware of the potentially serious nature of accidents inherent in the sport of gymnastics.  Many have a story about what they have seen or experienced. One slip in an awkward position and the gymnast, male or …

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t maloney

Biography: MALONEY, Tom

MALONEY, Tom Inducted: 1971 Tom Maloney was my coach in Moscow, Rome, and Prague. He was able to make some corrections to my performance on several events during the pre-competition training. He was a well-respected man, especially in the way he gave service to the AAU that was the governing body for U.S. gymnastics. His …

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t levinson

Biography: LEVINSON, Tamara

LEVINSON, Tamara Inducted: 2011 Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tamara Levinson is one of the highest ranked American rhythmic gymnasts in history. Although her competitive career was relatively short, she influenced a generation of up-and-coming U.S. performers. Because of the lack of training facilities in the U.S., Levinson’s parents opened Rhythmflex in Rockville, Maryland – …

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