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About U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame

You are visiting an independent, privately owned web site dedicated to preserving the achievements of U.S. Gymnastic Hall of Fame Inductees.  Also, the site includes biographies of a few gymnasts who competed for other countries, but, nevertheless, contributed abundantly to the development of gymnastics in the United States.  The site is owned and managed by Dr. Larry Banner and developed in response to a dearth of information on the web about U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame (HOF) Inductees.

The National Governing Body (NGB) for gymnastics in the U.S. is U.S.A.-Gymnastics.  In the past, many inductees were told that a HOF link would be placed on the NGB website.  Unfortunately, many records and artifacts were misplaced or lost during the several NGB changes that took place when the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) lost its NGB status.  As was explained to Dr. Banner, the current NGB had tried to muster the resources to create a HOF link, but they were simply strapped for time and personnel.  Therefore, Dr. Banner took it upon himself to open this site.  About 3 to 5 weeks after this web site went on-line, the NGB did place a link on their website; however, this site will continue to expand until the achievements of all of our U.S. HOF Inductees have been added.

All information presented herein is attributed solely to Inductees who provided information and to other sources where credit is noted.  In most cases, the Inductees were able to inspect their biography and make corrections, additions, etc. before their biography was posted to this web site.  Dr. Banner is greatly indebted to those who graciously gave their time and memories to produce biographies that not only record ribbons and metals won but attempt to give readers representations of the Inductees and guests that may provide inspiration and a working understanding to those who would dream of becoming an elite artistic, rhythmic, or acrobatic gymnast.

Your comments and help with additional information or corrections that can be verified are strongly solicited.  Please use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of any page.  Biographies are reviewed by a team of experts; namely, Bruce Davis and Jerry Wright who are preparing a series of gymnastic oriented articles to appear in the “HALLreMARKS” section periodically. Also, Dr. A. Bruce Frederick (author of Roots with the 3rd Edition to be released soon) will be featured initially. We hope Abie Grossfeld, (1979 HOF Inductee), will be inspired to contribute as well.

Personal website information, Email addresses or other personal information embedded within each biography is provided only when permitted by the Inductee.  You are encouraged to read about your favorite gymnasts and note what it takes to be a true champion.  Please read about the world-class gymnasts of previous generations and how Olympic gymnastic competitions have evolved.  Keep in mind that each generation of gymnasts must be better than the preceding generation or the U.S. would never have become medal contenders or winners and we are now WINNERS!

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