ZIMRING-SCHNEIDERMAN, Valerie Inducted: 2007 Born: Los Angeles, California-USA Prelude to Rhythmic Gymnastics The history of Rhythmic Gymnastics can be traced as far back as 1814 by Per Henrik Ling. Ling promoted aesthetic gymnastics in which students expressed their feelings and emotions through bodily movement but it was still calisthenics without apparatus. Then it 1864 proponents …

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v dautorio

Biography: D’AUTORIO, “Vinny” Vincent

D’AUTORIO, “Vinny” Vincent (1915-2008) Inducted: 1971 Born: Newark, NJ Vincent D’Autorio is another Hall of Fame Honoree who was forced to balance work, service to his country, and gymnastic training. He was a two time Olympian who competed in an era that featured some of America’s best gymnasts including Bill Roetzheim, George Wheeler, Ed Scrobe, …

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