Overview of gymnastics betting. Useful Tips

Gymnastics, as you know, became popular with the general public in the early 1970s. Gradually, these competitions at the World Championships and the Olympic Games began to be popularized not only in France, but also on all continents of the world. At the same time, some bookmakers began accepting bets on gymnastics. If we analyze the statistics of the performance of international teams and individual athletes in particular, it is difficult to draw an analogy with football or tennis.

What attracts people to gymnastics?

Regular international gymnastics competitions certainly attract people with their beauty, aesthetics and grace. The complexity of performing combinations, which requires a high level of skill of athletes, gives special drama. The audience is very attentive to the moments when professional gymnasts perform complex exercises. It is unknown whether everything will go well and beautifully, or, on the contrary, a sportsman can make a serious mistake.

For many countries, gymnastics performances are a national tradition with a long history. And of course, the most loyal fans are ready to take risks and bet on gymnastics. Among the main events in the world of gymnastics, I will note the following:

  1. The Olympic Games. Gymnastics has been an integral part of the Olympics since 1896. One of the most important events for professional sports gymnasts, as well as in sports in general. The program of performances includes artistic, rhythmic and trampoline gymnastics. Almost all betting companies offer bets on these events.
  2. World Championships in gymnastics. Competitions with the participation of many countries, which are held every two years. They are qualification tournaments for participation in the Olympic Games. The organization and holding of Gymnastics Championships lies with FIG. Online broadcasts around the world attract a large number of viewers, fans, experts and, of course, bettors.
  3. International Rhythmic Gymnastics championships. This is no less important event than the previous ones. Rhythmic gymnastics is the most spectacular sport in terms of beauty. These annual events have been a preparatory part for the Olympic Games since 1963.
  4. World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships Tournaments that have been held every two years since 1964. Incredible performances of the strongest athletes using trampolines. The most complex acrobatic elements create their own charm and an atmosphere of fortitude. The experiences, emotions and expectations of gamblers in this type of competition are held with special passion.
  5. European Championships. Europe, thanks to a large number of countries, holds local gymnastics competitions in the following types: Trampolining, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, aerobics. Viewers and fans can watch competitions in different European countries every year. Not only to watch, but also to bet on your favorite athletes.
  6. Asian Games. Gymnastic competitions among China, Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Uzbekistan, India and other countries. Japanese and Chinese athletes are traditionally strong in this sport. Traditionally, gymnastics is part of the all-around. The Asian Games take place every 4 years and, thanks to a very large number of fans, are very attractive for online betting.
  7. Gymnastics championships in America. Prestigious PAGU-sponsored competitions between North America and South America, including Central America. A continental tournament that allows many athletes to get to the Olympic Games. It is not often that these competitions come under the gaze of bookmakers.

These and other types of gymnastics require detailed study for analysis. Betting requires, first of all, a long-term strategy based on an understanding of the specifics of competitions and the results of individual athletes.

The main types of bets in gymnastics

According to experts and observers, on the one hand, gymnastics is a predictable sport. I have also encountered the opposite opinion. Of course, it is necessary to understand gymnastic competitions more seriously in order to place bets on teams and certain athletes. Let’s consider the most popular ways of online betting in gymnastics:

Victory by exercises: A bet on uneven bars, trampoline or other types of gymnastic exercises. The outcome of the event indicates a specific winner.

Outright Winner: A bet that a certain sportsman will win his profile discipline.

Podium Finish: The bettor will have to guess which of the competitors will win a gold, silver or bronze medal.

Score Bets: A special type of betting where you can choose the estimated number of points for the performance of a team or a single gymnast.

Betting on team competitions: You can choose your favorite teams and guess who will win.

Head-to-Head: Comparing two players. When you choose between two professional gymnasts, who will score the most points.

What should I pay attention to when betting on gymnastics?

