Gymnastic Handstand

How To Do Gymnastic Handstand

Handstand is a key skill in gymnastics. It is not only one of the basics for floor gymnastics, but the straight-body handstand position can be used in all other skills. Handstand positions include a giant on bars, a front handspring in the vault, and handsprings (rear and front), on both beam and ground. It is important to learn how to perform a perfect …

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Why Gymnast Strength Training Is Important, Basic Excercises

Gymnasts are known for having defined all the muscles and their perfect own body weight. This is often due to the type of training they do. Since I was 3, I have been a gymnast. In this post, I will share my daily routine as a gymnast. Let’s first look at the benefits of gymnastics-based exercise.

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All About Back Handsprings

The back handspring is a skill that is a major milestone in a gymnast’s progress. A gymnast really wants to master the back handspring. Because it’s a skill that no gymnast has ever learned before, it can be difficult to master. A back handspring requires that a gymnast push and jump backward. It can also create a mental block.