When Should a Child Start Gymnastics?

Gymnastic for toddlers

Toddler gymnastics is great fun for parents and toddlers. But when should a child start gymnastics? A gymnastics school offers “toddler” and “mom” classes for very young children. They believe that a 12- or 18-month-old child is too young for gymnastics.

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How To Do Gymnastic Handstand

Gymnastic Handstand

Handstand is a key skill in gymnastics. It is not only one of the basics for floor gymnastics, but the straight-body handstand position can be used in all other skills. Handstand positions include a giant on bars, a front handspring in the vault, and handsprings (rear and front), on both beam and ground. It is important to learn how to perform a perfect handstand and master it.

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DIY Gymnastics Bar – How To Make A Gymnastics Bar?


Both newbies, as well as seasoned gymnasts, will find it convenient and efficient to practice at home. But, it is not affordable to buy a gymnastics bar that is already made. If this is you, then make a DIY gym! Does Homemade Gymnastics Bar Make It Easy? Although homemade gymnastics bars may not be as strong, … Read more