Biography: PATTERSON, A. Carl  (1923-1968)

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PATTERSON, A. Carl  (1923-1968)

Inducted: 1970
Born: Philadelphia, PA-USA
c patterson

Carl Patterson was inducted into the USGHOF based on his achievements as a coach, a judge, and for his contributions and service to the sport of gymnastics in America. Although many of his records have been lost to time, those that have been retrieved strongly indicate that he was an important part of gymnastics development in America.

Competitor: Carl Patterson probably started his gymnastics as a Side Horse, now termed Pommel Horse, specialist. Philadelphia High School Championships: Gold-PH, (1941). Middle Atlantic AAU Championships: Bronze-PH; (1944); Gold-PH, (1946, ’47, & ’48). He was constantly competing against the likes of Lou Bordo, George Szypula, and Bill Bonsall, all future USGHOF Inductees. Education: BS & MA, Temple University. Military: Patterson served in the U.S. Army, (1943-’46). Coach: After his discharge from the military, Carl Patterson began his teaching and coaching career at Girard College, (1946-’50); Gratz High School in Philadelphia, (1950-’56); Boys and girls gymnastics at the Roxborough Turners, (1955-’51); Head Coach at Temple University until his untimely death. Carl produced many fine gymnasts, the most outstanding being Carlton Rintz, who competed at Girard College and later won National Collegiate and Big Ten titles at Michigan State University. He had excellent gymnasts and teams at Temple University. Temple won the Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastics League Team Gold in 1964 & ’68. Judge: Carl judged numerous gymnastics competitions at the local, regional, and national levels. Honors: Voted Eastern Coach of the Year and National Coach of the Year by the National Association of College Gymnastics Coaches. This same organization honored him in 1968 by voting him into office as their President; however, Carl passed away just a few days after being elected President. Contributions/Service: Patterson wrote extensively about gymnastics teaching, coaching and judging. He contributed to both physical education programs and to gymnastics clinics throughout the United States. He served on the National Collegiate Gymnastics Rules Committee; he was Secretary and President of the Eastern Intercollegiate Coaches association; President and Vice-president of the National Association of College Gymnastics Coaches and a member of the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Committee.

Sources: Jerry Wright, author of Gymnastics Who’s Who, 2005 who also supplied the Patterson photo. Introduction, commentary, and formatting by Dr. Larry Banner, Web Manager