HAYASAKI, Yoshi Inducted: 2014 Born: Osaka, Japan Yoshi (2nd from left) with his family on board the S.S. […]
ZWICKEL, Walter “Walt” Inducted: 1977 Walt Zwickel was not a gymnast, a coach, or a judge in the […]
YOUNG, Wayne R. Inducted: 2008   Unlike most gymnasts who start perfecting their routines at a very early […]
VINCENT, William J.  “Bill” Honored Guest Born: Los Angeles, California Bill Vincent has served the sport of gymnastics […]
TOM, William “Bill” 1926 – 2012 Inducted:  1992 Born: San Francisco, California Bill is a man of energy […]
ROETZHEIM, William  “Bill” Inducted: 1975 Born: September 7, 1928 Bill Roetzheim was a gymnast, a highly successful high […]
MEADE, William “Bill” (1925-2004) Inducted: 1974 It was my pleasure to know the “brash” but jovial and “lovable” […]
MATTHEI, William “Bill” Inducted: 1960 Born: Boston, Massachusetts Bill Matthei is another unheralded name in the history of […]
BRUCE-MARTIN, Wendy Inducted: 2010 Wendy Bruce-Martin is raising a family, pursuing a degree in sports psychology and helping […]
LIENERT, Walter “Lefty” Inducted: 1974 Born: Chicago, IL At some time long past, many pebbles were dropped into […]