Gymnastics Betting

Of course, you should conduct an in-depth analysis of the speeches. But this is not a key factor in gymnastics betting. It is also necessary to take into account the following details:

  1. How many injuries and injuries the athlete had.
  2. The degree of complexity of the elements that are included in his program of performances.
  3. Evaluate the emotional and psychological portrait of the participant of the competition.
  4. Home or away tournament. The venue often significantly affects the result of performances.
  5. The judging panel.
  6. How the training sessions and other insider information took place.
  7. The history of speeches as a general analysis of events.

From the above, it is important to note that judges can have a very subjective assessment. The country, experience and history of a particular judge influences his decision. An assessment made at a certain stage may affect the performances of other athletes. The influence of the style and experience of the coach and mentor is also important. Gymnastics schools in Asia are different from American sports educational institutions.

Additional aspects of gymnastics competitions

In gymnastics, not only the winner is important, but also the artistic evaluation of the performance. Artistic abilities, charisma and energy of movements make up the overall picture of the athlete. Beautiful costumes, a varied program and musical accompaniment make up the complete picture of the grandiose show. Therefore, bets on gymnastics are of a secondary nature and most likely give additional pleasure. Why is this happening? Every performing gymnast has the right to make a mistake, as well as the judges who decide on the winner. The final, in which three participants will take the podium, has a certain degree of unpredictability.

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It is worth noting that many championships are held seasonally. The most significant events take place in the summer. If you want to bet on gymnastics, study the competition calendar and get ready in advance. You can also take part in betting on national and continental championships.

Welcome Bonus

In addition, using these betting companies, you will be able to get a bonus for registration. This is a special reward for players, which they can get by promo code. Using bonus funds, you can make a large number of bets on gymnastics at no additional cost. You can get a 1xBet promo code in a separate article.

Betting Apps

For the convenience of users, bookmakers offer their unique mobile betting applications. It is a reliable tool for online betting in real time. Another important aspect from the list of companies that we have indicated is the support service. You will be able to get full information from the customer support operator.

Other betting promotions

Even if your experience in gymnastics betting is not great, you can get cashback and a bonus for a series of unsuccessful bets. You can get detailed information about the best promotional offers from bookmakers in a separate review.

What events are available for gymnastics betting?

There are different types of gymnastics for women and men. Each of them has its own characteristics that require serious athletic training.

  • Men’s Horizontal Bars
  • Men’s Vault
  • Women’s Balance Beam
  • Men’s Pommel Horse
  • Trampoline (Women’s and Men’s)
  • Men’s Rings
  • Men’s Team All-Around
  • Men’s Individual All-Around
  • Women’s Vault
  • Floor
  • Women’s Individual All-Around
  • Parallel Bars
  • Women’s Rhythmic

Risks and responsible play

I strongly recommend evaluating your analytical capabilities from the outside. It is important to understand the meaning of the responsible game and control the size and frequency of your bets. Gymnastics has its share of volatility and unpredictability. You should understand that your winnings may not be guaranteed. Set aside a line for yourself, after which you should stop and take a break from betting.


We recommend you to take a closer look and prepare for the Olympic Games, as the most attractive way of betting on gymnastics. Keep an eye on other important tournaments to gain valuable experience. Odds in gymnastic competitions can reach very high values. A set of preliminary information about upcoming events will help you make a more accurate choice in betting.

The most frequent questions:

Are gymnastics bets legal?

If you place bets online, the transaction is concluded in the territory of the country in which the license is issued. For example, if you place a bet from Argentina, and the bookmaker’s main office is located in Cyprus, you are not breaking the law. For legal non-profit, it is better to make a deposit in cryptocurrency.

Where is it better to start betting on gymnastics?

Start with simple bets. For example, which sportsman or country will win the competition. The easiest way is to study statistics by country.

Which bookmaker is best suited for gymnastics?

The most suitable betting companies for gymnastics betting are 1xBet and 1win. Thanks to a large selection of competitions, you will be able to place various types of bets.

At what time of the year do gymnastics competitions take place?

The significant tournaments and championships in gymnastics are held in the summer. Less significant national or continental competitions are held in spring and winter.