Biography: BORDEN, Amanda

y hayasaki

HAYASAKI, Yoshi Inducted: 2014 Born: Osaka, Japan Yoshi (2nd from left) with his family on board the S.S. Idaho on his way to America, trip took about 2 weeks. Coaching: Hayasaki served as Head Men’s Gymnastics Coach at the University of Illinois from 1974 thru 2009 excluding 1994, 1995, 1996). He also served as a … Read more

Biography: ZWICKEL, Walter “Walt”

ZWICKEL, Walter “Walt” Inducted: 1977 Walt Zwickel was not a gymnast, a coach, or a judge in the world of gymnastics. I can’t even write that he ever saw a gym meet although I’m sure he witnessed many. The fact is that there are numerous U.S. Gymnastic Hall of Fame Inductees who were selected for … Read more

Biography: YOUNG, Wayne R.

w young

YOUNG, Wayne R. Inducted: 2008   Unlike most gymnasts who start perfecting their routines at a very early age, Wayne Young didn’t have that opportunity until going to BYU as a freshman from Provo High School. Provo schools did not have gymnastics programs, so Young went to the swimming pools and became an All-Region and … Read more

Biography: VINCENT, William J.  “Bill”

w vincent

VINCENT, William J.  “Bill” Honored Guest Born: Los Angeles, California Bill Vincent has served the sport of gymnastics as an athlete, coach, judge, and contributor. At UCLA, we were friends and teammates. Bill was always of the highest character, an academician, and a high scoring member of the UCLA gymnastic team and all other gymnastic … Read more

Biography: TOM, William

w tom

TOM, William “Bill” 1926 – 2012 Inducted:  1992 Born: San Francisco, California Bill is a man of energy and humility, opening the gym in the evenings and then helping numerous young gymnasts learn the gymnastic skills they would later perform in Olympic Trials, Olympic Games, World Championships, NCAA Championships, and other prestigious competitions. His experiences … Read more

Biography: ROETZHEIM, William “Bill”

w roetzheim3

ROETZHEIM, William  “Bill” Inducted: 1975 Born: September 7, 1928 Bill Roetzheim was a gymnast, a highly successful high school and college coach, a judge of international repute, an innovative college director, and an expert lecturer constantly in demand. As a competitor, Bill Roetzheim won 9 National Championships in AAU and NCAA competition, and these accomplishments … Read more

Biography: MEADE, William

w meade

MEADE, William “Bill” (1925-2004) Inducted: 1974 It was my pleasure to know the “brash” but jovial and “lovable” knowledgeable coach, Bill Meade.  Even though he was coaching his team at national competitions, he willingly helped me and others.  He was an institution in the gymnastic world, and I was also privileged to be an Olympic … Read more

Biography: MATTHEI, William “Bill”

w matthei

MATTHEI, William “Bill” Inducted: 1960 Born: Boston, Massachusetts Bill Matthei is another unheralded name in the history of gymnastics in America, yet his efforts in the early years supporting our sport were credited with reviving what was a declining gymnastic world. Social events had begun to supplant gymnastics in the Turner organization, so his efforts … Read more

Biography: BRUCE-MARTIN, Wendy

w martin

BRUCE-MARTIN, Wendy Inducted: 2010 Wendy Bruce-Martin is raising a family, pursuing a degree in sports psychology and helping young gymnasts and their parents realize that having fun is the secret to big-time success. She is an example of a person used to doing the impossible, successfully. Starting Out:  Bruce, who still uses her maiden name, … Read more

Biography: LIENERT, Walter

lienert 2

LIENERT, Walter “Lefty” Inducted: 1974 Born: Chicago, IL At some time long past, many pebbles were dropped into pools of water. Each created ripples that may be thought of as generations within families.  We are part of a gymnastic family and have ripples that represent the generations of athletes, coaches, judges, and other contributors who … Read more