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HALLreMARKS, Subject:  Roots (3rd Edition)

Our “HALLreMARKS” section will present a variety of articles, gymnastic columns and experiences, plus miscellaneous reading for gymnastic aficionados. Each will run for 20 to 30 days. All are invited to submit materials using the “Contact Us” at the bottom of most pages. Submissions will all be given serious consideration, but the Web Manager will have editing authority. All responses will be acknowledged.

The first installment is a must reading and inspection for every gymnastic enthusiast. My family has read and re-reads the contents of Roots (3rd Ed.), and we find it to be an amazing source of information presented in a unique and most interesting manner.

“Gymnastic history is more interesting when you’re in it.”

Will Roots Interest You?

  • Yes, if you know something about the origins of the Turnverein or the Sokol.
  • Yes, if you know “Abie.”
  • Yes, if you have been coaching or judging for 10 or more years.
  • Yes, if you can describe a triple twisting back, punch front to a layman.
  • Yes, if you can name at least 15 of our more than 200 Hall of Fame Honorees.
  • Yes, if you have a collection of gymnastic magazines.
  • Yes, if you like to collect signatures. Roots  permits you to do this easily.
  • Yes, if you watch or attend national and international competitions.
  • Yes, if you wish to know historical information about gymnastics in your state or your college.

Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.

About the Author

A. Bruce Frederick, Ph.D. is well known to the American gymnastics community. His writing for nearly a half-century on various topics has appeared in the International Gymnast and USGF/USAG publications among many others. His historical articles are seen in the current edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica and other reference works. He has been investigating the history of American gymnastics since 1966 and history has become his primary focus in retirement (1987-Date). Frederick was elected to the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1990 as a contributor noting more than a dozen books, hundreds of illustrations, the preparation of the first comprehensive set of library resources for the field and for editing a series of articles for the first American technical journal for gymnastics, the International Gymnast’s “Technical Supplement” precursor of USA Gymnastics’ Technique. The Supplement was short lived but it was an attempt to produce a fully vetted research journal for the field and had an editorial board comprised of top people in the sport at the time. Frederick’s historical articles first appeared in the late Sixties inspired by the writings of Leopold Zwarg of Temple University, Henry Widdekind of the Wilmington (DE) Turngemeinde and others. He is presently Director of the Roots Project and has produced the widely acclaimed first two editions of Roots of American Gymnastics identifying more than 1,600 people from the American gymnastics community. The present edition has nearly doubled the content of the first two. Dr. Frederick chaired the National Gymnastics Hall of Fame Selection Committee for three years and paved the way for USA Gymnastics to adopt the program in 1996. For a decade, he served as curator for the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame, presently located in Oklahoma City. Frederick is retired in his home state of Delaware and works to preserve archival material for several organizations.

The 3rd edition of Roots is available for $35 and can be ordered via .