U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame – Dedication


This website is dedicated to safeguarding gymnastic history, exalting quality talent and contributors to the progress of gymnastics as well as help bridge gymnastic eras. We especially thank those who contributed to making this dedication a reality.

Special thanks are due those in the gymnastic world who have provided information and taken the time to assure the accuracy of the biographical content.  Although many in the gymnastic past, present, and future gymnastic worlds have helped, without the help of Bruce Davis, Dr. A. Bruce Frederick, Abie Grossfeld, and Jerry Wright, the task would be next to impossible. Thanks to all the athletes, coaches, and contributors for the time they have given and the sharing they have offered to make each biography complete, accurate, thus allowing readers to grasp the enormous positive force Gymnastics Hall of Fame Inductees have had on the evolution of our sport. We also trust people who read the biographies will acquire insight into what sacrifices are involved in becoming an elite male or female gymnast.

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